Medicines on the airplane Qatar Airways: Should you put it in hand luggage, or in the hold?

If you need to take a treatment, the first essential step is to find out from your airline company about the procedures in force, and to contact your doctor to obtain the necessary documents.

Most of the time, you need to be able to present a medical prescription for the prescriptions you are taking with you. Sometimes, a dedicated form from the regional health agency will also be required (especially in the case of transporting psychoactive substances). Products like oxygen, needles and fluids are particularly scrutinized.

However, if you have the necessary supporting documents, you will of course be able to embark with your treatment.

Are you under medical treatment and are going on an airplane trip soon? Take the time to get informed before packing your suitcase and going to the airport, the transport of medicines by plane is strongly regulated in Qatar as in other countries of the world.

While few precautions are necessary for medications placed in checked baggage, the constraints are greater regarding the medications you want to carry in your hand baggage, regardless of your destination. Indeed, certain drugs are sometimes prohibited or their quantity restricted in the cabin for safety reasons.

What precautions should be taken before departure to take medication by plane?

First of all, you must find out about the regulations relating to the transport of medicines from your airline. Knowing that you are flying with Qatar Airways, do so preferably several weeks before your trip. This will give you time to obtain prescriptions, special authorizations or even a medical certificate (in English) if the company asks you for them in order to be able to board.

Also find out about the medications you want to transport, as some of them are authorized in France but banned in other countries.

According to the FCO (Foreign and Commonwealth Office), drugs containing pseudoephedrine (Actifed, Nurofen, Dolirhume, Humex, Rhinadvil, …) are for example banned in Japan. The same is true for tramadol, lamaline and certain codeine-based drugs which are in turn considered drugs in some countries such as Greece, Georgia or the United Arab Emirates. Also take care when packing. Whether in the cabin or in the hold, your medicines transported by plane must be transported in their original packaging with their instructions, ideally store them in a transparent bag to facilitate security checks.

What medications can you take with you in the cabin?

It is quite possible to take medication in cabin baggage when traveling by plane. Tablets, capsules and other solid medicines are not subject to any particular restrictions when boarding and can therefore be transported in the cabin without worry. If in doubt, take a prescription with you anyway. However, this is not the case for medicines in liquid form, which you can only carry in the cabin if you have a prescription in your name that you will have to present to controls. With the latter, you will be authorized to carry with you in the cabin the quantity of medication necessary for the total duration of your stay (outward flight, length of stay and return flight).

You can also take with you in the cabin any medical equipment that you may need during the trip (for example a self-monitoring device if you have diabetes). However, this medical equipment must be carried in the cabin in one piece of luggage. In the event of transporting medical equipment by plane, you must bring with you documents proving that it is essential for you during the flight.

What medication should we put in the hold?

Medicines carried in the hold are not subject to the same strict rules as medicines carried on the person or in cabin baggage. Painkillers, pills, … Check all the same that the medicines you want to place in your checked baggage support the travel conditions: low temperatures and pressure changes, especially for medicines in liquid form.

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