Qatar Airways: Long-haul flights without First Class?

Qatar Airways has announced that it will eliminate first class on its long-haul flights, preferring to focus on business and economy class. The airline wants to highlight its other luxurious services more and believes that they are already sufficient to meet the expectations of its customers.

The move is surprising, as the Qatari company has long been recognized for its world-class first-class services, including its luxurious Qsuite cabins with sliding doors, double beds and privacy panels, as well as its excellent accommodation options. on-board catering and personalized services.

While some might see it as a step backwards, the Qatari company believes it is the right decision and justifies it by pointing out that demand for first-class services has declined over the years.

In the latest press release by the Qatari national airline, its CEO Akbar Al Baker announced his intention to equip his forty new Boeing 777X only with business class and economy class seats.

Qatar Airways said it will continue to offer premium services such as its award-winning business class seats, which are already among the best in the industry, with spacious seats that convert into fully flat beds. The airline has also introduced new cabin designs with larger entertainment screens and improved storage options for its passengers.

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