Baby strollers are allowed on flights served by Qatar Airways

A stroller is always necessary for traveling, parents are not tied to the child’s diet, the latter does not get tired and can take a nap whenever he wants, and it is convenient to put everything in the stroller when the child asks his arms. Do all parents care about how to carry a stroller andon a plane?

Parents traveling with a baby cannot do without a stroller or pram. However, before the flight, it is necessary to clarify the rules and regulations that apply to strollers by air carriers including Qatar Airways.

The Asian airline allows the transport of strollers on the plane. The established standards allow a stroller to be transported both in the luggage compartment and in the cabin of the aircraft. And some models of strollers are even allowed to be used as hand luggage.

If you book a flight with Qatar Airways, you can take a lightweight stroller with you, while you check in and complete the necessary paperwork, the baby will be able to sleep there peacefully and will not distract you. Remember that parents with children do not go through security checks.

The stroller is carried in the cabin of the aircraft as hand baggage or checked in as regular baggage.

Like most airlines, Qatar Airways allows the use of strollers and walking sticks inside the airport, as well as their use directly up to the bridge. Immediately before boarding, strollers are handed over to flight attendants and upon arrival they are handed over to the oversized baggage department.

In the case of a passenger traveling with a stroller, but without an infant, the stroller must be checked in in the luggage compartment. Please note that the weight of the stroller will be added to the weight of the main baggage.

The stroller must be returned to the check-in counter, you can use it before entering the sleeve or before boarding the plane, or you can take it with you in the cabin of the plane (it is better to clarify the details in advance, then there will be no surprises at the airport). Most of them allow the use of a stroller up to the gangway at the request of the passenger.

Which strollers are suitable for carry-on baggage parameters at Qatar Airways?

The Qatar Airways airline allows you to bring a stroller (folded), a carrycot or a car seat in the cabin at no additional cost.

Usually it is allowed to take a compact folding stroller into the cabin with a cane. If the airport has a fragile baggage category and the stroller is handed over at the check-in counter, then it is advisable to check-in the stroller marked for manual loading.

The stroller can be carried free of charge or included in the baggage allowance. It can be accepted against one piece of baggage, separate room, oversized baggage or excess baggage.

In any case, the stroller must be in a cover, cellophane, you can wrap it with a sponge, there must be a label on the stroller with the contact details of the owners of the stroller, in case of any misunderstanding.

The stroller can be obtained from the gangway, if agreed with the flight attendant, on the regular baggage belt or at the non-standard baggage counter.

To lighten the weight of the stroller, you should remove all the accessories – the hood, the basket and leave only the cup holder for the water bottle and mosquito net.

If a passenger is traveling without children, the stroller is almost always carried as regular baggage.

If your stroller does not meet the parameters of a hand luggage, then before putting it in the luggage compartment, you must:

– Fold the stroller carefully and pack it well to avoid damage and dirt;

– To reduce weight, remove the hood, cup holder, basket and other components of the stroller;

– Refuse to use expensive strollers while traveling;

– If necessary, mark “fragile load” on the stroller;

– Attach a tag with name and contact details to the stroller.

28 Replies to “Baby strollers are allowed on flights served by Qatar Airways”

  1. Ammara Tariq TARIQ

    Hi. I have chico mini bravo plus lightweight stroller with dimensions of 41×20.8×35.8 and weigh 8.9 kgs. Would it be allowed to take it in plane and put in cabin? Thanks

  2. Lina

    I am due to fly with Qatar in September. However, I transit at Doha for 3 hours. I would like to take a stroller from my destination but need it during the transit period because i have 2 kids under 3 (therefore I would like to take it into the cabin). Is there a particular dimension stroller I need for this?

    • Miss V

      I have called Qatar Airways today. You can bring a collapsable stroller, which complies to the hand baggage rules (50x37x25cm, 7kg). If you have two small kids, they need to be acompanied by two adults and you can bring two strollers (if there is enough space). Before covid, Qatar offered strollers at the airport, when transiting at Hamad International Airport. Unfortunately, the strollers are still not back yet. Hence, you need to bring your own stroller to the cabin. If you do not bring the stroller into the cabin, but hand-over the stroller at the gate, it will be transported at the cargo compartment to your final destination. You can not get it back, while in transit. So make sure your stroller fulfills the hand baggage requirements.

      • Suzi

        Have just rang Qatar airways and they have said that no on is allowed to carry a stroller collapsible or not onto the airplane to store in the overhead compartment regardless of whether it meets hand baggage dimensions and weight. Which is so conflicting because i rephased it all again and said if i pack it into a bag without anyone knowing i has a compact stroller in there all that matters is that a bag meets the requirements, the difference here is stroller uncovered and stroller covered. To which the customer agent said yes well in that case you can carry it onto the plane.

    • Poonam

      Hello, did you get to use stroller in doha for transit ? I m travelling witj 2 kids, 2.5 years and 6 month old, wanted to know. Thank you

    • Namra

      Hi. Im just wondering if you were able to take your pram on as I have the same pram and am travelling soon.
      Thank you

  3. Khadija

    Hi there I will be travelling soon with my 2 month old baby & will be bringing her pram either with carrycot or carseat whatever is allowed & will be needing to be able to take it to the plane also I have a transit of 3 hours will I be able to take my pram with me for those 3 hours as shes to little to carry her.

  4. Brinda Maru

    Hi I am about fly with Qatar airways and got baby jogger City tour stroller. Can I take it to the plane and keep it as a hand luggage?

  5. Miss A

    I am due to fly with Qatar in March. However, I transit at Doha for 3 hours. I would like to take a stroller from my destination but need it during the transit period (therefore I would like to take it into the cabin). Is there a particular dimension stroller I need for this?


    • Alex M

      Hello! I called them today to ask this question. I got told that once the stroller is checked in you don’t receive it until you land at your destination. However when you stop the company provides strollers for you to use. Hope this helps!

        • Nour

          So no strollers at Doha airport anymore?
          We have a stopover in Doha for 6 hours and it says online that we could use the airport strollers!

          • Marti

            Could anyone please help?? Has anyone been able to carry a cabin approved stroller onto a Qatar plane? We have a yoyo and I really need to know. Child is 3 years old so not an infant.
            Thank you!

        • Nadia Naqvi

          I actually traveled to Pakistan via Qatar and had a 4hr layover no stroller provided and found it extremely difficult with a 4 month old baby and no stroller

    • Windyrain

      Hi, what stroller did you end up bringing that fits to their cabin? I brought yoyo before with Qatar but I didn’t like yoyo and bought a different stroller that reclines fully, which is Easywalker Miley 2. But the dimensions is a bit bigger than butterfly and yoyo.

  6. Enkeleta

    We are Travelling with 2 children 1 and 3 years. We are going to bring 2 strollers. Is the 3-year old allowed to bring a stroller as her only hand luggage ?

    Stroller 1: 52.5 x 45.5 x 23.5 cm 6,9 kg
    Stroller 2: 45 x 23 x 54 cm 7,3 kg

  7. Lilian Nguyen

    Hi! Is Bugaboo Butterfly (folded size 54 x 45 x 23 cm) allowed to take on the plane as a carry-on luggage? Thanks for your help!

    • Miss A

      Did you get any confirmation on this? I am looking to buy this too. I transit at Doha and need something for my transit period.

      • Sarah

        We traveled with them on March 30. The transit was 7 hrs & it was a very bad experience. We have 2 babies using 2 umbrella strollers, but the attendant told us they had to be checked in to the final destination!! We asked how we will mange 7 hrs transit without the strollers & the answer was that we would find plenty of strollers in Al Doha airport. Guess what? There were no strollers in the airport & there were labels everywhere claiming that they stopped providing stroller. This also was after having the babies on our laps for a +14hr flight as they didn’t have bassinet seats available. Although, we called them days ahead to book bassinet seats. Absolutely bad experience & we won’t travel with them again

  8. Hanade Mahmoud

    I have a pram so it’s a little bigger than a stroller can I also use that within the airport to the boarding gate? Will it get counted with my carry on luggage

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