Pay for your Qatar Airways plane tickets with contactless Apple Pay

The Qatar Airways airline allows its passengers to use the Apple Pay payment system to pay for their plane ticket via iOS mobile devices.

One of the first Asian airlines to use the service, Qatar Airways customers booking their flights through the new Qatar Airways mobile app can now book and pay for their flights in just seconds using the secure Apple Pay app. This technology allows users to select the credit card of their choice and authorize secure payment only through their fingerprint (via their device’s Touch ID).

No more wasted time looking for a credit card to book your flight! Registering on the Qatari company’s mobile app is as easy as opening Apple Pay and placing your finger on the Touch ID. Booking flights or adding extras has never been easier.

Since the launch of the Qatar Airways iPhone app, it has evolved into easier booking and check-in functions including the most popular features: passport scanning, live flight tracking, electronic boarding pass and now the Touch ID.

The Qatar Airways app also runs on the Apple Watch and sends real-time notifications regarding boarding gate details and baggage claim location; Apple Pay integration is planned.

Now if you buy a ticket on the Qatar Airways website or mobile app, you can pay for it using Apple Pay from devices that support contactless payment technology.

Apple Pay makes it easy to pay for your travel with Qatar Airways

You no longer need to buy tickets or top up transport cards. Apple Pay lets you pay for your ride using iPhone 6 or later and Apple Watch. Apple Pay doesn’t require an internet connection on your iPhone or Apple Watch, which means you can make transactions even when the connection is unstable or unavailable.

Apple Pay is a pleasure to use. In the Qatar Airways offices at the cash desk, bring your phone to the kiosk and go. You don’t need to take out your wallet, card, make unnecessary movements, and for online shopping, you don’t need to enter card details, receive an SMS code, it will just scan your fingerprint and that’s it. It looks like you just need to get a card or enter some data, but it change the very feeling of buying.

Apple Pay is a convenient, fast, and confidential way to pay for purchases available to users on iOS and macOS devices. To buy with Apple Pay, you need to link your bank credit or debit card to it. At the same time, you do not need to create an account or log into the system: payment is done with one touch. It is one of the fastest, most convenient, and secures ways to shop.

In addition to plane tickets, travelers can also use Apple Pay to purchase other services on the site (meals, baggage supplement, etc.). New Apple credit cards and Apple Cash accounts can also be used through Apple Pay.

Travelers can also save their e-tickets purchased on the website via their iPhone’s Apple Wallet.

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