Qatar Airways airline ticket refund policy: When and how to get a refund for a plane ticket?

According to Federal Aviation Rules General rules for the carriage by air of passengers, baggage, cargo and passenger, shippers and consignees’ service requirements which do not change depending on the airline. Air passengers are entitled to a refund in the event of a delay on their flight, reaching or exceeding five hours.

If the flight served by Qatar Airways is delayed while passengers are already on board, they have the right to leave the aircraft and not continue the journey. The crew cannot hold them back. In addition, such cancellation of the flight will be considered forced and the passenger must be reimbursed for the price of the ticket.

Qatar Airways is supposed to offer you a refund if your flight does not take off after five hours, or if you decline its offer to transfer you to another flight to your final destination.

If Qatar Airways ignores your right to a refund, it is worth stamping a flight cancellation or delay at the airport, collecting receipts and tickets confirming the expenses, and going to court. The carrier has thirty days to examine and respond to the complaint. During this time, the passenger should be reimbursed for the money paid for the tickets and compensated.

Has your flight been cancelled?

In such a case, you are entitled to several things:

– A refund, a rerouting or a return flight.

– Assistance (accommodation, transport, meals, …)

– Compensation if you were informed less than 14 days before the scheduled departure date. Be careful, if you have accepted a refund or a re-routing, compensation is not always possible, you have to check your case and on this point it is sometimes a bit complex.

Regarding compensation; be aware that the airline is careful not to offer it to you and in most cases will invoke cancellation for extraordinary circumstances (examples: security risks, unfavorable weather conditions). The airline Qatar Airways must in this case prove that the cancellation was due to extraordinary circumstances.

Has your Qatar Airways flight been delayed?

If your flight was delayed on departure, you can claim:

– Assistance (snacks and drinks provided by the company after 2 hours delay, accommodation if the flight is postponed to the next day)

– A refund if the delay is significant (at least 5 hours)

– Compensation after 3 hours or more of delay except for extraordinary circumstances (which the company must prove, knowing that the departure of the flight would take place from an airport located in a country of the European Union.

Has your flight been delayed or canceled due to overbooking?

In the event of an overbooking, you also have rights during your wait:

– You can get compensation

– Choose between a refund, a re-routing or a new reservation

– Assistance (meals, refreshments). If you had no assistance and paid for your meals yourself, you can request a refund.

Your flight may not take off due to a staff strike?

Whether the strike involves Qatar Airways or not, Qatar Airways must reimburse you in full for the unused portion of your flight ticket, otherwise, on the subject of financial compensation, if the strike concerns the airline, it is possible to obtain compensation if the company could take measures so as not to disrupt your flight.

What if you are the one who wants to cancel your flight due to any inconvenience (illness, family impediment, etc.)? This situation often occurs, with many passengers having to cancel their plane ticket at the last minute. Indeed, Qatar Airways cannot reimburse you if your booked fare does not include a possibility of reimbursement or if you have not taken out travel insurance.

Request a refund from Qatar Airways

Anyway, Qatar Airways offers you a refund service through different channels:

– Online:

Complete this form by completing the empty fields (Personal information, flight number, departure date, …), and by attaching the following documents: copy of passport and plane ticket.

– By phone:

Call the customer relationship service by dialing the following number: +974.4023.0000

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    i have been waiting a year for a refund qatar airways do not dispute that they owe me the money but they do not want to pay

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