All the information you need about Privilege Club Gold status and its benefits

Each flight with Qatar Airways will earn you Qpoints depending on the class of service you are traveling, the regions to and from which you are traveling and the fare you are paying. The more Qpoints you earn, the higher your Privilege Club membership level. Qpoints are valid for one calendar year (January to December) and count towards your Privilege Club membership level. The number of Qpoints you must earn in each calendar year to achieve or maintain Gold status is as follows: 270 Qmiles (12 months before renewal), 540 Qmiles (24 months before renewal)

Benefits and privileges granted to members

– Preferential access to premium seats

If you are a Gold member and there are no award seats available on the flight of your choice but there are still seats available for sale in the class you wish to travel in, you will be able to book a seat bonus by swapping double the Qmiles. You can also extend this benefit to a companion who is traveling with you and who is on the same booking. Simply contact the Privilege Club Member Service Center at least 48 hours before your flight departs. However, if you don’t travel and cancel before the departure date, your Qmiles will be forfeited.

– Claim a reward for anyone

To give yourself more freedom of choice, you can now use your Qmiles to claim a reward for whoever you want – friends, colleagues or family.

– Flexible last minute premiums

To allow you to do last-minute plans without having to give up extra Qmiles, QA has introduced Paid Urgent Bonuses. Gold members can book up to 3 days in advance. If bookings are made within this time, a charge of USD 25 per person applies, unless you book your award ticket online at where no charge will be charged. If you request an award for same-day travel, a charge of $ 50 per person applies.

– Free date change on award tickets

As a Gold member, if you wish to change the travel date of your award ticket more than 24 hours before flight departure, QA will do this for you at no additional cost, if you are the person traveling.

– Free add-ons

With the new regional award table, all destinations in the Gulf region now cost the same for award trips that start or end outside the region, as long as the travel class remains the same for the entire trip. . So, for example, if you travel from London to Dubai or Bahrain, via Doha, you will exchange the same number of Qmiles as when you travel from London to Doha, even if you take an additional flight.

– A reward level

To give you the best value for your money, whenever you want to travel, QA has introduced tier reward prizes throughout the year. This means that you don’t need to redeem more Qmiles to travel during peak season.


Infant Awards If you have children under the age of two, you can pay for their award tickets in economy class with your Qmiles – a great way to save money.

The reward level for infants (up to two years) is 10% of the reward level for adults. Infant awards are only permitted in economy class and only on flights operated by Qatar Airways. An infant must be accompanied by an adult to be eligible for the infant premium.

– Appoint a travel coordinator

To help manage your travel arrangements, Gold Members can designate someone, such as a personal assistant or family members, to manage your account and liaise with QA on your behalf.

– Guaranteed economy class seat

As Gold member, if you are unable to purchase a ticket because all travel classes have sold out, Qatar Airways will guarantee you an economy class seat, provided you book a full economy fare and your reservation is made at least 48 hours before the flight.

– Automatic re-confirmation of reservation

As a Gold member, you won’t have to reconfirm your flights on Qatar Airways – the airline will do this for you automatically.

– Priority waiting list

If you wish to travel on a Qatar Airways flight that is full, you will be put on a waiting list and given priority if a seat becomes available.

– Priority check-in

To save you time, as a Gold member you can check-in at the First Class counter when in the main terminal when traveling with Qatar Airways.

– Priority waiting

If you are waiting for a flight and a seat becomes available, you will have priority.

– Additional baggage allowance

As a Gold member, you are entitled to an additional 20 kg baggage allowance when traveling on Qatar Airways or on flights operated by Qatar Airways. Gold members must present their membership card upon check-in to take advantage of this benefit.

Submission of requests for additional baggage allowance by phone, email or fax should be made by sending a copy of the membership card along with a copy of the original identification for verification.

On these services, the piece concept applies to passengers entitled to two pieces of checked baggage, not exceeding 23 kg each.

– Priority baggage handling

Your checked baggage will be identified with a priority tag, so it will be among the first on the baggage carousel upon arrival.

– Unlimited access to lounges

As a Gold member, you can enjoy the facilities of the Gold lounge in Doha and first class or business class lounges at select airports regardless of your travel class. You also have the right to bring a guest into the lounge as long as your guest is traveling on the same Qatar Airways flight.

Does not include First and Business Class lounges at Premium Terminal in Doha, unless you are traveling in the applicable class of service.

– Free passes for the One Visit show

As a Gold member, your family and friends can also enjoy the exclusive lounge facilities. Gold members will receive four “one-time” credits per year. These credits allow your fellow travelers to join you in the Gold Lounge in Doha, as long as they are traveling on the same Qatar Airways flight.

– Priority boarding

You can benefit from priority boarding on all Qatar Airways flights when offered.

– Al Maha service in Doha

As a Gold member, you can take advantage of the Al Maha meet and greet service when you arrive, depart or transit through Doha International Airport. Not only that, you can also choose a guest to benefit from this service for free, as long as they are traveling with you. This free service is exclusive to Gold members using Qatar Airways services. To take advantage of the service, identify yourself to the Al Maha service staff and present your valid Privilege Club Gold.

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  1. Promita Sengupta

    I am flying from Frankfurt to Dhaka on QR. I am a gold member. Can I carry 3 pieces of checked in luggage (including the extra 20 kg)?

  2. Kathryn Fenwick

    I am able to get 20kgs extra as a gold member. Do I just turn up at the airport and show my card….or do I have to contact someone to check before travelling?

    • Murni Tanuwidjojo

      I am a gold member in Qantas, do I get same previlage if travelling with Qatar 🇶🇦 ? How many kg bag normal from Syd to London ? How many extra bag for gold member ?

  3. Lorraine Oakes

    Why does your free baggage allowance not come up when you book ?

    I just paid for 15 kilos , not knowing I have free 20 kilos as a gold member .

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