Special services are available at Doha Hamad Airport to make your pet travel serenely

Are you moving abroad or going on vacation and can’t travel without your dog or cat? It is quite possible to get him to take the plane. However, for your trip, and yours at the same time, to go well, it is preferable to know the regulations in force within the airlines on the transport of animals, but also within the airport of departure or arrival.

In order for your pet’s plane trip to go smoothly, it is important to positively accustom him to his transport crate as soon as possible.

Departure airport: Check your dog

When your dog is ready to take off, be at check-in 30 minutes before the regular time, or at least 90 minutes before your departure time. Use the Doha-Hamad Airport online planner to quickly locate the counter from which you are checking your pet on the flight,

Dogs or other animals such as hawks traveling in the hold must be checked in at the oversized baggage counter, before or after your check-in. During this step, your dog is weighed and labels are affixed to his crate to facilitate his identification. If required by the company, your pet’s health certificate is verified at this step.

Once this is done, your dog is taken care of by airport staff

You will find him on arrival. Once your companion has been removed from you by airport staff, it is stored with the baggage until loading.

If the wait is long, officers may optionally feed and water it, although they have no obligation to provide food for your animal during transit. For your comfort, it is therefore crucial to have properly prepared your cash register beforehand to make it easier for agents.

As with departure, your dog will usually arrive at the oversized baggage counter. You will then have to go through customs with your dog, during which his passport and vaccines will be checked.

If you are in good standing with the health and administrative standards of the destination country, this step will go smoothly and quickly. But if there are any irregularities, your animal may be placed in quarantine or, in the worst case, euthanized. It is therefore crucial to be well informed about the formalities of your country of stay so as not to put your animal in danger.

In addition to the administrative and health formalities relating to the importation of animals into a territory, you must also ensure that your companion travels in good conditions, at least those imposed by IATA standards.

Some recommendations for your pet’s travel from Doha Hamad International Airport:

– Notify your airline as soon as possible.

– Before the trip, do not over feed the animal. He should only embark with a light meal.

– Before putting it in the container, let it move around to relax.

– Keep in mind that checking in passengers with animals may take longer. Find out from your airline how long before you need to be at the airport.

– At the security checkpoint, take your pet out of the suitcase and carry it (or walk past) while the pet’s suitcase is x-rayed.

– All animals must remain in their suitcase at the airport or on board the plane.

– If your pet needs to relieve himself, he will have to leave the airport and then go through security again.

2 Replies to “Special services are available at Doha Hamad Airport to make your pet travel serenely”

  1. Shannon Ferguson

    I am looking to transit through Doha international airport from Hong Kong and then carry on direct to Vancouver, Canada. Our flight will have an 8-hour layover in Doha. If travelling with pets, can we take our pets during the layover?
    We will have a dog and a cat travelling cargo.

    Can one adult travel with one cat and one dog? or does it need to be more people accompanying the pet?

    Thanks for your help!

    • Madi

      Hello! I am making a similar journey! Were you able to take your pets during the layover? I’m hoping to walk my dog during our layover.

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