Qatar Airways Economy Class: A cabin with an innovative concept that sets standards

Compared to many other airlines, economy classes at Qatar Airways are very well served.

Indeed, passengers will be surprised by the staff on board, welcoming and professional. Clean planes and impeccable, high quality service, in short, pleasant flights and on time.

Economy class seats

Qatar Airways passengers who have taken Economy Class seats will be surprised by the wide and very spacious seats in new planes. These seats give customers more personal space to eat, sleep, or just to stretch out.

Qatar Airways’ new Eco Class Quadra seats feature an innovative 19 degree recline system (default 6 degree recline), additional legroom, two trays, a large 4K screen 13.3-inch and a fast-charging USB-C type USB port. Passengers will also benefit from enhanced connectivity, including 10x faster broadband, as well as over 4,000 entertainment options offered by the Oryx One inflight entertainment system.

These seats are expected to appear on the first Airbus A321neo (40 expected from this year), before being gradually installed in all other aircraft in the fleet – which should take 5 to 8 years.

Seats with generous legroom

QA economy class service begins with considering it for your convenience. QA takes care to provide you with generous legroom and comfortable seats. On its new planes, it has also installed headphones in its economy class seats to ensure you get the best audio entertainment possible.

On Qatar Airways flights, Business Class passengers are offered an à la carte menu, which offers a wide variety of dishes. The company also offers a wide selection of special meals to meet different dietary requirements. Passengers can request a special meal up to 24 hours before their flight and can, among other things, select meals for children, vegetarian or vegan meals or meals adapted to various religions and health concerns.

A laptop power outlet, USB port and personal phone are also available in each seat.

In addition, on certain long-haul flights, each seat is equipped with a travel kit including all the essential accessories for the comfort of the traveler, such as: a lip balm signed Institut Karité Paris, a Miradent dental kit, a case containing a eye mask, socks, pillow, blanket, stockings, headphones, and hearing protection.

Entertainment on board

In economy class at Qatar Airways, there is also free wi-fi for 1 hour, and it is possible to purchase an unlimited plan for around $ 15.

Plus, with 4,000 entertainment options, featuring a great selection of home and foreign movies, TV shows and games, the customer won’t notice the time passing on board.

For toddlers, a colorful selection of games and toys. Mr. Potato, Monopoly, Power 4 and Twister are offered to keep them busy for hours. A meal box is also offered to them, on order when booking the ticket.

In addition, a channel is dedicated to them, showing the latest films, TV programs and interactive games, for the duration of the flight.

Meals on board

For meals on board the economy class of the airline Qatar Airways, the choices are obviously varied.

The client will have a balanced meal including: traditional bread, soups made with fresh vegetables, culinary delights prepared with great taste, and accompanied by delicious appetizers.

Note that everything is served with real utensils and the trays are recovered very quickly after the end of the meal.

This class offers its passengers

Comfortable and spacious seats with USB, power outlet, adjustable headrest and backrest to lie down comfortably and in privacy, with a special space to store certain personal care items on long flights such as refreshments, toothpaste, toothbrushes, teeth, eye mask, ear plugs and theft of socks.

Special meals for children on request, dolls and stationery games with a special TV network to entertain their free time during the flight.

Economy class also offers possibilities for entertainment and communication with others via the Internet or international telephone services, with delicious, fresh and varied meals.

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