Qatar Airways: Attentive customer service (complaints, requests for information, …)

For information on flights for the week or to make a reservation with the Qatar Airways call center, the national carrier’s phone number is +974 4023 0000 if you are in Qatar (See the table below if you are calling from abroad). The service is available 24/7.

For all your complaints about your plane ticket, your baggage or other, or your requests for information about a reservation of a plane ticket or a seat in Economy, Business or Première class, you can call the customer relations department of the Qatari company. Your request will be processed as quickly as possible. This service is available 24 hours a day, every day of the week.

If you would like to get in touch with a Qatar Airways advisor, all you have to do is call the number for your country. The advisers are at your disposal for any request for information or assistance.

Online assistance

Do you want to know about Qatar Airways online services and how they work? The Internet service ( takes care to provide you with all the information.

You can use the same service in the event of loss of baggage or the need for an invoice, refund or any other complaint, you can contact your airline operator by internet by going to the website.

If you want to know more about Privilege Club which is Qatar Airways’ loyalty program, then call your airline representatives and customer advisers. The service will provide you with information on Privlege Club membership and how it works.

Contact Qatar Airways customer service to inquire about transportation solutions provided to passengers with reduced mobility. Customer relations officers support people with reduced mobility while optimizing their travel conditions.

Advisors will provide you with all the information you need about this service. The rate is for a local call.

Contact your airline operator by mail

Would you rather write to Qatar Airways rather than reach them by phone? Here are the different addresses available:

To contact the customer relations department of your air carrier by mail and exchange with the advisers in writing, there is a mail address through which you can send your request or complaint to Qatar Airways:

Request for reimbursement of lost or mislaid flight ticket / baggage, by email

Missed your flight and want a refund for your plane ticket? To obtain a ticket refund and apply by mail, you must send your request to: Discover Qatar, Qatar Airways Tower 3, Airport Road P. O. Box: 22550, Doha – Qatar.

Do you have a problem with the luggage to be loaded? Do you want to know the authorized weight and the conditions for boarding Qatar Airways baggage? Address correspondence to the same address.

Qatar Airways customer service is reachable and available on social networks

Qatar Airways is also available on the social networks Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Messenger with advisers available 24/7, where you can reach the airline in various languages: English, Arabic, Spanish, German, … just ask your question for personalized assistance. Qatar Airways is also available on Twitter every day and at all times. At the level of the Facebook social network, you have the possibility to follow information and news about the company and to interact with its staff responsible for customer relations.

Contact center number (Qatar):+974 4023 0000. Hours of Operation: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To call customer service from another country: see the following drop-down list for contact details for your country. You will be guided by a team of advisers who are always ready to help you and answer any questions to help you travel peacefully on board Qatari airline flights.

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  1. Mohammad Reza Ronizi

    I booked two roundtrip tickets from Qatar airways from Miami Florida to Shiraz Iran, with the connection flight from Miami Florida to JFK New York, to Doha Qatar then to Shiraz Iran on June 14, 2022
    my plane from Miami to JFK was delayed about one hour and a half, and as result, I lost my flight from JFK to Doha. upon my arrival at JFK they booked us another flight to Doha with almost 14 hours of connecting flight wait time. and when we requested accommodations while we were waiting, they refused any accommodation! Then upon our arrival at Doha Qatar, our connecting flight wait time was almost twenty hours. I went to the customer service assistance desk at the transfer section and asked for hotel and food accommodations, the supervisor by the name of Ikhtiyor simply refused any assistance and when i objected, he told us to sue the Qatar airline! For almost 20 hours at Doha airport, I and my daughter were subject to freezing temperature with absolutely no accommodations, not even a blanket!
    we both catch a severe cold and spend almost ten days in bed at our final destination to recover! Upon our arrival at Shiraz airport, our luggage was lost till six days later we arrived at the airport to pick up some items that were missing! as a result, we suffered tremendous emotional and physical pain with extra financial loss.
    I would like to file this complaint and demand financial compensation for our suffering and financial loss that we endured by Qatar Airlines’ dis-service!

  2. Zeina Guoin

    I lost a baggage 25 days ago on my way to Beirut. Customer service is null so disappointing till now no one replied to my emails or update me. It’s like a scam

  3. ruby matthews

    I brought a ticket about 2 yrs ago to the Philippines. The flight was cancelled. I was ask if I wanted a refund or another ticket. I
    booked another ticket. Then that flight was cancelled. When asked again I said forget it. They said they would refund me and have not done so.

    I have tried many times to get in touch but it would not go thru. Please look into it. Last ticket was RHV3RR mmembership 540883185.


    I wish to commend the following Flight Attendants for their outstanding professional services provided to me during my Flight on Flight No QR 1423 dated 4th July, 2022 from Doha to Accra.
    They are :
    With their professional services, they have been able to lure me to fly frequently with Qater Airways.

  5. Sunil Kumar.K

    Dear Sir/Madam
    TASK #3840209.Kindly look into this which is pending from last one and a half year for the refund of Ms.Nalini Jain inspite of several mails there is still no refund nor any confirmation on the same.
    Please have this issue sorted out immediately.Details below-
    Nalini/Jain Ms.
    Another Request # 3861798 Mina malik had replied

    Still There is no refund-# 3861657 /3840209

    • Mohanbhai Patel

      I travel 8th July USA to. Ahmedabad come 10 th July early morning 2:25am I booked while Cher.I need this guy name. My and my wife both. His behavior is no good hi both want $50.00 I discussed with him at last he taking $10, $10 than he dropped inside at building. He said we no go out side
      Please send me both name
      Thank you

  6. Balaji Gunasekaran

    Dear Sir / Madam,

    This mail is in with reference to the subjected ” Case Reference:  CAS-1988387-S0L7W4 ) CRM:0001000603872 submitted by Mr. Chandrasekar Napa via twitter ( One of the 6 Passengers from my family along with enclosed and below listed Passengers ( Names provided ) who got inconveniences and affected due to Qatar Airways negligence starting from Chennai International Airport.

    45 A – Sathya Kala Katna Gunasekaran

    45 B – Chandrasekar Napa

    45 C – Akshith Chandrasekar

    45 D – Lakshmi Pammi Chenchraamaiah

    45 E – Sailatha Katna Gunasekaran

    45 F – Chenchuraamaiah Pammi

    They were scheduled to travel from Chennai International Airport to Chicago International Airport dated 20th June 2022 ( Flight take off timing – 3 am from Chennai ).. But due to some issues, Qatar Airways flight got delayed around +/- 3 Hours and when the Passengers requested for next day flight from Chennai International airport to Qatar / Chicago. Qatar airways representatives from Chennai informed and committed that already a message was conveyed to Qatar airways ( Doha International ) about the delay from Chennai airport to Doha and subsequently Flight from Doha International to Chicago was also delayed. Based on the conformations from Chennai authorities, Passengers boarded their flight.

    To the surprise of almost 100 Passengers from Chennai, when they arrived at Doha International, Connecting Flight from Qatar to Chicago had already departed. When my family members along with other passengers enquired at Doha International regarding the alternative flight. They got multiple irresponsible responses from Qatar Airways team members. When Mr. Chandrasekar and his family members ( out of 6 Passengers, 3 Passengers are almost 70 Years old and one kid around 15 Years old ) approached Qatar Airways to allocate an accomodation, they mistreated them by giving again an irresponsible response saying that it cannot be allocated. You can refer to the below YELLOW highlighted which is self explanatory from ” Qatar Airways “… This is extracted from the Customer Service Commitment – Qatar Airways website mentioning that it will be provided…. Also we understood that for Kids and Senior Citizens ” A Class accommodation in Lounge” shall be mandatorily provided with good accomodation and facilities…

    But in Mr. Chandrasekar family members case… Qatar airways has failed to provide and mistreated them very badly by not providing sufficient facilities even to the senior citizens ( Please refer to one of the attachment provided where Mr. Chandrasekar has informed via twitter to Qatar airways that none of his members have even received Blankets to cover themselves which is really atrocious from Qatar airways and not acceptable for the treatment towards their passengers).

    Also when Mr. Chandrasekar enquired about the compensation for these hardships they were facing and faced with Qatar airways at Doha International Airport / Chennai International Airport respectively, they got negative and irresponsible responses from the Qatar airline staff. We now sincerely request Qatar Airways to compensate; otherwise, we will move to the next level of action once they reach Chicago.

    As explained by Mr. Chandrasekar in his twitter, as there are 3 Passengers of almost 70 Years old if any health issues or serious complications occurs, Qatar airways shall be held responsible for all their negligence to accommodate the passengers in the right ways and provide them sufficient safety and protection during these COVID crises.

    Ensure responsiveness to customer complaints
    If you are unsatisfied with any aspect of our service or product, we would like to hear from you. To lodge a written complaint, you can visit our feedback page or write to us at We acknowledge receipt of your written complaints within 48 hours. However, we will try to provide a detailed response to you within 5 working days of receipt of your written request.

    If you are a U.S. customer and are not satisfied with our response, should you wish to take it further, you may then submit a complaint or comment about our service to the U.S. Department of Transportation at or write at their mailing address given below:

    Aviation Consumer Protection Division, C-75
    U.S. Department of Transportation
    1200 New Jersey Ave., S.E.
    Washington, D.C. 20590

    Identify services to mitigate customer inconveniences resulting from cancellations and misconnection
    We are determined to operate our flights in accordance with the schedule. However, flight disruptions including cancellation and misconnections are sometimes inevitable. We undertake the following actions to minimize the discomfort to our customers as a result of the above-mentioned unavoidable situations:

    Inform our customers in advance of any flight cancellation using the contact information provided to us at the time of reservation;
    Try to rebook the disrupted customers on our next flight or reroute them with no additional cost to the customer;
    Ensure that customers who are at the airport and affected by flight disruption are taken care of through measures including appropriate snacks/meals, accommodation and land transport;
    Keep customers well informed during disruptions.

    Balaji Gunasekran
    Brother In Law of Mr. Chandrasekar Napa

  7. Peter Philip Galvez

    Kindly verify our Travel Voucher 157-9011750572 & 157-9011750573 issued last July 4, 2020 for our cancelled flight to London (April 2020). I was trying to use these travel vouchers for our Zurich flight next year, but rejected because “expired” already. But based on advisory of Qatar, the vouchers are valid up to July 3, 2022.

  8. Raquel García Mulero


    My name is Raquel and I send you this email from Netmind (Barcelone).
    The reason is because I would be grateful if you could send me the invoice corresponding to E-ticket nº 157-2397800830 / booking ref.

    I enclose the ticket so that you can view all the reservation data.

  9. M. Huss

    This is really unbelievable.!
    I am gold member and trying since over 5 months to change my old email which I don’t have access to to a new one.
    During the last 5 months have sent almost more than 1000 messages plus a scanned picture of ny passport.
    Every single day sending a new message to privilige club costumer service and they keep writing that I must send a copy of the passport and an ID card or driving licence which must be ( Issued by the goverment )
    Told them everyday and explaind that in I do not have a car like most people in Norway and don’t have a driving licence. And in Norway we do not have a national ID card like in other countries. ( They have started to issue such card in this year and you need 4 to 6 months to get an appointment and after that 3 months to get one ).
    I told them to check the norwegian police website and with Qatar Airways office in Oslo if don’t believe me.

    The funny thing during this 5 months that I have bought & booked my tickets and used my same Visa Card and same passport to travel with Qatar Airways which i have used for years now.?
    And slso use it for transactions by buying Qmiles or Duty free shop at Hamad Airport.?
    Just need to change it then will be able to link my account to my British Airways account and to get updates / offers etc.

    It is easy to change an email address when log in bank account or an authority or in any profile but impossible to change it in your profile at Qatar Airways.

  10. James P Browne

    Re Travel Voucher S97JC3
    Iamconsidering travelling to Goa this November subject to Covid restrictions being lifted using our Travel Vouchers Weare hoping to book a flight Dublin to Goa Return ,departing on November2nd and returning on November 30th 2022 Please advise me on the validity of my vouchers and the currant fares
    Grateful Thanks for a prompt reply

  11. Terence Buckley

    I would like to discuss an issue on Friday 1st April where a Manchester flight to Doha was late arriving in Doha causing our connection to Male being missed, this resulted in a 6 hour wait at Doha and a detour to Columbo airport and a 24 hour delay to our holiday destination in the Maldives, what process do you have in place to compensate for these issues and how to I begin this process

  12. Andrea Byers

    Please note that I was given an invalid email address to send important information of the death of passenger that is supposed to take a flight in a few days. Could you please provide me with a correct email address ASAP for me to forward this important information?
    Thank you,
    Andrea Byers

  13. abdullah ali alawfi

    dear Qatar airwlawfi.
    husband ays
    hope your doing great….
    I would kindly like to request to do small surprise birthday cake for my wife she will be traveling from London Heathrow on 11th mar 2022 by name of :zuwaina hamed Almammari with Qatar airways kindly consider my request as special request as this is the last thing she will be expecting on board the flight .
    your assistance is appreciated. kindly forward this request to concern department
    abdullah ali alawfi

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