Canceled flight: Qatar Airways must respect the Rights of its Passengers

European Union law, namely Regulation (EC) 261/2004, provides that in the event of flight cancellation (cancellation), passengers can receive a one-off compensation from the air carrier in the amount of from 250 to 600 euros. At the same time, it is not clear from the text of the Regulations whether passengers arriving with a long delay (more than 3 hours) at their destination can demand such compensation.

An air carrier such as Qatar Airways, when canceling a flight, must provide passengers, upon request, with an explanation regarding the cancellation or delay of the flight. If it is necessary to ensure the timely transfer of transfer passengers to connecting flights, the carrier should, as soon as possible, offer them alternative transport routes.

It happens that the airline changes the schedule or completely cancels the flight for which you bought the ticket, and this is known several days, weeks or even months before departure. The airline must notify you of the schedule change if you purchased the ticket directly, or the ticket office if you purchased the ticket through an intermediary.

250 euros ⇒ for less than 1500 km,

400 euros ⇒ for more than 1,500 km in the European Union (EU),

400 euros ⇒ between 1500 and 3500 km

600 euros ⇒ for more than 3500 km

In this case, you will be offered two options:

– Fly at a different time or on a different flight;
– Cancel the ticket and return the money.
– Depending on the technical equipment of the airline or agency, you:
– You can accept or not the new flight option offered by replying to the e-mail;
– You can accept a different departure time or a new flight on the website of your personal account;
– You will need to call the call center or go to the office to reissue your ticket.

If none of the suggested options are suitable for you, Qatar Airways must return the money, even if the ticket was originally sold as “non-refundable”.

You can change your mind about the flight at any time, even if at the beginning you patiently waited and even took advantage of the advantages offered by the airline.

Do you intend to wait for the departure? In this case, the Qatar Airways airline must provide:

– After two hours of waiting – drinks + the possibility of making two phone calls and sending two messages by e-mail;

– After four hours of waiting – hot meals (then every six hours during the day and every eight hours at night);

– After eight hours in the day or six hours later at night – the option to relax in the hotel + transfer to it (if you are traveling from your hometown, the airline may refuse the hotel, but must provide a taxi to your home and back to the airport);

At all times, allow a passenger with a child under the age of seven to access the mother-child room and provide luggage storage services.

If the departure was delayed due to the fault of the airline (late arrival of the aircraft, prolonged technical checks, untimely preparation for departure, overbooking), then the passenger is entitled to additional compensation.

The air carrier is not required to pay compensation to its travelers if it can provide confirmation that the reason for the flight cancellation was force majeure or an emergency that could not be avoided, even if all measures were taken.

Want to cancel the flight? You have the right to do so from the moment it is known that the planned departure will not take place. You can ask the airline representative to offer you an alternative flight, or to completely cancel the ticket and return the money. In both cases, you are eligible for the lump sum compensation.

Proof that the passenger has been informed of the rules and conditions of transport, the procedure for booking seats on flights, prices, taxes (fees), schedule and duration of the flight is the responsibility of the air carrier, its commercial agent, tour operator and other authorized organizations at the place of conclusion of the air transport contract.

In the event that a Qatar Airways flight is canceled and the passenger continues to travel on one or more other flights or on an alternate route, they must be offered and provided free of charge:

– Food and non-alcoholic drinks depending on the waiting time for the new flight;
– Hotel accommodation if passengers have to wait for departure one or more nights or if the additional waiting time for departure is longer than expected;
– Ground transfer on the journey airport – hotel – airport;
– Two telephone or telex calls, fax or e-mail, if the technical conditions of the airport exist for this.

The air carrier is required to pay particular attention to the needs of passengers with reduced mobility and accompanying persons, as well as to the needs of unaccompanied children (minors).

When will you be entitled to this compensation?

When canceling a flight, first of all, the period during which you were informed of the cancellation is important. The decree provides for differences that depend on the time of notification: more than 14 days, 14-7 days or less than seven days before the initially scheduled departure time of the flight.

Below is an example of when a passenger is entitled to claim standard cancellation compensation from Qatar Airways.

The air travel consisted of a flight, for example a Paris-Doha flight, in case Qatar Airways canceled that flight and did not offer or provide you with a free alternative flight, which, depending on the schedule, would arrive at the airport. final destination destination of your flight (in this case Helsinki) less than two hours later. Or, if you’ve been on a free alternative flight, which should have arrived at your destination at least two hours later.

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    My flight was cancelled a few years back. I was offered another ticket and I took it. Then that flight was cancelled. RVH3RR . I said forget it refund my money. I got a refund email saying it will be coming. After 3 months I have not seen any refund. I am having a hard time getting in contact. Please respond. Membership number is 540883185

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