Sleeping cabins in Doha-Hamad to spend a serene night before the flight

Stopovers in Doha are often very long; Qatar Airways schedules are frequently in the middle of the night or at times not possible, especially if you are traveling to Asia. In some cases: arriving in Doha in the late afternoon, the impression of landing on Mars, a desert and one-colored landscape as far as the eye can see, then like Las Vegas, Doha emerges from the desert.

Most likely, you have just arrived from a distant time zone or are traveling to one of them. So take a break as a good opportunity to catch up on sleep. In general, there should be no problem sleeping here, just plan that it will be cold, noisy and bright at the airport – a blanket, eye mask and earplugs will come in handy. Travelers note that there are a decent number of chairs here, though most have armrests.

Head to the Family & TV areas at Gates A3, Halls B & C and the Central Terminal to relax on the sofas, there are a few quiet / prayer rooms and some have reclining chairs. They are often separated and may not be quiet due to the large number of passengers.

If all else fails, some areas are carpeted, perfect for spreading out. Better not to camp at the airport? Oryx Airport Hotel is located inside the transit area, just a 5-minute walk from the A10 and B10 exits.

Rent a room for the night or for the day (at least 5 hours). A few hotels are located a short drive from the airport, and one offers a free shuttle service.

Where to rest and sleep at Doha Hamad Airport?

At gate A3, in the central terminal and in halls B, C there are family and TV areas where you can hang your head if necessary. The places are relatively calm and very comfortable.

In transit areas there are special rooms of silence and prayer, the room of silence. You can find such places by looking at the signs.

For the most desperate, some carpets or armchairs, for the most part separated by armrests, prevent tourists from all over the world from sleeping peacefully in airports.

Of course, there is a transit hotel in the territory of Doha Airport, where tourists can shower and relax at a cost of daily stay.

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