Sofort: An innovative payment method to pay for your Qatar Airways tickets with complete peace of mind

The airline Qatar Airways is expanding its payment offer for all passengers making their reservations on its website, via an online banking service.

Sofort Banking is a service offered by Qatar Airways which allows you to make a bank transfer through online banking when purchasing your plane ticket. This payment method is available for Qatari airline customers traveling from Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain, Belgium and the Netherlands.

SOFORT is a simple, comfortable and secure means of payment

Plus, it doesn’t require registration. Automatic data transmission and real-time transaction notification ensure a seamless payment process and faster funds transfer. To pay for Qatar Airways flight tickets, select the SOFORT payment type. You will be redirected to the payment page where you can formalize and complete the purchase of your flight ticket and receive the payment receipt.

SOFORT is a direct payment method with the same security standards as those used in online banking services. In addition, regular tests are carried out to verify the protection of personal data. SOFORT is not tied to any particular bank, but sends the consumer directly to their own banking environment for payment acceptance. Consumers do not need to register, deposit money in a holding account, or have a credit card to use this service, making it extremely accessible.

The operating principle is very simple, when choosing a payment through it, you choose your bank, specify the login and password for the Internet bank, then enter the TAN that was sent to you (i.e. is the authorization code, it can either be in a printed form – sent in advance, or come on mobile or as an image) and the system transfers in your name to the seller’s account, confirming to him that payment has been made.

With the TÜV Saarland certified Klarna Sofort payment system, you can pay securely and conveniently by direct transfer with your usual online banking details and without registration. You receive real-time confirmation when the transfer is complete.

Information related to this payment is neither processed nor stored on the server, except for the final confirmation of successful payment. The payment processor will not have access to an amount other than what you allow in the payment process:

– Select “Sofort” as the method of payment on the Qatar Airways website or application

– You will then be redirected to the secure payment form of Sofort GmbH.

– Here you select your bank and log in with your usual online banking details.

– At the end, you validate the transfer with a TAN.

– You can receive an optional transaction confirmation and you receive your electronic flight ticket.

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