Car parks at Doha Hamad airport: Several offers at cheap rates for cheaper parking in a secure place

Are you going on a trip soon and planning to get to the airport with your car? You will therefore need a car park near the terminal to park your vehicle there for the duration of your stay.

Reserving parking when planning a trip is often a neglected step, the cost of which is easily underestimated, and yet parking at the airport can seriously impact your vacation budget, especially if you are planning a trip lasting several weeks. In this guide, we take a tour of existing parking solutions and best practices for saving on parking.

At Qatar’s capital Doha-Hamad airport, there are two main differences between long-term and short-term parking, depending on where you park and how long you intend to have need that space. Airport parking can be expensive over time, so it is important to choose wisely between long and short term parking in order to save the most money.

Free short-term parking at Doha Hamad Airport

At Doha Hamad International Airport, short-term parking is available free of charge for 5 hours a day between 10 p.m. and 3 a.m. to reduce traffic jams at the entrance gates of arrival halls during peak hours of the day.

At this airport, short term parking solutions are the best option if your travel plans are short term. It’s important to remember that when comparing costs per day, short-term parking will be slightly more expensive. Short-term parking is a great option for those who pick up and drop off passengers, as well as those who need a parking spot for a few minutes to a few hours.

parking fee: How much does long-term parking cost in the Qatari airport parking lot?

135 QAR per 24 hours, every hour or less, the rate is 5 QAR, indicating that in the event of loss of a ticket to enter the parking lots, 45 riyals will be added to the rate during the period of parking use. It is therefore advisable to arrive early at long-stay car parks to avoid any delays. Book your parking spaces directly online vand benefit from exclusive discounts on the initial parking rates.

Long-term parking use is in line with the increase in services at this park as there will be fully secure parking for 2,540 cars, dedicated staff to help travelers with whatever they need and transfers, regular buses to the main terminal, every 15-20 minutes.

Long-term parking is generally required when traveling out of town for an extended period. If you plan to travel for more than 6-7 days, long-term parking may be the best solution for you. Long term parking is a more cost effective solution compared to the daily costs of short term parking options.

Long-stay parking lots are usually located further away from the airport, and you may need to consider the walking distance involved, unless you opt for terminal transportation services. Doha-Hamad International Airport offers long-term parking, and it’s generally recommended that you reserve your spot in advance to avoid the hassle of trying to find a long-term parking spot in a busy and congested parking lot.

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