Request an upgrade even at the last minute of the Qatar Airways flight using your Qmiles Privilege Club

Who has never dreamed of being upgraded on a plane? For a small flight or as part of a long haul, the upgrade offers very significant benefits. But tricks that we see on the web such as throwing a tantrum at company personnel or arriving very late at check-in have not always been proven.

An upgrade involves changing the “seat class” of a ticket booked to a higher level. On international flights, the class increases in the order of Economy, Premium Economy, Business First, and the rate of accumulation of miles increases proportionally. If you upgrade by paying a fee instead of redeeming miles for awards, the accrual rate of the modified booking class will essentially be applied. In addition, Qatar Aiarways domestic flights have their own class called “J-Class” between regular seats and business class. In class J, the rule is that 10% of the “sector miles” are added to the mileage accumulation rate of the regular fares. If you book a reduced fare with a 75% earning rate, 75% + 10% = 85% of the area miles will be applied.

Request an upgrade just before check-in closes

Until the last minute before the plane takes off, the companies are still hoping for a new check-in which sometimes does not happen. The moments before registrations close are therefore the perfect time to upgrade by plane at a reduced price. Airlines generally provide options in the event that seats are available in business class. You will then be asked to pay for a package, or a few points will be withdrawn from your loyalty card depending on the number of miles you have flown. This is when you can request to upgrade to a Qatar Airways Premium Class on the cheap.

Alternatively, you can upgrade at any time by checking the upgrade offers referenced on the website, and being able to view them when booking or checking in for your flight online.

Upgrade to Business or Premier class using Qmiles

Qmiles in the Privilege Club program are convertible into an upgrade on flights marketed by Qatar Airways.

Choosing an upgrade award allows, thanks to its loyalty points, to travel in a higher cabin while paying the price of a lower class.

Members of the Privilege Club loyalty program can redeem their miles for upgrades to enhance their trip. We will explain how this bonus works and how to benefit from it on Qatar Airways flights.

With the Qatar airline, upgraded passengers benefit from the same services as if they had booked directly in the desired travel class: baggage transport, priority route to the airport, access to lounges, seat and top-of-the-range service, …

An upgrade is available upon purchase of the plane ticket until the last minute, subject to availability.

Important information about upgrading on Qatar Airways flights

No one can guarantee the availability of seats to be upgraded to a superior cabin. And the Qatari carrier has every right to change its offer before the ticket is awarded to the passenger.

Upgrades on Qatar Airways flights must be made within the deadlines communicated when purchasing the plane ticket (This information is communicated directly after booking the flight).

The Qatari air carrier accepts no responsibility for canceling an upgrade due to a flight cancellation problem for various reasons (technical problem, strike, bad weather, etc.)

It is important to remember that upgrade offers cannot be changed or refunded regardless of travel situation or conditions.

By upgrading to a travel class, the rules for carrying baggage in the cabin and in the hold change.

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  1. Angela WANG

    How do I use One world alliance or Marco POlo Club points to upgrade qatar airline flights ? Is it done on qatar site or CX site? please advise

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