Prayer room at Doha Hamad airport: A secure space to pray serenely before or after your trip

Spacious prayer rooms are scattered around the passenger terminal at Doha-Hamad Airport. Muslims can also visit the public mosque at Hamad International Airport in Doha, located not far from the departures area of the passenger terminal.

Muslims are prescribed a five-fold daily prayer, and each prayer is performed within a strictly set time interval. The traveler is entitled to indulgence in the form of unification of prayers.

Prayer rooms are open for the convenience of passengers arriving at the Qatari airport. They are located on the ground floor of the airport complex; any passenger can enter and pray there.

There is everything you need to perform their prayers: a prayer rug, a rosary, furniture for the shoes and, above all, a copy of the holy book of the Koran.

Hamad International Airport offers special services to fasting travelers during the holy month of Ramadan, helping to enjoy a hassle-free flight.

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Hijri year when Muslims stop eating and drinking from sunrise to sunset, so travelers may feel tired while traveling during this month, especially those who are traveling on long distance flights or transit flights

With this in mind and for the convenience of passengers, Hamad International Airport offers 16 quiet and comfortable prayer rooms, easily accessible from any area of ​​the airport. There are also separate rooms for women and men with special facilities for ablution. Prayer rooms are also available in lounges located throughout the airport. Travelers can also visit the Mosque, located outside the passenger terminal and a short walk from the Departures Hall.

Although Hamad International Airport is a quiet airport with limited advertising to maintain calm, the call to prayer is issued for the convenience of travelers.

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