Doha Hamad Airport Terminals Information: Departure and Arrival

Hamad airport terminal is only 1, but it is huge. Passengers are served in a single terminal, divided into 5 zones – A, B, C, D and E. The last two are for first and business class. The territory of the terminal is so vast that a free train runs between its different ends.

The terminal is designed on the model with two main levels, dedicated respectively to arrivals (on the ground) and departures (above). A roof was created reminiscent of waves, a motif often used in interior design (living room rugs, decorative patterns, …)

The waiting rooms have quiet seating areas with comfortable lounge chairs, TV and computer rooms, cafes, restaurants and shops. Smoking areas and information desks are equipped. Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the terminal.

The only terminal serving arrivals and departures within the country and abroad is divided into several zones.

Departures terminal

–             Zone A

Of the departure and transfer terminal was the check-in area used by the airport’s largest user, Qatar Airways, as well as Cathay Pacific, which shared codes with Qatar Airways in Hong Kong as part of a strategic partnership agreement.

–             Zone B

Located in the eastern part of the check-in area. It has 10 exits with bridges. There is a cafe, smokehouse, express duty free shops.

–             Zone C

Have 13 exits with bridges. It is built on the site of the old arrivals terminal of Doha International Airport, was intended to serve more than 30 foreign airlines departing from Doha. The terminal included an expanded check-in area with 35 counters and a new baggage handling system and food outlets. All foreign airlines have been transferred to Terminal B.

The terminal has 5 compartments: A, B, C, D, E. There are shops and entertainment in each of them. You can move between the north and south compartments on a high speed drone. Billboards and electronic signs are everywhere at the airport, and the staff are friendly, so you certainly won’t get lost in Hamada.

Arrivals terminal

A new arrivals terminal has been opened in the west apron on the site of the former temporary Asian Games terminal. The capacity of the terminal is 2,770 passengers per hour. The 32,000 square meter (340,000 square foot) arrivals terminal replaced the arrivals hall in what has become the departure and transfer terminal. The arrivals terminal had 22 immigration counters, eight electronic gates, eight baggage carousels, 36 concierges for hotel pick-up, car rental and other services, and 746 parking spaces. The old arrival hall has been merged with the departure hall, adding valuable space and capacity to the airport.

Two terminals handling air freight activities

Two cargo terminals are also operational, able to handle 2.5 million tonnes of freight annually and have twenty dedicated aircraft parking stands.

Terminal 2

Il est également prévu de construire un deuxième terminal, mais uniquement à condition que le trafic passagers augmente. Avec la Coupe du monde de football 2022 au Qatar, ces plans semblent plus que réalistes.

L’aéroport Hamad dispose d’un nouveau et très grand terminal passagers intégré. Pour obtenir des informations détaillées sur le terminal sur ce site, ouvrez le plan du terminal et faites défiler jusqu’au texte ; pour les transports terrestres, ouvrez « Transports terrestres : / Bus et trains. Développement actuel et futur de l’aéroport : Le plan quinquennal de l’aéroport comprend le doublement de la taille actuelle du terminal passagers – l’ajout de nouveaux points d’enregistrement, de salons, de restaurants et d’embarquement portes, ainsi que des connexions uniquement au métro de Doha.

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