Special assistance is provided to you during your transit through Doha Hamad International Airport

At Doha Hamad International Airport, services to disabled passengers and other disabled people within the airport territory are provided free of charge. However, in order to avoid difficult situations, long waits and flight delays, it is recommended to send a prior request to the information desk for the provision of a support service.

For your convenience, Doha Hamad International Airport has:

– Separate car parks for disabled passengers;

– Ramps at all entrances to the airport complex;

– Employee call buttons located at the entrances to the terminal complex;

– Specially equipped washrooms;

– Wheelchairs for ordinary wheelchairs for movement within the territory of the airport complex, crutches, stairs;

– Special wheelchairs for traveling on board the aircraft;

Preparation for the trip of a passenger with reduced mobility

The manager of the Doha airport, the airlines, the agents of the subcontractor as well as the ground handling agents declare a common cooperation at the local level, in order to organize specific assistance for these passengers.

When booking the plane ticket, it is essential to specify to your airline or travel agency:

– The nature of the passenger’s handicap (physical, visually impaired, hard of hearing, etc.), the degree of assistance required as well as your specific needs during the flight in order to benefit from the essential services throughout your trip.

The international code that corresponds to the degree of assistance you need, according to the international classification:

– WCH R: The passenger can move alone and climb a staircase

– WCH S: The passenger can move alone but cannot go up or down a staircase.

– WCH C: The passenger cannot move alone and must be carried from / to his seat.

– BLND: Visually impaired or blind passenger.

– DEAF: Hearing impaired passenger.

– DPNA: Person with an intellectual or behavioral disability and in need of assistance.

If you or your loved ones are planning an air flight and belong to this category of passengers, be sure, when booking and purchasing an airline ticket, to inform the airport staff of special services and transportation assistance, you will need at the airport and during the flight. The need for these services must be communicated to the air carrier or ticket agent at the time of purchase, but no later than 48 hours before departure. If the physical condition of the passenger threatens the safety of the flight, the carrier has the right to refuse carriage.

Following the general rules for the carriage by air of passengers in Qatar, baggage, cargo and service requirements of passengers, shippers and recipients, the passenger must agree with the airline for the carriage of:

– Seriously ill passenger;

– Patient on stretcher;

– Deaf passenger without an accompanying person;

– Visually impaired passenger accompanied by a guide dog;

– Unaccompanied passenger, blind and / or hard of hearing, who will be transported under the supervision of the carrier;

– Passenger whose ability to move using air transport is limited and / or whose condition requires special attention during the service (passenger with reduced mobility).

The following services are available at Doha Hamad International Airport:

– Assistance since arrival at the airport.

– Assistance at the check-in counter and for security formalities (passenger screening and cabin baggage inspection).

– Assistance with customs formalities on departure

– Assistance to the boarding gate

– Assistance during ascent and descent, including the provision of adequate equipment, to and from the aircraft

– Assistance on arrival for customs formalities and the recovery of hold baggage.

– Specific assistance in the event of long flight delays and / or cancellations.

PHMR service opening hours

The PRM assistance service is open from the opening of the terminal until it closes. The reception point for departure assistance requests is located in the departure hall at the general reception desk.

Departure assistance can only be guaranteed if the passenger arrives one hour before the departure of his flight at the check-in counter or at least one hour and a half before the departure of his flight at the dedicated reception point.

Departure assistance can only be guaranteed if the passenger presents himself one hour before the departure of his flight at the check-in counter or at least 90 minutes before the flights take-off time at the dedicated reception point.

On arrival, passengers with reduced mobility have access to the following services:

– Parking: in front of the terminal forecourt for minute parking and in the car park in the immediate vicinity of the payment desk for the disabled

– Drop-off: People with disabilities or reduced mobility have the option of being dropped off by car in front of the terminal.

– Services: All shops and services are wheelchair accessible.

– Toilets: The airport has toilets for disabled people.

– The information system via remote display is available to disabled people.

– Your personal wheelchair: Passengers with disabilities or reduced mobility who travel with their own wheelchair (electric wheelchair included) or any other travel equipment can use it up to the plane and upon arrival at the descent from the plane.

– A disabled or reduced mobility passenger who is accompanied and / or assisted will never be left alone in a wheelchair in which he is not independently mobile.

– An airport agent assists any person with reduced mobility in the various operations

– Registration, security control, customs formalities and boarding.

– Unless there is an operational requirement, passengers with reduced mobility are boarded as a priority.

– On arrival of a flight at Doha Hamad International airport, the disabled or reduced mobility passenger will have to leave the plane last and will be taken care of by an airport agent who will take care of the recovery of his hold baggage and assistance to the car park.

– Assistance dogs: Assistance dogs accompanying visually impaired people are the only ones allowed inside the terminal.

– In the event of loss or damaged wheelchair, airport staff will provide a wheelchair free of charge to the PMR, and take all necessary steps to obtain receipt and delivery of the lost wheelchair.

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  1. Muhammad Umer

    I am planning to travel at 26th feb from Islamabad to Chendgu China by Qatar airways. But there is an issue of 15 hours layover time. I am disable as my left leg is artificial. Due to this factor,i cant wait as long in airport, kindly arrange room for me. Additinally, i am traveling to china in student visa to persue my phd degree there so i cant afford room charges there. I need your assistance.

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