Boarding Pass Policy: Several options are offered by Qatar Airways to obtain it

The boarding pass, an on-board card, essential for a passenger who has purchased a ticket to take a Qatar Airways flight.

Usually the boarding pass forms for different airlines are quite similar. They are almost standard; contain all the necessary information about the passenger and the flight.

What does a Qatar Airways boarding pass look like?

It is a small document, which is divided into two parts by a special strip. Below are examples of boarding passes.

The lower (or left) part of the document is intended for processing at the airport, it is torn off and retrieved during boarding. The upper (or right) part is what is left for the passenger.

The boarding pass issued by Qatar Airways contains the flight number and ticket number, class of service, date and time of boarding, seat number, information about the passenger as a participant in various flight programs.

When purchasing tickets in the usual way, at the Qatar Airways ticket office, or at the travel agency, the passenger receives a standard boarding pass for check-in. If the ticket was purchased online on or another airline ticket booking website, the boarding pass will also be in a slightly different format, you must either print it out yourself when checking in. ‘recording via the Internet (on an A4 sheet), or save it on your smartphone.

How do you get a boarding pass when booking a flight with Qatar Airways?

The scheme for obtaining a boarding pass is usually indicated in the airline’s check-in rules. There are two options here: either the air carrier is responsible for everything or the responsibility for obtaining the boarding pass is transferred to the passenger.

– Option 1

If the boarding pass is the responsibility of the airline, you can obtain the boarding pass directly at the airport by contacting airport employees at the flight check-in counter. Another option (under the same conditions) is to obtain your boarding pass online by registering online for a specific flight for which the ticket was purchased.

– Option 2

According to the second option, the passenger is fully responsible for the presence and printing of the boarding pass, the airline simply does not do it! Check-in conditions should be clearly spelled out in the airline’s rules. Study them carefully before you prepare for the trip. If you are responsible for receiving and printing the coupon, follow the rules:

You must first check in for the flight. This can be done both at the airport and online through the airline’s website. Another type of recording has recently appeared – mobile. It is available if you are using a mobile device: for this you need to install a special mobile application of the selected airline.

Then you must print your boarding pass to present at the airport before boarding.

Important: We want to warn you right away: some airlines charge a fee for checking in at the airport. First of all, these are low-cost airlines with cheap tickets.

Where and how do you print your boarding pass?

There are several options for printing your boarding pass:

– In the check-in halls of many airports around the world, there are special automatic check-in kiosks or automatic flight check-in kiosks. By using the service, entering your data and electronic ticket number, you can also receive a printed boarding pass there.

– You can print your boarding pass yourself, at home or at work, using the website of the airline from which the plane ticket was purchased. This is done on an ordinary printer, on a sheet of ordinary A4 paper.

Please note: printing your boarding pass is a very important detail for those saving on travel. Keep in mind that if you are unable to print this document yourself, you will need to get help.

Where and who can help you get your boarding pass?

– The same machine or automatic check-in machine at the airport (if applicable).

– At the check-in counter at the airport, but there some airlines charge a lot of money for printing, and they are fined for not having a boarding pass.

Completely foreigners, for example, the administration of the hotel where you are staying will be happy to meet you and print your boarding pass completely free of charge.

If you are not staying in a hotel, still ask the administrators of the nearest hotel (or other public institution) on the way for help: they will not refuse, as they often encounter similar situations that arise with their clients.

What if you cannot print your boarding pass?

Life situations are different: for example, you are going to hunt somewhere in Africa, far from civilization, where there are no printers, no telephones, no paper … and the impression of the boarding pass (as stipulated by the airline’s regulations) is given to the passenger. And now what can you do?

As always, there is a solution: you can do what is called early registration. What does it mean? The term “early check-in” means that you must check-in for the flight at least 60 days prior to the flight date and purchase a seat on the aircraft if you are traveling on a low cost, buying means paying in advance for a seat.

This service is offered mainly by low cost airlines. How much does it cost to purchase a seat? The price generally varies from 2 to 5 euros.

But reputable airlines with a lot of flying experience have strict requirements: a passenger must have a boarding pass in any case, but it can be presented in different forms: standard paper and electronic or mobile.

Boarding pass registration

Registering your boarding pass is an important step before boarding a plane.

This can happen in two ways:

– If you checked in for your flight online: your boarding pass has already been checked in, it only needs to be printed out for presentation when boarding at the airport.

– The classic way of registration: if the ticket was purchased at an ordinary ticket office. As a rule, this check-ins is all made at the same flight check-in counter or at an automatic check-in kiosk at the airport. Then the passenger goes to boarding.

But there are also pitfalls here. Please note: we are talking about online registration again. However, inexpensive low-cost airlines do as much as possible free from the usual procedures at the airport in order to save money. They prefer to check in passengers online, on the airline’s website. In such cases, the passenger also has two options:

– Check in for your flight online and print your boarding pass as proof of check-in. The service is free, but there are certain time limits.

Check in for the flight at the airport and get a boarding pass there. There are also requirements at some airports that must be met by passengers who have passed online check-in.

The deadline for receipt is no later than the end of check-in for the flight. The presence of such a paper boarding pass is sometimes mandatory at the boarding gate.

What if your boarding pass is lost? How to recover and is it possible?

If you’ve checked in but lost your boarding pass or forgot it at home (in a taxi, on public transport, etc.), don’t worry. It can be restored.

When checking in for your flight online via the Internet, make it a habit to save boarding pass files to your computer. From there it is always easy to “materialize”, that is, to reprint.

If the ticket was received at kiosks or automatic check-in kiosks at the airport, it can also be restored if the airline has a reprint service on the airline’s website.

If there is no such service function, you must contact the flight check-in counter, they will issue you a duplicate of the boarding pass (free or paid – according to company rules).

Electronic and mobile boarding pass

An electronic and mobile boarding pass (‘mobile check-in for a flight’ service) is an electronic form of the same document that an airline can email after completing online check-in (or mobile check-in). True, if you often use public transport services, you should see such documents on the screens of passenger cell phones at the airport – they are emailed as a separate document or on a cell phone in the form a bar code.

To read mobile electronic boarding passes at airports, there are special scanners: the screen of a mobile phone with a 2D barcode must be attached to the scanner so that the device can read the necessary information. The mobile boarding pass must be stored in the memory of the mobile phone in order to present it at the airport and on board the aircraft, at any time and without internet access.

Mobile check-in typically starts 24 hours and ends 40-45 minutes before departure. The conditions for mobile check-in and receipt of a mobile boarding pass are described in detail on the airline’s website, if the airline offers such a service.

However, although the technology, as they say, has gone a long way, nevertheless, at some airports they still require the passenger to receive the most ordinary paper boarding pass at the flight check-in counter and then proceed to check-in. boarding with.

Get your boarding pass using the Apple Wallet app

Simply head to this site to print your Qatar Airways boarding pass in under a minute, using your iphone.

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  1. James R Templin

    Hello! Can you send me duplicates of my boarding passes from Qatar Air for my trip below? I’m trying to get my miles transferred to my American Airlines account for future use!!
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    I travelled by Qatar Airways to Egypt for the company work the day before and my boarding pass got stained because of the spill of the sanitizer bottle in my bag. Now as per my company policy, I have to submit the boarding pass to process the trip expenses claim. Is there any way to get the duplicate boarding pass for this already completed journey?

    Thanks in advance,
    Vikram Pratap Singh

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