Qatar Airways allows you to select your seat when booking your flight online

Do you have a flight planned with Qatar Airways soon? When booking your ticket online, it is possible to choose your seat.

How to choose the right place and favorite seat on a plane?

Are you going to buy a plane ticket for your vacation soon? Qatar Airways allows you to choose your seat at the time of booking. A service that is often paid but deserves consideration for a very long flight. But which place to choose?

You can specify the choice and the selection of your seat from your Manage Reservation account.

For comfort: Emergency exits

If you are tall, the places next to the emergency exits are the most comfortable to stretch your legs because you will not have anyone in front of you. You just need to be able to intervene in the event of an incident. These highly coveted places are almost always billed with a supplement, more or less important depending on the company. An investment that can be worth it especially if you want to be comfortable sleeping. Note: you will not be able to keep your bag with you, you will have to store it in the compartment above.

If there is no seat next to the emergency exits, choose a seat on the aisle to extend your legs in the aisle.

The last row between each area, just before the toilet. The bulkhead behind you will prevent you from fully reclining your seat.

Afraid of the plane? Direction the wings

Do you sweat profusely during periods of turbulence? Opt for a place on the wings. You will see less of the landscape if you are on the window side, but this is where the shaking is less felt. Conversely, avoid the rows at the back of the cabin as much as possible, this is where you will feel them the most. (Read also: Why are we afraid in planes?)

– To sleep: The window, if possible at the front

Tranquility guaranteed if you want to rest. You can rest your head against the window for a nap, being sure not to be disturbed by your neighbor who wants to go to the bathroom … The seats at the front of the engines are also quieter.

– Next to the toilets

Seating next to the toilet can be tempting to access it however you see fit. But if you take a night flight and hope to sleep, you may be subjected to the comings and goings of other passengers.

– Need silence?

On long-haul flights, the rows at the start of the zone are reserved for families who need a bed for their child. If you dread crying, avoid taking the row just behind.

Your seat does not suit you, what to do?

Could not choose your seat and the one assigned is not suitable for you? Go to the airline counter when check-in opens and ask if it is possible to change it. If you are afraid of flying or having a connection while seated in the back of the plane, Qatar Airways staff can be sympathetic.

Ask the crew on board if there is anything they can do. If the plane is not full, and if you are not traveling with a low-cost company, it is more likely to be successful.

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