Doha Hamad Airport Lounges: Best places to wait for your flight in unparalleled comfort

First-class passengers can enjoy the highest standards of service in the Qatar Airways Al Safwa lounge at Hamad International Airport, which received the 7-star award for the prestigious first-class lounge.

Al Safwa First Class Lounge at Hamad Airport is the first lounge in the world to receive this special award, joining the elite of organizations that have received the Seal of Excellence, and confirms Qatar Airways’ commitment to deliver the better travel experiences, whether in the air or on the ground.

Travelers are often advised to arrive at the airport two hours before their flights depart, but at Hamad International Airport things can change completely, and you will unwittingly want to double that time.

The airport which won the award for the best Arab airport and the fifth best airport in the world, perhaps also the most luxurious airport in the world, Doha Hamad Airport was inaugurated in 2014 with the aim of transforming the Qatari capital, Doha, into a global aviation hub served by Qatar Airways. Today, it welcomes more than 30 million passengers per year through its doors.

The Qatari airport, unlike other airports, is characterized by its absolute calm, as its airspace is permeated only by the sound of the call to prayer five times a day.

Doha Hamad also stands out for its architectural design which reflects the coastal environment that surrounds it, where the roof of the building is designed in the form of seawater ripples, while the mosque next door is designed under the shape of a giant water drop.

The airport is also famous for its works of art strewn around every corner, from small and simple pieces, such as fake birds on the roofs of information boards, to other pieces that are difficult to ignore, such as Swiss artist Urs Fischer’s ‘Bear Lamp’, which is a giant teddy bear Sitting under a black lamp, it has become an approved icon that coincides with the name of the Qatari airport.

Doha Airport also offers many luxurious services, which aim to provide an exceptional experience for travelers, such as the provision of a gym that can be used with a 25-meter swimming pool.

The airport also has many facilities that meet the needs of different categories of travelers, such as special rooms for families, meeting rooms for businessmen, and even baby care areas for new mothers.

A place to relax before taking the flight

Indeed, the Qatari airport has several places to accommodate VIP passengers traveling with Qatar Airways or other airlines serving Doha-Hamad, namely:

– The Al Safwa lounge

For those wishing to savor an extra ‘flavor’ of luxury, Qatar Airways First Class ticket holders can wait in the Al Safwa Lounge, which seats 530 people and offers luxurious and exclusive dining experiences, including international specialties, high quality fruit drinks, a private cinema and even rooms can be booked for four hour periods.

– The Al MOUrjan Business Class lounge

Owned by Qatar Airways at Hamad International Airport, this lounge offers five-star services, and many specialists have described it as a typical hall that offers the opportunity to enjoy luxury and luxury services.

The lobby, located on the third floor of Hamad International Airport, meets all international standards for airport lounge experiences, as it is characterized by the Arabian character in its finest form. It is the spirit of genuine Qatari hospitality that is unparalleled.

In a clear example of the splendor of combining modernity with classic elegance, Al Mourjan Business Class Lounge is adorned with the world’s most luxurious marble pieces, designer furniture and elaborates decorations. As for the artisanal touches, they give the room an appeal that is not affected by the differences in time and taste.

The lobby has an Arabic feel thanks to the high ceiling and bronze walls decorated with traditional Arabic calligraphy. Behind every meticulous detail in the design of the room, a story to tell, the Al-Murjan Business Men’s Lounge has several dining areas to suit all tastes. Whether for a light meal or a delicious table, and on the spacious mezzanine, the visitor finds the opportunity to taste dishes from all over the world, where he can choose between an international restaurant, oriental, international specialties or desserts.

– The Salon Al Maha

Doha International Airport has three private lounges for passengers, two of which are for Qatar Airways Privilege Club members and the other is the “Al Maha” lounge for first class passengers and businessmen traveling with other airlines.

Al Maha Transit Lounge provides a quiet and comfortable place for passengers waiting for their flight or transfer.

Relax in Al Maha’s exclusive lounges to relax and enjoy snacks while you wait for your flight or transfer. Enjoy fresh delicacies with a selection of delicious wrappers, sandwiches, smoothies and juices.

Passengers transiting through Hamad International Airport can choose from a selection of hot and cold drinks such as fruit cocktails. Facilities include unlimited high-speed Wi-Fi, showers, smoking rooms, a business center and a children’s room.

– Business class lounge

At Doha Hamad airport or any other major airport, passengers who have booked in business class usually have at their disposal reserved Qatar Airways check-in counters, which are therefore faster, and very often have access to access to very comfortable private lounges.

The Business Lounge is an ideal resting place where it is possible to sit comfortably and relax before starting a five-star trip. From the entrance, the large open and welcoming picture windows are remarkable, letting in an abundance of natural light to create a warm and relaxed atmosphere.

– First Class Lounge

A new definition of luxury awaits travelers from the Qatari company. The Qatar Airways First lounge welcomes passengers traveling in the first class of the Qatari carrier or that of member airlines of the oneworld alliance.

Passengers can enjoy a full range of premium services located in the Qatar Airways First Class lounge. This area also offers spacious and renovated seating in the dining, rest and conviviality areas.

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