Eat a hot meal, enjoy a coffee or a fruit cocktail, restaurants in Doha-Hamad meet your desires

Of course, one thing every weary international traveler craves is food, and Doha’s Hamad International Airport is full of a wide array of food choices, from restaurants, retail shops serving gourmet duty-free foods to take home.

Doha Hamad International Airport, the transportation hub has many cafes and restaurants, local and international cuisine, coffee and pastries, fast food is available for anyone who wants a bite to eat. Interestingly, passengers with a connection that takes longer than 3 hours receive a coupon for a free lunch: rice, pastry, meat, and water.

Those looking for an international flavor will want to go for Soprafino, which offers gourmet Italian cuisine but also pays homage to its Qatari setting through geometric patterned screens, a classic Islamic-inspired decor choice. Other popular choices include the IN-Q Cafe – which also features decor with an Islamic design influence – and the Caviar House and for that seafood craving.

Naturally, far from restaurants and their decadent caviar treats, the airport is also home to plenty of retail outlets selling gourmet items, such as the treasure that is the Marmalade Market. It houses a wide selection of gourmet dishes and exotic condiments. It offers samples to try before you buy and also sells recipes and products that are sure to make a popular gift for those you know back home.

Local flavors one can expect include Persian cotton candy, bakhlava, nuts, dates and coffees.

Here are some of the establishments, among others, at Hamad Airport:

– Burger King: World famous fast food restaurant.

– Illy Caffè: Upscale cafe.

– AZKA: Indian and Arabic cuisine.

– Starbucks: An international establishment with excellent coffee.

– MIAM CHA:  Asian cuisine.

In the center of the airport is a huge yellow teddy bear figure stylized like a lamp, around – halls with shops selling jewelry, accessories, watches, clothes, underwear, cosmetics, drinks, chocolate, sweets, souvenirs, … Right in front of the bear is an information desk. If you look so to speak, face to face, the left gives A, to the right – Exit bed and, to the right, or rather behind the giant bear – exits C, D and E.

There are restaurants offering Middle Eastern, International and Western cuisines

Try the Arabic mezze at Qataf Café, followed by tea and traditional sweets. For a long, quiet meal in an upscale atmosphere, head to Caviar House & Prunier’s Seafood Bar, Negroni or Soprafino. Ready-made options include Burger King for burgers and fries and Red Mango for smoothies and frozen desserts.

Many restaurants at Hamad Airport offer Middle Eastern, International and Western cuisine

Travelers can enjoy Arabic specialties in one of the many restaurants. In addition to these options, there are popular fast food restaurants as well as a dedicated bar with desserts and smoothies.

2 Replies to “Eat a hot meal, enjoy a coffee or a fruit cocktail, restaurants in Doha-Hamad meet your desires”

  1. Brendan Corry

    On 18/19 February my wife and I travel from Manchester and are connecting flights in Doha on our journey to Australia via a stopover in Bangkok. Also on return from Sydney on 24/25 March. I am amazed and disappointed to learn that there is not an alcohol bar/pub in, what is supposed to be the best international airport. Whilst I respect local customs and beliefs, as connecting passengers, we will therefore not be taking alcohol into Qatar. However, we would have liked the option to choose having a drink in a bar without having to go to the caviar restaurant or similar. I shall see what the experience is like before deciding to use previous airlines again.
    Kind regards,

    • Mikahel (from Rome)

      There is anyway to buy cocaine or similar drugs in Manchester?
      The alcohol, in the countries that have knowledge other than belief, is prohibited.
      I don’t think you gone die or have any problem if you don’t drink alcohol, actually you will be, for sure, more aware and self-conscious, that at least make yourself more comfortable with the people around you.
      I just want to remember you and the other people from Christian countries, like mine (Italy), that it’s prohibited to drink alcohol as well for those who call themselves b Christians, since Jesus (Isa in Islam tradition) said “I’m the way…” mean the people of that belief must follow His way, and you won’t find anywhere in the bible that he got drunk.
      So please respect the laws of God and country behavior as i guess you ask to respect the UK laws to the foreigners.
      With respect, Mikahel.

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