Online Baggage Tracking: Discover Qatar Airways baggage tracking service

What traveler has never come close to nervous breakdown in front of the airport merry-go-round, crowded in the midst of dozens of other people, desperately scrutinizing each piece of luggage in the hope of seeing their own appear? Qatar Airways has found the solution to this waste of time with its online service which integrates the link of their boarding pass. Thanks to this function, travelers know the exact location of their suitcase and receive the number of the carousel where it will be presented shortly. This service can also be useful in the event of missing baggage.

Qatar Airways is launching a new feature on its website that will undoubtedly reassure travelers worried about losing their luggage. If their suitcase has been misdirected, they can directly from their smartphone initiate a reshipment order and receive it at home.

The Qatari national carrier is known as a company that regularly introduces new technologies to improve the quality of service to passengers. The new baggage tracking system it introduced will allow its passengers to continuously track baggage, reducing the risk of errors during handling and loading. This will not only create comfort for the travelers, but also allow the airline to manage the baggage transport process more efficiently, thereby reducing the number of lost or mishandled baggage.

Follow the progress of your luggage here. This new feature, also available in its mobile application, will undoubtedly reassure travelers anxious about losing their luggage. If their suitcase has been misdirected, they can directly from their smartphone initiate a reshipment order and receive it at home.

Baggage tracking is another example of how Qatar Airways uses technological innovations to improve the quality of service to passengers. She understands how important luggage is to the passengers themselves, and new technology in the future will allow her to accurately determine the location of luggage at every point of travel.

The baggage tracking service provided by Qatar Airways will also specify the exact time of baggage delivery. It will be available at Doha Airport, and at other Qatar airports before expanding to other destinations as and when.

Simplify the re-shipment of lost baggage

Unfortunate travelers whose baggage did not ultimately follow them on the same flight will no longer need to show up at the lost property office. The Qatar Airways service now provides a form to initiate a reshipment order, either to the place of vacation or to the home.

The routing of luggage during a flight is one of the workhorses of airlines. Qatar Airways seems to be spending a lot of time on this. First, she launches a test consisting of printing at home the label that always accompanies the suitcase. This experiment is directly linked to the launch of the electronic box which will eventually replace paper labels. Using the smartphone, travelers send all their contact details and details of their stay to the electronic device.

The system set up by the Qatari company makes it possible to display precise information on the location of each piece of luggage in real time. It is efficiently fed with data from hundreds of airports and airlines. This information is processed by the baggage message distribution system.

The location of passenger baggage at key points of the journey, including at check-in, when loading onto an aircraft, at transfer points and at the arrival airport, will be determined with great precision.

This solution is an effective way to comply with the IATA resolution, which obliges airlines to confirm the facts of delivery and receipt of baggage when the responsible person changes, to ensure baggage check-in at the time of departure.

80 Replies to “Online Baggage Tracking: Discover Qatar Airways baggage tracking service”

  1. Joseph Kariuki Ndungu

    Hello I travelled from Nairobi to Toronto but unfortunately i dint get to my destination i was left at YUL Montreal because i was held by the immigration and I lost my bag

  2. Sammy khouly

    My bag is missing .. I traveled from DFW USA to Amman Jordan. Arrival September 5th …Its been almost one week now. Still no info. Could you check please and let me know when I’ll get my bag back.

  3. Yusuff muzamill adewale

    I boarded QATAR airway on 7th of September 2023 from Nigeria heading to Algeria and we had a stopover in QATAR international airport,and unfortunately couldn’t see my bag while arriving do I go about that as I have notting with me than the misplaced bag.

  4. Mba Ama Ngozi Jane

    Please l just laied a complain now but the how to transact the money is a problem because my phone is in the bag and i had gone to resist my accunts, Am Mba Ama Ngozi Jane, thank you.

    • Davinia Street

      My suitcase never showed up at Perth airport. I travelled on the 11th September from Stockholm to Doho, and from Doho to Perth arriving on the 12th September. My suitcase ticket number 0105483286.

    • Bojja

      On jan 15th i travelled from dfw to doha to hyd i lost one of my baggage and complained in hyderabad airport after 6days baggage was delivered to my address but lot of items were missing

  5. Mahamed Ahmed Ali

    I’m Mahamed Ali i was with Qatar Airways from Oslo to Nairobi and when we arrived Nairobi I couldn’t find my Baggage. So I would like to know if they find yet. Please contact me on this email and phone number. Also you can drop or delivery to this address SAKINA GUEST HOUSE LTD
    PO BOX 71689-00622
    Eastleigh 12 street
    Nairobi kenya.
    WhatsApp. +4794720383
    Tell. +245740425193

  6. Samuel anton

    My wife baggage missing Colombo to jeddah 5th May 2023 complain to SGS in jeddah
    Until now no response
    I give me contact number jeddah
    I given my email address also until 07 May 2023
    Best regards

    • Bredan Chijioke

      I’m Bredan Chijioke i was with Qatar Airways from Doha to HEATHROW and when we arrived Heathrow Airport I couldn’t find my Baggage. So I would like to know if they find yet. Please contact me on this email: and phone number: 07405341489 Also my address 6 maple close. I also took someone’s babage with me. How do we go about it.

    • Elizabeth Mutindi Kiio

      I left my purple framed spects on the pockets of flight QR1342 seat no. 26A on 24th Nov. Flight from NBO to DHO. I’m on my way back to NBO from SIG. I live in Kenya

  7. Nomesh Kumar

    I have travelled from Detroit michigan on 11 march 2023 to Karachi Pakistan 13 march 2023. Lost my 4 bags, still unable to get. How long did it take on average basis to get bags back? There is no update on online website except delayed


    I arrived at 26th Feb till now i did not get back my luggage please i need my luggage very urgent in Ghana

  9. Wilma van den Berg

    My son travelled from Port Elizabeth to Dublin on the 14/10/2022 -luggage was lost.
    I have enquired with airlink and got ref numbers from Airlink but when I try to use these numbers with Qatar’s online tracking program it does not work. When I try to contact telephonically I have no success. Do you have any suggestions of how or what I can do to retrieve his luggage. Flight no: QR 17 and QR 1364
    Thank you.


    My baggage is lost sine 17.12.2023
    Please send to my email infrmation what is the present status of my baggage, already found and delivered to Tauranga , delivery address.

    • Hurriah shahmile

      Ihi I travel from Canada to Pakistan on 26/06/2022 and lost my bag and put the claim still I didn’t get any thing. My claim number is 2600309 in Pakistan. My name is hurrah shahmile. Please do something.

  11. Salma Ahmed

    My name is Salma Ahmed, I had been travelled to Sudan, last August 2022 and i lost my 2 bags for one month. after a month I delivered the two bags but most of the items were lost it and I have made a report for both but still, now no response and i have a ref file no. I don’t know what shall I do. now am back in America.

    Salma Ahmed

  12. Roderick Guzman

    I arrived in manila last January 12 , 2023 and until now January 24th my missing baggage not appear and never heard a status from them and I call them nobody answer

  13. Amna imran

    My mother was travelling from Dallas to Karachi and one bag is missing 7th January 2023 please help her out .we have given you information about our bag but didn’t get reply they are saying that tag is missing but it’s your responsibility to check the tag at check in counter.she is travelling since 21 years never happened and now she travelled from Qatar air ways for the first time and this happened please notify our request and find our baggage as soon as possible

  14. Jayanthi Bharath

    I heard Qatar Airways are very good but I am really surprised to say that, my baggage are not taken care. I was told that, when I checked in in Charlotte ( North Carolina) by your Co- partner American Airlines on 15th November 2022 I can collect my baggage in Bengaluru ( Last destination ) but really surprised to find my baggage didn’t turn up after waiting for 2 hours. I am not able to trace my baggage till date. 6.12.2022. Kindly help me to locate my baggage. I am giving the details below:
    My Journey started at Charlotte ( CLR) with your Co-partner American Airlines 2731 on 15th November 2022 Ticket to JFK Newyork.
    From JFK Newyork Qatar Airways to Doha.
    from Doha Qatar Airways to Bengaluru..
    Now my BAGGAGE is missing .
    Baggage Brand: American Tourist.
    Baggage Colour/Size : Blue & 23kgs Baggage. Single side wheels.
    Brown cellutape binded on the handle.

    I request you to locate my Baggage at the earliest as I have taken round the trip.
    My return Journey is on 2nd April 2023. by your Qatar Airways. Your immediate action is required.

  15. Swaraj Ahstaputre

    I am writing this to you because u have a very bad service for your passengers , i was travelling from pune to New York via Delhi i had a Vistara airline to travel domestic your ground staff guided me in a wrong way that ill receive my checkin bag directly in New York and then i reached New York i didn’t receive anything my brother was constantly mailing you giving you a call nobody bothered to reply him , i work in a navy i have to sail for 6months on board without my luggage do you understand what i going through. I am really annoyed with your insane staff members at Pune airport. Please help me get my bag asap els i would a strict action against you guys . Here’s my ticket details ; your guys when i asked him for my baggage tag he didn’t even gave my any tags i don’t know how they are working without having any information my bag still in Delhi or i don’t know where revert me back soon. Its already 1month now.
    Bag brand- Skybags
    Large size
    Colour- Bluish purple

  16. Humayun Rashid

    Passenger name – Hassan Al Rashid – 1 bag, Passenger name – Akies Uddin- 2 bags,, Passenger name – Humayun Al Rashid – 2 bags. We were 3 passengers together and our 5 bags missing. We traveled from Flint-Chicago-Boston-Doha, Dhaka. It has been 4 days since we received any luggage. We are stuck and having a lot of problems without having these urgent things in the luggage. Could you help us find these bags?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Hie can you please help me.I lost my bag from Durban king shaka Airport to Pristina khosovo Airport on the 15september can please help me to get my contact is 0899539766, one suitcase the reference number is SV4OSV for ticket please help me QATAR Airways


    Hie can you please help me.I lost my bag from Durban king shaka Airport to Pristina khosovo Airport on the 15september can please help me to get my contact is 0899539766, one suitcase the reference number is SV4OSV for ticket

  19. Faris Melibari

    Hi my baggage still missing!!
    Lost it in the flights from Jeddah-Qutar- Amsterdam
    File num
    Booking ref
    Faris Melibari

    It’s been 10 days!! Please help urgently

    • Maria de Lourdes do Patrocinio

      I am Maria de Lourdes from Sponsorship
      Yesterday I arrived on flight 773 and brought a change of baggage. From someone else. Please I have to return it and get mine back. What should I do

  20. Ajayi Oluwabusayo Christianah

    I traveled from nigerian to Newcastle on the 10th of October 2022 and have a missing baggage. Heard 6 baggages but only 5 was retrieved. Laid a complaint and was given a Form to fill up till today my missing bag hasn’t been delivered. Have my shoes and clothes in there. Please let me know where my baggage is. It important. Thanks

  21. Ali Imanpour

    My luaguage has been lost in my flight from Manchester to Mashhadm Iran on 4th of september.
    Even if we register it in Mashhad airport with Ref.MHD2760301 number and ticket refernce:WP3FTV, but it is more than one month that it has not been traced.
    I really do not know what I should do. I cal airport time by time, but they say we must wait. I sent an email to qatar airways, thy do not answer to my email. I am wondering what I should do.

  22. Rita Jeremy

    Arrived at Brisbane airport Australia Sept 2 from the UK start of my holiday , part of my luggage was missing filled in form and was told l would receive luggage later still waiting l have tried everything l have had to replace item’s that were in missing luggage , this is not fair l am a pensioner spoilt my holiday plus added expenses, how can l make a claim ,


    Please I lost my baggage when I traveled from Ghana (Accra) to Qatar (Doha) on 15 to 16 August 2022 at HAMAD INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT DOHA.
    And TAG NUMBER is QR376417

  24. lidija

    I arrive in sydney on 24.8 2022 my luggage is still missing
    ref.number SYD 2736946
    qutar is very very bad now with response very upset

  25. david Bhasker

    I lost one baggage while travelling from Nagpur to Sharjah. I registered a complaint (PIR) at Sharjah baggage control on 27.08.2022. File Reference SHJ2744553. Baggage tag No. 0 157 506477. The online baggage tracking on 03.08.2022 reports: Under tracing…
    #What are the other steps a passenger can take other than waiting

  26. Ram Mohan

    On 9th I boarded qR 500 at Dallas on 8th Aug 22, along with my spouse and four bags enrute to HYDERABAD VIA DOHA, after reaching Hyderabad ( 9th Aug 22) one of my bag was missing, I have complained to Qatar Airways , till today 25th August no result
    My file ref no or air line (Hyd 2705565


      I would like to confirm that I am looking my luggage from 28/07/22 up to now, from ADD TO MANCHESTER with the file ref nr: MANQR18140

  27. Khusbu Rayamajhi

    I traveled From Kathmandu on 2nd of August to Dallas arrived on 3rd August and had transit in Doha One of my bag is missing, I tried contacting Qatar airways customer service but had no luck. Please help me to find my luggage.

  28. Keith C

    My baggage didn’t arrive with from OKC to NBO. REFERENCE # NBO2729674..
    Please find my suitcase. My vacation is ruined without clothes.


    Dear Qatar Airways,
    I’ve lost my one of my 2 checked in baggage’s. Its a light pink skybags trolley with just business class baggage tag.
    I couldn’t find my missing baggage on the belt and immediately rushed to baggage handling staff at airport and complained and filled the form on 4th August midnight. I’ve stayed until 5th August 9am at airport but couldn’t find mine. As a first time travelling student I have carried utmost necessities, Its been 2 weeks no response yet. Please check this asap.

  30. Ameer Abdullah

    Hi I travelled from manchester to Islamabad, with a stop at Doha. On arrival in Islamabad my luggage was not there although at the help desk they had all my details and were aware the bag had not come. The person at the help desk said the bag is in Doha and go misplaced on transit although they would send the bag to Islamabad asap. 4-5 flights from Doha arrive in Islamabad daily and I haven’t still got my suitcase. You can imagine the distress it has caused me and please could you find it.


    10th August 2022

    The Manager
    Qatar Airways
    Colombo Office
    Sri Lanka

    Dear Sir
    Baggage Tracing Reference CMBQR25052

    Please be informed that I travelled from USA (JFK Airport) to Sri Lanka on the 05th August 2022 Flight QR702 and got a transit flight from Doha QR662 and landed on the 06th August

    On arrival at the baggage bay, I found that my baggage has not reached Colombo. I made a complaint at Baggage Services Office at the Airport File Reference CMBQR25052

    I received a What’s up message stating Baggage found pending confirmation, however I never got any response.

    Due to this delay, I have spent some money to buy clothing for my office use and this had caused a real mess to my duly routine

    Kindly look in to this matter and resolve the issue.


    Ikram Faiz
    Mobile No 076 0610999

  32. Alluri Pavan

    I had lost my baggage on August 3rd. I have travelled from hyd to doha (QR501) and then doha to dfw (QR729) at the airport I have reported but they didn’t gave me any reference number. Later on I realised and reported online…and send many mails but no response from Qatar airlines.


    This is mohammed faisal, i travelled with qatar airways on 28th of june. i lost my baggage in which i had my medicines. i submitted for claim at airport. and mailed qatarairways many times.

  34. Fatemeh Vanaki

    Hello, Qatar Airways , This is Hossein Vanaki .
    Please help me to find my Luggage. I flew Thoursday JUNE 30 2022 from SFO To DOHA and then DOHA to Tehran, IRAN (IKA). I arrived Iran on July 02 instead July 1th because I had a lot of delayed in SFO and DOHA . I am 77 years old and seating in wheelchair. my luggage didn’t come after one month. my flight had delayed as that reason maybe it was not put in the Doha IKA flight ,and they are stuck in Doha or SFO. one Green Luggage is missing. I arrived in tehran , IRAN international airport (IKA) on July,02,2022, Immediately upon arrival I did file Report Qatar Airways about lost Baggage.and I still waiting !

  35. kadeem bhaila

    We flew from DOH to PHL on July 22 and our bags did not get delivered. We have lost 4 bags ticket #’s are 0 157, 469649/469648/469583/469582

  36. Chiew Kok Hoong


    I lost 2 luggage on my way from Kuala Lumpur to Dublin on the 10th of July, my booking reference is P5IRP5. Immediately I lodged a report at Dublin airport on the 10th of July, and there is a PIP report (DUB2635383) being made at Dublin airport. After 15 days, the status when I checked online with Qatar, the bags are still “under tracing”. I tried to do the live chat, but it was not helpful and twice failed to connect me with the baggage team.

    I would like to inquire, when is Qatar going to compensate me for my losses, as I have lost my most valuable golf bag and equipment.

    Please provide update to me urgently.
    File ref# DUB 2635383
    Booking ref# P5IRP5

    Thank you.

    • Chiew Kok Hoong

      I lost my luggage on the 10th July, and have been sending whatsapp to trying to connect with your baggage team. However, so far no one revert to me after so many whatsapp and messages.
      I need you to revert to me urgently on the status of my luggage (golf set and bag) and when are you going to compensate me. Also, I need confirmation email on my lost for my insurance claim to my credit card.


  37. chinchi

    my bag did not arrive to my destination on may 30th 2022. Their customer service is so bad and they do not care. I will go down with them and sue them over my bag


    I did not receive my two baggage out of four on 04.07.2022 while travelling by Qatar Airways Flight No.QR 578. Two bags 0 157 434571 and 0 157 434572 as confirmed from IGI Delhi Airport were not loaded in the flight from Hammad Airport Doha.

  39. Rafiat Maiyegun

    1 black puma back pack and orange/blue carrier bag was collected from me by Qatar staff on the 4/7/22 by the boarding gate


    Qatar Airways is really not professional and I didn’t expect that at all! I traveled from Cairo to maputo, transiting to doha the Thursday 30 June 2022, arrived to maputo the Friday 1st July. one of my 2 luggages is still missing and nobody is able to give me a proper answer to where is my luggage and why it didn’t arrive yet. I have important stuff in I t and it put me in a very. problematic situation as I am far away from home. The chat online is not able to help and Qatar Airways is concretely unreachable to help in this matter. Such a big disappointment!! Is there someone able to tell me where is my luggage and when I will finally have it back as I am thinking to go back home now. flight QR1361 / Luggage : QR319812 / File reference MPM2613091

  41. arthur calacal

    My baggage still missing since june 13 from miami QR778 to Doha then doha to manila ticket number7763562944/reference DCQR3JB7GR/record locatorSGJKIZ

  42. Alessandra ZANARDO

    I have one large suitcase missing on my flight from Munich to Perth via Doha on the 2nd-3th of July 2022.
    Flights: Q 060 & Q 900

    The luggage has important materials that I urgently need to use.
    Please update me ASAP.
    Thank you,

    • reian babor

      my baggage still missing since may 16,2022 from manila to doha,doha to angola..claiming tag qr771578 flight sma5lb
      please give attention almost 2 month later…

    • Joshua P Mathews

      I lost one of the luggage checked in at TRV on sept 7th return trip from Trivandrum to Dallas . We didn’t receive the luggage at Dallas airport and the tracking is showing its still at Trivandrum airport. Please help us to get the missing luggage,it has most of the items I collected from the trip . Bag tag number 0157672833 incident number DTWAA14749038


      Hie can you please help me to get my bag ilost my suitcase from king shaka Airport to khosovo Pristina iris’s my flight in Vienna Austria on the 15september 2022 can you please help my phone is +353899539766 /Ref SV4OSV // 0157403361



    I had my 2 baggage missing.
    I am a student and I came to Australia to study English, then I don’t speak English very well.
    Also, I don’t have a lot of money to buy all my stuff again.
    I don’t have any clothes or shoes.
    I really need help.
    Please find below my information.

    1C Anglesea Street, East Victoria Park – Perth – 6101

    Booking Reference WE74OK
    Ticket Number 157-2322694185

    baggage BA558604
    baggage BA558417

    Thank you.

  44. David Laferriere, PLS

    I filed a notice at Kuwait airport for my 3 missing bags #’s 0279296980 – 0279297060 – 0279296981

  45. Muhammad Malik

    I travelled by Qatar air flight QR 702 and flight QR 632 on June 8, 2022 from NewYork to Islamabad Unfortunately my checked bagged No B6274161 to 65 have still not received at my destination. Regards

  46. Arten Sky

    I am not surprised at the above comments and requests of desperate passengers who lost or misplaced checked baggage flying Qatar Airways. I am sorry to inform you that it’s not QR’s priority (I worked for QR and know the management’s priorities). In most cases, they will not acknowledge your emails or WhatsApp queries. If you happen to get an agent on a call, you will be told to either callback or they will call you back (we use to just laugh it off). It is very unfortunate but this is how the system works at QR. I wish all of you good luck in recovering your lost or delayed baggage. It’s not when your trip is going well but when you run into situations that the true unmasking of the airline.

  47. Nemr

    Hi Qatar!
    Please help us find our bags. We flew 15 May2022 from Cape Town to Doha and then Doha to Beirut. Arrived in Beirut 16 May 2022. But our luggage didn’t come. So maybe it was not put in the Doha-Beirut flight. And they are stuck in Doha. Three trolley bags are missing. One is Brown, another is Red and third is Purple. Immediately upon arrival we did report about lost baggage. And we are still waiting…
    Regards Nemr Alnseerat, Amina Brey
    Our Flight: QR1370
    Qatar Airways

  48. nirusan jeyasingam

    i have arrived in SL on 5th and 8th today. still no words on my one out of two missing luggage, no word from airline yet and i have all my medicine in it and i will be here for at-last 30 days.

  49. Phil

    Dear Qatar
    My bag did not arrive at my destination on 24 February it’s now 10 days later and still no bag or any update

    • Lyubov

      Hello, I came from Doha to JFK on 8 February,2024. My bag didn’t arrive. I am really worried. In the bag there is medicine I need greatly. If it happens nobody is home you can use the following address as well.
      Tel. 843 446 9169 Lana (my friend)

  50. John McCallum

    26th February 2020.
    My baggage was lost between GLA/LHR/DOH and MNL. I filled in the forms at Manila expecting that the short connection at Doha meant my bags did not make it across. I expected that the bag would turn up the next day on the same timings as the standard flights on the route, either 16.10pm or 22.10pm. Two days later I am in Manila with nothing, no progress from the baggage handling section, no response on the Manila Qatar offices, no update and of course no clothes or belongings.
    I need my luggage as I am here for a 20 month project and basically all I need is in that bag.
    Please contact me ASAP.

    John R McCallum, Project Manager AG&P,

    • Zaima Najeeb

      I traveled from Toronto to lahore on 18 June 2022.My baggage is missing.It has my important documents and my moms reports, which I need on urgent basis.My complaint # is 2581444 and booking reference # is 22ASDQ.
      Please update me about my bag
      I am calling everywhere but 👎. Very bad experience traveling with Qatar airways.

  51. Martina Dempf

    This sounds al very kind and efficant, but did not work.
    Due to the storm in BER yesterday (17.2.2022), all luggage was not unloaded. We were told to collect our luggage today at the airport ourselves, but cannot find any confirmation if the luggage is now available. The status od our bills says “not found”. Besides that, I am wondering why we have to collect our luggage ourselves at the airport. We were denied to have it delivered, which is not according to your regulations (s.o.).
    Please let us know where our luggage is.
    0 157 344890 MUELLERDEMPF U2A0CP
    0 157 344889 MUELLERDEMPF U2A0CP

    Please reply urgently!
    Dr. H. Mueller-Dempf, Martina Dempf

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