Pay for your reservations with Qatar Airways with iDeal

iDEAL is a payment method that allows customers to make online payments directly through their bank. iDEAL is not a centralized payment system. This is a set of technical agreements between banks and processing centers that allow integration with online banking systems.

iDEAL is a payment method that allows customers to transact online using their bank details.

To pay with iDEAL, customers are redirected to their online banking environment where they can authenticate the payment using a second authentication factor. The exact process the customer will have to follow will depend on their bank. Although the iDEAL payment flow may not seem consistent to some companies new to it, it is well understood and appreciated by Dutch customers. Payments are irrevocable and confirmed immediately, two strengths that iDEAL can offer businesses.

Although iDEAL payment data is for one-time use, each transaction can allow businesses to retrieve their customers’ bank details, allowing subsequent payments to be made, with the appropriate mandate authorization, through SEPA. Direct Debit.

Explanation of terms used in the table

– Type of reservation: For what type of reservations is the method of payment possible?

– Customer’s country: In which countries is this payment method possible?

– Currency: What currencies are supported for this payment method?

– Dispute: Is there any dispute to receive payment from customer?

– Confirmation of payment: What is the deadline for obtaining the confirmation?

Qatar Airways allows you to pay your booking fees with iDEAL

Thousands of passengers who take flights operated by Qatar Airways choose to book their Qatar Airways airline tickets using the iDEAL payment method.

iDEAL is the payment method supported by several international banks, which makes it a fast, reliable and secure payment option. With iDEAL, travelers can make payments online through the mobile app or through the Qatar Airways website, securely.

For passengers traveling with Qatar Airways, the payment process with iDEAL is simpler and faster than with a bank card.

– The passenger selects iDEAL as the method of payment.

– Then he chooses his bank from the list of banks.

– The system redirects him to the online banking page, where he logs in as a customer of the bank.

– All the payment details have already been pre-filled, it only remains to confirm the payment.

– The bank immediately displays the confirmation of payment.

– The passenger returns to the airline’s website, where they see the successful status of the reservation payment.

iDEAL offers an immediate online payment guarantee to Qatar Airways passengers. With iDEAL, the money is transferred immediately via a SEPA transfer to the beneficiary, made from the online banking portal that the consumer has trusted.

After selecting this payment option, the passenger must choose their bank and pay via their app or website.

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