Changing a flight ticket provided by Qatar Airways: Online, is possible!

On, you can have full control over most of your travel information. Indeed, if necessary, the customer can make various changes in his reservation, including:

– Buy options

Buy options to benefit from a better quality flight in terms of comfort during your trip. For example, an additional baggage allowance, or an upgrade at the airport, …

– Consult current reservations

Have access to the data of the booked trip (, including the flight and ticket numbers, the time of departure and arrival at destination, the terminal, the time limit for checking in, the authorized number of bags, the services offered on board (meals served, entertainment, …)

– Finalize payment

Finalize payment for your reservation, if you choose the “Pay later” option, by logging into the “Manage your reservations” area to pay and confirm the reservation.

– Edit personal information

Edit personal information, for all types of tickets booked. Indeed, on the, it is possible to modify or supplement:

– Their contact details (e-mail address, telephone numbers),

– The information required by the authorities of the destination country (passport number, visa number, destination address, etc.),

– The choice of meal or the location of your seat …

Change flight, by modifying the date, time, or route of your flight, as well as the travel cabin, a supplement may be requested to be paid in the event of an upgrade.

Changing a Qatar Airways plane ticket?

There are different ways to buy and pay for airline tickets. As a result, the exchange procedure is somewhat different. Generally, people have to change their plane tickets to a different date. Much less often, citizens request a change of class of service. In all cases, the procedure is the same.

That is why it is advisable to resolve the problem as soon as possible. The penalty depends on the airline and the selected fare.

Note that in most cases (except for high fares) the date, time, route to the airport are adjusted no later than the end of check-in for the flight. But it is not recommended to wait until the last moment.

Can you change or correct the first name, last name or gender on the ticket?

As a general rule, airline tickets cannot be reissued to another person, if the name, first name or gender appearing on your ticket does not match the data in the document that serves as the basis for issuing the ticket (for example, a foreign passport), you can send us a request for rectification of the data. Please note that even minor name changes may be prohibited or permitted for an additional fee, depending on airline policies, and agency service charges may apply for making changes.

The cost of changing airline tickets issued by Qatar Airways is non-refundable and is set at $ 15. On the other hand, passengers are expected to pay an additional fee of $ 25 in case of request to reissue their tickets (for example, in case of their loss)

To send a name change request: Go to the “My ticket” – “Reservation number” – “Modify an order” – “Modify passenger data” section by logging in to the site. Attach to the request a copy of the first page of passport information (or other document on the basis of which the reservation was made) of the passenger for whom the changes are required. Leave a comment to our customer service if you want to add more information to your request. Please note that this process can take up to 2 weeks. A Qatar Airways customer service representative will contact you by email as soon as they agree to this issue.

Changing a Qatar Airways plane ticket: Tips and solutions

There are not so many experienced air travelers in our country. At best, citizens fly twice a year, first to rest in a southerly direction, then back. And many have never flown, preferring to travel by land. Therefore, in case of a non-standard situation, people do not know whether it is possible to change the plane ticket and how to do it with as little loss as possible.

The cost of the plane ticket is quite high, and when the whole family goes on a trip, the amount increases significantly. The question of replacement becomes really relevant with the forced adjustment of plans.

Basic information on replacing tickets

First of all, the good news: in most cases, you can change your plane tickets. On a different date, a flight or to a higher class of service, the rules even apply to transport documents purchased on the Internet and so-called “non-refundable” tickets (although there are a few nuances here, which will be discussed below). Thus, a total loss of money does not threaten. But you will probably have to pay extra. The terms of exchange depend on many factors and conditions, including:

– Air fare

– Departure date and request date

– Reasons for exchanging tickets

Information on whether it is possible to change a ticket for an aircraft and what rules exist for a specific fare for a given airline should be available on the carrier’s website. Considering the price of airline tickets, we strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself with these rules before making a purchase, the lower the price of the plane ticket and the closer the departure time, the more difficult and expensive the exchange.

In essence, an airline ticket is an agreement between a passenger and a carrier, which is made for a specific surname, which cannot be changed in the agreement.

If, after purchasing a plane ticket, the passenger has changed their name, they must contact the representatives of the airline in order to modify the flight document. Read more about this in the article changing your passport after purchasing a plane ticket.

In addition, when exchanging a ticket, you cannot choose another airline or a lower class of service.

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