Book Qatar Airways flights with Mastercard

MasterCard is a convenient and secure means of payment in 210 countries around the world. In addition, MasterCard offers its customers discounts and bonuses when paying for purchases and services with MasterCard and Maestro cards. You can always count on MasterCard’s 24/7 global support team to help you in many situations.

If you wish to pay for a Qatar Airways plane ticket by credit card, do not hesitate to choose this payment method.

The Standard Mastercard is a convenient solution for paying for airline tickets online on the website or via the Qatari airline’s mobile application. This is an immediate debit card where your spending is debited over the water from your bank account. At the same time, you will receive an electronic statement reporting your transactions.

Mastercard is a global benchmark in contactless payment. It is also popular with the Qatari for simplifying and securing payments. For this, Mastercard offers several types of bank cards adapted to the needs of travelers.

A pioneer in new payment technology, Mastercard is a company specializing in the publishing of bank cards. The company is based in New York, but its solutions are accepted in more than 210 countries including Qatar.

The Mastercard is a bank card that allows you to make online payments, including the reservation of airline tickets offered by Qatar Airways. It is available as an immediate debit card and a deferred debit card. In the case of an immediate debit card, purchases are debited from your balance as transactions are made. Conversely, with a deferred debit card, the amounts are deducted from your bank account on a fixed date.

The Mastercard card comes with insurance benefits. It offers, among other things, coverage in the event of an accident while traveling, payment of costs in the event of theft or damage, medical repatriation, etc.

Get a Mastercard and start paying for your travel with Qatar Airways with peace of mind

Banks are the main issuers of Mastercard cards. They are distributed there under license. To enjoy the benefits of a Mastercard, you must open an account at a card issuing bank. It could be a traditional bank, a neo-bank or an online bank.

Two reasons to choose MasterCard to get paid for plane tickets with Qatar Airways

– Pay without contact

The Mastercard is equipped with NFC (Near Field Communication) technology which allows it to exchange data with a reader or terminal. It therefore makes it possible to make a contactless payment. Thanks to it, collection is quick and smooth. This results in better customer satisfaction and time savings for the company.

– Secure transactions

A Mastercard card is equipped with SecureCode technology. This is a protocol designed to enhance the security of transactions made using Mastercard cards. This security device protects you from the risk of fraud and theft. It also makes the Mastercard an electronic payment solution of choice to avoid unpaid checks.

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