Traveling by Air with a Bicycle: Procedures to comply with Qatar Airways

Taking the plane with your bike is always synonymous with stress: fear that it will be damaged, that it will not be accepted.

What does the airline Qatar Airways plan for transporting the bicycle by plane?

While Qatar Airways generally accepts large volumes on airplanes, it may have strict rules for carrying sports equipment such as bicycles. It is therefore important to be well informed before any ticket purchase and departure.

With Qatar Airways, your bike is included in your checked baggage if the weight of all your baggage is less than 32 kg. Otherwise you will have to pay an additional baggage charge.

Check the rates for special baggage to be carried on board Qatar Airways planes to find out the price to pay for transporting a bicycle

We know how stressful it is to take the plane with your bike. We have therefore broken down and explained each of the stages allowing us to do it as peacefully as possible. The 7 steps are as follows:

– Book your special bicycle baggage in advance

– Disassemble your bike

– Protect your bike

– Place your bike in a box / bike bag

– Solidify your bicycle bags for easy transport

– Have your bike transported to the airport

– Arrive well in advance at the airport

Be careful to strictly follow the instructions to properly pack your bike so that you do not have it refused at the airport or find it damaged.

How much does it cost to take your bike on the plane?

Unlike many airlines, Qatar Airways allows you to take a bicycle free of charge.

Disassemble your bike for the plane

In order for your bike to be accepted on board, it will have to be prepared according to precise rules. Here are the instructions from the Qatari airline, which are always the same:

– Remove the pedals using a pedal wrench (or a 15 mm open end wrench).

– Remove the front wheel and secure it to the frame.

– Turn your handlebars so that it is parallel to the frame by loosening it with an allen wrench and then tightening it Once properly positioned.

– Deflate the tires to prevent damage.

– Lower your saddle as far as possible to make your bike compact.

Despite the fact that your bike is counted and reserved as checked baggage, if your packaging does not comply there is a high risk of being refused at the airport. It all depends on the person at the counter, of course, so give your best smile when you arrive.

Protect your bike well before sending it to the hold

Try to get some bubble wrap or cardboard / newspaper and reinforce all the parts that are sensitive: gear and brake levers, brakes, derailleurs. Do not hesitate to make several turns of cling film on the critical parts as well. Protect the sharp parts of the bike well which could puncture the cardboard and therefore damage your bike if the cardboard cracks.

Store your bike in a case / box

Qatar Airways only accepts bicycles that are properly stored in precisely sized boxes / bicycle covers. To give you an idea, the boxes sold at its counters are generally 175 cm x 21.5 cm x 86 cm. These are also the dimensions of bicycle boxes at bicycle shops in general.

Buy a bicycle box at the airport

Many large airports allow you to find inexpensive bicycle boxes at Qatar Airways counters. Make sure you get the information you need before going to the airport with your bike, the flower with the gun.

Pack your bike with what you find

If you really can’t find a bike box in town or in the airport, you have only one solution: wrap your bike extremely well. Wrap it up, down and across lots and lots of times, wrapping your cling film rolls in turns, reinforce sensitive parts, upstream with cardboard.

This is because cellophane is very resistant if it is stretched really well around the bike many times. After all, this is how you can protect your baggage in the hold at many airports.

5 Replies to “Traveling by Air with a Bicycle: Procedures to comply with Qatar Airways”

  1. Tony Canning

    I am taking my bicycle from Sydney to Belfast in August. I have tried to get a definitive answer on the actual process.I have 30kg baggage allowance on departure but only a 25kg allowance on the return for some reason. I have spoken with Qatar customer service but I never got a clear answer after twenty minutes on the phone. Where exactly is the special bicycle baggage section on the website? So I can Pre book as it has no option to add my bike.I will be under the 32kg limit. I want to book early so no stress when I am departing. What steps do I need to take now?
    Any clear help would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Kevin onyambu

    I just want to carry my bicycal as a checked baggage but i made a wooden box measurements 100×100×40cm, is it possible to travelling with such measurements

    • Greg Bromley

      My wife and I wish to travel from Cario to Los Angles in September. My wife will only have a bicycle packed in a proper bike bag. Does this mean the bicycle can weight up to 32Kg or can it only be 23 kg to conform with you special baggage policy.

  3. shafeeq

    I want send my bike to India. I packed my bike with a nice box with a size of 158x18x75cm. can I travel with my bike as a baggage allowance.

    • krishnamurthy sankaran

      I want send my bike to India. I packed my bike with a nice box with a size of 158x18x75cm. can I travel with my bike as a baggage allowance.

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