Pharmacy at Doha-Hamad airport: it is possible to buy medicines, even at the last moments before the flight departure

The Kulud pharmacy is located in the Doha-Hamad airport. It aims to offer the best service to travelers; it is the only pharmacy at the Qatari airport. The pharmacy is open 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, including weekends and holidays.

This pharmacy is located in the area outside the Doha Hamad Airport terminal, allowing you to collect all medications before baggage screening or purchase one or more as needed, ideal for registering medication and for travelers landing at Doha Airport.

This pharmacy is located in the air zone, after baggage control. Being in this area, there is no baggage limitation and you can buy all the liquids and products you need, as well as last minute items.

Contact the Doha-Hamad airport pharmacy

Find the full contact details of the Qatar Capital Airport Pharmacy: postal address, telephone number, …

Need to inquire about the availability of a drug for purchase at Doha Airport? Do not hesitate to call the pharmacy staff by dialing +974.4018.2036

Postal Address: Hamad International Airport, Departure Terminal Zone B, Doha, Qatar

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