Pay later : Pay for a plane ticket in several installments? It’s possible with Qatar Airways

The Qatar Airways airline is expanding its range of services and setting up split payment (Payment in installments).

The split payment responds to a strong demand from some Qatar Airways customers, who wish to anticipate the purchase of all their plane tickets, in particular for the summer school holidays and thus benefit from the best prices by booking as early as possible.

You choose your return or one-way destination (s), your travel dates and the number of participants, and then you stagger your payments as you wish. It’s easy to pay for your Qatar Airways plane ticket in installments: you set the monthly amount or the number of monthly installments.

The Qatari carrier will then offer you the results of your search and you can change the amount of the monthly installments or the number of months over which you want to pay for your plane ticket as you wish. All you have to do is select the flight that suits you and pack your bags.

Find out about the financing possibilities for your Qatar Airways (QR) plane ticket

A credit such as the travel credit for a Qatar Airways dry flight is a provision of money in the form of a loan to finance your Qatar Airways flight ticket reservation, so you have the possibility of paying in installments, of settling your Qatar Airways flight in 3, 4, 10 times. Credit to finance a trip or a plane ticket is a solution to be able to book in advance or at the last minute and thus obtain the best prices with Qatar Airways.

This credit card split payment facility offers a simple, fast and secure online payment method. It can be done using different bank cards: Visa Mastercard and all systematic authorization cards.

There are three types of consumer credit: the credit allocated to the Qatar Airways plane ticket, where you have to spend the borrowed money on the purchase of your Qatar Airways dry flight; the personal loan, where you are free to spend the amount borrowed such as the purchase of your Qatar Airways plane tickets and expenses on the spot, and the revolving credit where you have a reserve of money for your trip with dry flight on the airline Qatar Airways.

Concretely, payment in installments allows travelers to finance an entire basket in installments of 3 or 4 monthly installments. To do this, nothing could be simpler, the passenger will only need to bring a Visa or Mastercard bank card to make their payment and this without any additional supporting documents. The offer can be used regardless of the travel date chosen by the passenger and this on all flights operated by Qatar Airways, one way and round trip.

All you have to do is make your reservation normally, then, once the basket has been confirmed, activate the payment option in 3 or 4 times on the “Choice of payment method” page. You must then click on the payment in 3 installments or payment in 4 installments tab and make your choice. The site then redirects the customer to a summary page with the details of the order including:

-The fractional amount of each of the chosen installments (3 or 4 times)

-The dates of withdrawals

-The associated costs

6 Replies to “Pay later : Pay for a plane ticket in several installments? It’s possible with Qatar Airways”

  1. Mirza Usama Saleh

    Good morning
    I am looking forward to buy 5 return tickets to Pakistan. I can pay half the amount in advance and want to pay the rest in 3 or more interest free installments. Please advise if it is possible.


  2. Zain malik

    Hi I’m looking to buy 4 tickets to pakistan with 4 instalments,
    Dates for departure 15th 20th of December and returning 10th to 15 of January. Kindly advise how you an help,
    Kind regards,
    Zain malik,

  3. Paul Clarke

    Hi, I am looking at going home to South Africa with my family 5 people 2 adults 3 children 13,14 and 15. For the dates 5th Dec 22 to 5 Jan 23. Would there be a flexible possibility of securing the booking and paying the rest of the ticket prices before departure. Please would someone be able to help? If someone could explain it and through who I might be able to do this with that would be fantastic.

    Kind regards

    Paul Clarke

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