Travel to Qatar: Doha-Hamad airport is accessible to foreign travelers under certain conditions

New amendments made by the Qatari government regarding the procedures and conditions of the travel and return policy in Qatar to combat the spread of the Corona epidemic in Qatar.

In order to access Doha Airport, it is necessary for every passenger to meet the new set of simplified measures designed to facilitate the travel experience, in addition to maintaining the necessary precautions and measures to continue to limit the spread. of the Corona virus.

Now, people who have been fully vaccinated with vaccines approved in the country will be allowed to travel to Qatar without the need for quarantine.

The new procedures will make it easier for citizens and residents of Qatar to travel to and from the country, as people who have been fully vaccinated are exempt from quarantine upon return to the country.

All arrivals, vaccinated and unvaccinated, will be required to undergo a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test within 72 hours of arrival in Qatar.

Borders open to travelers: What are the conditions and restrictions?

The State of Qatar currently allows inbound travel to the country. Quarantine restrictions and travel policies continue to be reviewed based on public health indicators in the State of Qatar and globally.

All travelers or residents returning to Qatar will need to provide a negative PCR test certificate, recognized by the health department of the country of departure, this test having been carried out at the latest 72 hours before arrival in Qatar.

All residents returning to Qatar will be exempt from quarantine provided they have completed a vaccination course recognized by MoPH Qatar (i.e. Pfizer / BioNTech, Moderna, AstraZeneca or Johnson & Johnson), regardless of their last dose of vaccine having been administered 14 days before entering Qatar and that they are able to provide a negative PCR test certificate recognized by the health department of the country of departure.

All residents returning to Qatar with a previously booked hotel quarantine should be aware that all existing packages have been canceled by Discover Qatar / Qatar Airways following changes to the mandatory hotel quarantine for those traveling from Bangladesh, l India, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines and Sri Lanka. You may be able to re-book and refunds may be available.

Qatar relaxes conditions for entering its territory in these cases

Foreign children accompanied by their vaccinated parents are now exempt from quarantine upon arrival in Doha.

A list of Green, Red and Exceptional red comes into force, the previous classification “orange” and its restrictions are removed. 188 countries are currently on the “green” list, including France. This announcement does not actually change anything for fully vaccinated travelers who did not already need to undergo quarantine when entering the country.

Unvaccinated children under 11 are now allowed to enter without quarantine (provided they are accompanied by their vaccinated parents). Previously, only fully vaccinated parents were exempt from quarantine, but children had to go through it. It will therefore now be much easier for families to come and spend a holiday in Qatar, especially for the end of year celebrations.

The Gulf country targets six million visitors per year. With the temperatures getting colder, now is the perfect time to travel to Qatar for a winter vacation in the sun. Before traveling, non-residents of Qatar should continue to register on the website and upload the necessary documents such as PCR test result or vaccination certificate, 24-72 hours before their arrival.

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