Privilege Club has a reward program for families traveling with Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways offers a set of sub-programs through its rewards program dubbed Privilege Club which allows subscribers to get the best Qatar Airways deals and the latest coupons.

The Privilege Club has a family program which allows you to accumulate your family’s Q miles on your primary member account. The Family Program allows up to 10 people per family to join and benefit from rewards, and it is possible to add Q miles earned by 1 primary member and up to 9 family members to the primary member’s account the same time.

This program allows to include family members to participate and redeem the Qmiles that a person earns, in addition to accumulating the number of Qmiles to earn faster, it is allowed in the family program to include a husband or a woman and children over two years old including parents, …

Qmiles points are calculated based on the number of miles when you or your designated family members travel on each flight on Qatar Airways or oneworld airlines. Qmiles are calculated based on paid booking class and travel itinerary.

Qmiles are redeemed for more travel destinations (up to 1,000 destinations worldwide), with even more privileges. In addition to converting Qmiles into upgrades and overweight bonuses, and using them as an alternative to paying Qatar Duty Free at arrival and departure stations at Hamad International Airport and OLX Galleria in Doha.

Make the most of your Privilege Club membership by sharing your privileges with your family. The Qatar Airways Family Offer gives Core Members the option of pooling Qmiles accumulated by nominated family members into their accounts, in order to earn rewards faster.

Regardless of their card status, core members of our family offer can nominate up to nine family members – to choose from their spouse, children over two, and parents. The higher your card status, the more Qmiles your family members will earn.

Each family member will receive their own membership card, unless the primary member is in Burgundy status. Members with this status will have the option to print, save or email digital cards to family members. They can start earning Qmiles as soon as they travel on Qatar Airways, with a oneworld alliance member airline, or when using the services of our other airline or non-airline partners. All Qmiles earned by family members are credited to the primary member’s account. Travel by family members does not earn Qmiles.

Nominate a member of your family

To nominate a family member, log into your membership account, select “My Profile” from your dashboard menu and “My Family” from the navigation menu on the left of the screen. Click the “Add Family Member” button to nominate your family member.

The airline may ask you to provide the necessary supporting documents as attachments to confirm your family relationship with the nominated member. Otherwise, you can go to any Qatar Airways branch to drop off the form and documents.

Remove a family member

It is not possible to remove a member added to your account until after 24 months from the date of addition.

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  1. Eapen Titus

    In family program, do a family member earn avios same as the primary member for the same sector?
    When I travelled with my wife who is family member, I found that Avios earned by my wife is very much less than my Avios for same sector.

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