Hire a cheap car at the airport from Qatar Airways partners by making an online reservation

At Qatar Airways, renting a car is quite common and the procedure for renting a car from this airline is very simple. The Qatari carrier works with many international rental companies offering tourist vehicle rental services at the various airports served by Qatar Airways.

In fact, to take advantage of this service, you must have a driving license (during the first seven days, a tourist can use the license of his country, after this time it is necessary to issue a Qatari temporary license), a credit (in many agencies they will take payment in cash, but they will require a deposit of at least US $ 300 and a passport bond) and be at least 21 years old. The rental price is generally around US $ 30 per day. Motor vehicle liability insurance is compulsory. The minimum rental period is 24 hours, but it is common to rent a car by the hour with a driver (an air-conditioned limousine costs around US $ 10 per hour). Rentals at the airport are generally more expensive than at offices located in the city.

Despite Qatar Airways’ relatively short history; it has quickly established a reputation for innovation, quality and excellence in everything we do, while raising the standards of existing air transport. This is the philosophy of the airline and the key to its success.

Book your vehicle with Qatar Airways partners at exclusive rates

Customers can now book a car with EUROPCAR, AVIS or BUDGET, … at the same time as their flight, without leaving the site or on the company’s mobile application. The entire transatlantic and regional network of this company is covered by car rental specialists. After validation of the choice of vehicle, the traveler is invited to pay their rental costs, in complete safety, directly on the company’s website. A summary of his reservation will be sent to him by email. The total amount of the rental must be paid on arrival, to the company providing the service.

Hertz, world leader in car rental, is a privileged partner of Qatar Airways

By partnering with this specialist in international car rental, Qatar Airways promises the best value for money, the widest choice and the lowest prices at the airports to and from which it operates its flights, including the airport of Doha hosting its main hub.

By going to the Qatarairways.com website where you can book airline tickets, you also have the opportunity to find the most affordable car rental options for your arrival dates.

The reservation of a car is carried out in three stages: search by dates, choice of a car, and entry of your data. After receipt of the order, the company sends you a confirmation voucher by e-mail. Before finalizing your reservation, carefully check the rental conditions of the selected car. Upon arrival at the airport checkpoint, provide an agent with your confirmation voucher, driver’s license and credit card.

These parts are needed for payment and to block the car deposit. The amount of the deposit is generally equivalent to the amount of the highest insurance deductible shown on your voucher. Receiving a Car: Inspect the body, wheels, windows and interior for chips, scratches, dents, and other defects, all must be described on your rental card. All stages of the reservation, including voucher and assistance, are offered in English.

By renting a car from a Qatar Airways partner, you can accumulate miles in the Privlège Club loyalty program.

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