Qatar Airways is at the service of golfers, find out about its transport policy for this equipment

You are very happy to play with your golf bag on the golf courses in your area, but the situation gets complicated quickly the further away from your home and especially when you want to take your bag on the plane to enjoy, long-awaited golfing holidays in the sun.

Qatar Airways baggage policy has changed a lot over the years. While it was usually based on the notion of baggage “weight”, this policy is increasingly turning to the notion of the “number” of bags you want to check in the hold of the aircraft.

Qatar Airways counts among its loyal customers a large community of golfers who travel around the world to discover the most beautiful golf courses.

In order to support them and facilitate the transport of their equipment to all of its destinations, the Qatari national airline has chosen to develop its offer for golfers. It now offers all golf licensees, members of the Privilege Club loyalty program, dedicated services and advantages such as an additional baggage allowance for the transport of golf bags and other special offers.

In the event that a traveler wishes to take his golf equipment with him on a flight of the Qatar Airways airline, the latter must take some precautions to avoid unpleasant surprises that could spoil his trip.

Indeed, being considered as cumbersome baggage, Qatar Airways has implemented a regulation to allow its transport on board its planes.

Golf club transport policy according to Qatar Airways baggage allowance

Qatar Aiways allows Free Carriage of Golf Bags for its passengers, provided this falls within the allowance established for checked baggage. Otherwise, the traveler will have to pay for excess baggage, according to the tariffs applied for this purpose.

Note that special baggage check-in is usually done at a different check-in desk. The passenger must keep their baggage ticket in a safe place because it may happen that the golf bag is transported on the next plane, in the event of a flight overload.

Specific directives

The Asian carrier accepts to transport your sports equipment such as your golf bags, but you should know the specific guidelines and packing conditions required to avoid serious inconvenience during your golfing trip.

 How is a piece of baggage measured?

The size of the luggage is calculated from its length, width and height, including the wheels and the handle. All baggage will be weighed and measured to verify that it meets the standards required for transport.

The size of the luggage is calculated from its length, width and height, including the wheels and the handle. These three dimensions are added together to make up the total number of linear centimeters / inches. Measurements for each dimension will be taken on the thickest or widest part of the baggage.

Sometimes it may be necessary to travel with baggage that exceeds the size or weight limitations or exceeds the baggage allowance. Additional charges apply to this type of baggage.

Any baggage that exceeds the free baggage allowance or any baggage that exceeds the weight and / or size limitations will be subject to additional charges. Excess baggage is carried on the basis of available space and will be carried according to the cargo capacities of the aircraft. Other restrictions may apply.

Baggage carried on a connecting flight operated by one airline will also be subject to the excess baggage charge of the other airline for excess baggage, weight and / or size.

All charges are calculated on a one-way basis and are billed at the airport check-in counter.

Golf bag packing conditions

To be accepted as checked baggage, sports equipment must be properly packed in a suitable, hard and resistant container to ensure safe transport taking into account the ordinary care taken in handling baggage at airports.

The golf bag should be covered or stored in a rigid and sturdy transport container. Under these conditions, golf equipment is usually considered as “one” piece of luggage if it consists of a golf bag comprising a set of golf clubs, tees and balls, and a pair of shoes.

It is recommended for this golf equipment not to exceed 23kg (50 pounds), nor to measure more than 158cm (62 linear inches) (L + W + H), nor to contain other items in addition or in place of the proper golf equipment.

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  1. Johan Diederik Vanwyk

    Can I carry my fishing rods as luggage. What will that cost FROM Antalya to Doha to Johannesburg (South Africa) to Bloemfontein (South Africa )

  2. Stephanie Brown

    I am travelling business class, which I understand permits me two pieces of luggage each weighing a maximum of 70 pounds. If I decide to use one of these allowances to transport my golf clubs, is my weight allotment still 70 pounds? If I purchase additional baggage, is the weight allotment for the purchased luggage 50 or 70 pounds?

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