Book your Qatar Airways flights and pay them securely with Paypal

At Qatar Airways it is very easy to buy airline tickets. The Qatari carrier allows its customers to pay for their tickets through the online payment platform PayPal on its website, thus facilitating secure transactions.

Qatar Airways’ strategy is to offer our customers the option of making their purchase with their preferred payment method. Therefore, we are happy to announce our agreement with PayPal, the popular online payment system which is safe, fast and convenient to use.

PayPal has more than three hundred million active users worldwide

To purchase airline tickets, passengers traveling on Qatar Airways flights will be able to use their bank account, credit or debit cards linked to this online service.

Paypal is an online payment service that offers high levels of security for your financial information and works like a virtual account that is topped up with balances from most bank accounts.

Indeed, this payment option represents a huge benefit for customers, as both companies share the same goal of delivering great shopping experiences so that they spend less time buying tickets and more time buying tickets. buy tickets and enjoy their travels.

If you need to purchase a ticket for your cousin, neighbor or grandfather, and you will not be able to present your credit card before the flight departs, it is best to make your payment through PayPal. Payments via this platform are not subject to credit card validation.

When purchasing through the Qatari airline’s mobile app or on its website, select PayPal as the payment method and you will only have to provide the email and password you generated for payment to be authorized.

The money is withdrawn from the PayPal account and the payment of your bus or plane ticket is made without having to use your data.

When paying for tickets through PayPal, the card data is not transferred anywhere and remains inside the payment system, so there can be no additional debit from the card, even if you are responsible and are obligated to repair the damage.

PayPal service within ninety days of payment gives an additional guarantee as the buyer to receive a paid service, and if the service is not received then it is much easier to return the money than through a bank. To do this, there is a procedure for opening a dispute in the payment system, where you provide your supporting documents (for example, flight cancellation) and the money is returned to you.

Some sites include regional restrictions, for example, a foreigner cannot buy anything other than the name of a local bank card, and if that site offers an alternative payment method through PayPal, then in most cases the payment will be made.

Why trust PayPal?

Protect your purchases: It is a fast, simple and secure means of payment – You pay with your email and your password

You pay in a few clicks: Your financial information remains confidential; There is no additional charge to register or use them.

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