Traveling with an infant: What baggage allowance does Qatar Airways offer for small passengers?

Your next trip is booked but when it comes to packing things gets complicated, can baby check in checked baggage or only fly with hand baggage? What about the changing bag and the stroller? And you don’t know which cabin bag is allowed, or what to put in your luggage to deal with all the emergencies of your “little one”? ┬áIf your child is over 2 years old and has their own seat, they are entitled to the same conditions as you. The question arises especially if your child is less than 2 years old, and he is traveling on your lap. To avoid any worries, it is always advisable to put the changing bag in the cabin bag.

When you have a baby, even if they do not have their seat assigned, Qatar Airways airline usually allows you to bring a bag for them, weighing less than 10kg and meeting carry-on baggage standards.

What to put in your hand luggage with children?

We remind you that some items are completely prohibited in the cabin, to respect safety rules. The following list shows the main prohibited accessories, it is not exhaustive; Approach the airport from which you are taking off or your airline to know the safety requirements: knife, firearm, nail clipper, liquid and perfume, cosmetics over 100 ml, toy resembling weapons, no Swiss army knife, …

There is a tolerance for families with babies who can take powdered milk, a potty and water for their baby, whatever the quantity.

Coming back to what you will put in your cabin baggage, the principle of this hand baggage is to contain everything you will need before, during the flight and just after. Here is a list of essential accessories to put in your hand luggage:

– Diaper

in sufficient quantity for waiting hours at the airport and in the plane and for unexpected emergencies (one for 2 hours)

– Liniment or wipe to clean the buttocks

– Cotton

– Changing mat: will be necessary and more secure than the toilet shelves

– A change of baby clothes: in the event of a leak, …

– Spare clothing (top) for the one who will have baby on his knees (in case of leakage or reflux:

– Lollipop

– Teddy

– Powdered milk / Baby milk

– Milk dispenser

– Bottle water

– Little pot

– Biscuit / Snacks

– Gourd learning cup

– Zyploc type plastic bag that will serve as a garbage bag or games for your children

– Games

– Coloring book

– Magnets

– Repositionable stickers

– Game console

– Books

– Colored pencil

– Card games

Prepare your baby’s luggage properly

To avoid unpleasant surprises at the airport, know that your baby is subject to the same regulations as you: he must have his own identity card to travel to Europe, and his own passport (as well as any visas) for the rest of the world. It takes several weeks to get these papers, so be sure to do this in advance.

When booking your tickets, also tell your airline that you will be traveling with a little one: you will be able to benefit from a more spacious place, a cradle-hammock or even a bed for your baby on some companies. Most also accept babies in their bassinet or in a maxi-cozy car seat. If you want a separate place for your child, don’t forget to ask: by default, babies less than 2 years old travel on their parents’ lap, an economical solution, but not always very comfortable.

Most often, your baby is entitled to his own carry-on baggage: take the opportunity to bring a large supply of diapers, wipes and a change of clothes, for him but also for you. This will prevent you from having a bad trip if he spills a glass of water on you or if there is a little regurgitation on your shoulder.

Also note that the safety rules regarding liquids on board the plane do not apply to toddlers: you are allowed to take powdered milk, mineral water or small jars to feed your baby. But beware: security guards may ask you to taste them before accepting them. It is therefore better to pack all this in resealable containers. Other liquids, such as cleansing water, cleansing milk or physiological serum, must not exceed 100 ml to be tolerated in the cabin: samples and travel pods are ideal for this use.

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