Control at Doha Hamad International Airport: Security and customs controls

The safety of airplane flights is largely determined by the screening service, which carries out a complete screening of each person and their baggage. The procedure is full of nuances, some of which must be known by the tourist himself.

How are wait times calculated?

The waiting times at pre-boarding checkpoints are calculated as follows: the passengers boarding pass is scanned when they line up and then again just before they start the screening process individual.

Metal objects

At the first stage, a person will have to go through a special frame that reacts to metal. All items containing metal will be requested to put them in a special container. Try to get rid of everything, if the detector beeps you will be examined further by security specialists. If metal implants are available, be sure to warn workers. It is advisable to take an x-ray with you, which confirms the information.

Cell phones and other gadgets

It is also important to have all the possible gadgets that you have at your disposal when passing the frame. This also applies to hand luggage, which must also be placed in a tray and passed through a special X-ray machine. In some cases, you may be asked to turn on the device, display its working status.


Try not to wear sunglasses, get rid of long coats or military boots. All of this is attracting the attention of specialists in regulatory bodies. Try to use shoes with light and practical soles and a short jacket.

Do not transport liquid

According to the main provisions, which are set out in the relevant documents on flight safety, it is impossible to carry liquids of various types on board the aircraft. Bottled water must be thrown in the trash before going through the inspection. In some cases, it is allowed to take 100 ml of liquid, which is properly packed in an airtight bag.

Customs inspection

There is always the possibility that you will be tested. Don’t panic, this is standard procedure when transiting through Hamada International Airport in Doha. Spot checks are considered frequent. Inspection is carried out in several ways: in the first case, a simple check with a detector on the spot, in the second – shipment to a special room. Most likely, specialists will examine your belongings and re-examine your passport.

Hand baggage locks

You cannot install locks of various types, including using a password on the bags for quick inspection. Often they argue about it, because you need to quickly inspect a bag or suitcase.

Sharps, drugs or other prohibited items

Do not take any prohibited items on board under any circumstances. This applies to stab wounds and cuts, guns and narcotics. You will be detained and tried according to the severity of the law of the country in which you are.

Documents in hand

Try to keep your documents on hand with your boarding pass. This will allow you to instantly transfer passports for inspection by control authorities and border authorities. The faster the procedure, the faster you will breathe a sigh of relief.

How does the security check work at Doha-Hamada airport?

Go to the screening inspection post, once your hold baggage is checked in, in order to access the boarding lounges.

Show the security officer your magnetic boarding pass, printed or on your mobile phone with identification.

Before going under the portico, place the items in separate baskets made available to you. Passengers must always remove metal objects from their pockets, coats and jackets before going through security gates, as well as taking computers, cameras and other electronic devices out of their bags before going through x-rays. At an airport like Hamada Doha, through which nearly 40 million passengers pass each year, expect to remove your shoes or your belt when going through security.

If the alarm is triggered when you pass under the gantry, a palpation will be systematically carried out. However, random checks can be carried out by security officers, in accordance with European regulations, so a thorough search of your luggage and a pat-down can be carried out even if the alarm is not triggered.

Save time when inspecting your luggage? For this, you must present separately from your hand baggage:

– Liquid products placed in a closed transparent plastic bag

– Your laptop removed from its bag

– Your coat or jacket

– Before going under the portico:

– Empty your pockets (coins, cell phone, etc.)

– Take off your seat belt

– Throw away your bottles containing liquid

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