What Qatar Airways refuses to carry on board its planes: Dangerous items that should not be absolutely put in your luggage in the cabin and in the hold

When you board a Qatar Airways aircraft, there are various rules and restrictions to ensure your safety. Among them, the one that is difficult to apprehend is the one to carry on board. If you are caught in the baggage inspection at the security checkpoint, you may be confiscated, therefore, please check in advance your airline’s baggage transport policy and items that they do not allow on board their flights.

Rules for Carrying Liquids in the Cabin of a Qatar Airways Aircraft on International Flights

All pointed and sharp objects that could be dangerous for public safety are prohibited: scissors, knives, daggers, switchblade, razors with handles, scalpels, leaded or shod rods, archery equipment, crossbow, lance stone, … and any object considered to be a bladed weapon.

Blunt objects such as hammers, screwdrivers, sports equipment such as baseball bats, cricket bats, golf clubs, hockey sticks, but also martial arts instruments such as batons, are prohibited.

All firearms: war, defense, shooting, fairground, hunting, show, historical or collector’s weapons, but also their imitation.

Here is a list of items that cannot be carried in the cabin or in the hold when traveling with Qatar Airways.

–          Gunpowder

Explosives such as “fireworks”, “crackers” and “unexploded ordnance” cannot be brought by any airline. It is NG as baggage and cannot be carried as checked baggage.

–          Flammable liquid

Flammable liquids used for lighters etc. cannot be put in baggage or checked baggage.

– Corrosive substances

Corrosive substances such as batteries and mercury are also GN, but those used for medical purposes may be allowed.

– High pressure gas

Sprays such as aqualung, dust spray, helium gas and stork gas which contain high pressure gas cannot be imported or registered.

However, you can put cosmetics and medical sprays in your checked baggage, and you are allowed to bring your baggage with restrictions.

– Toxic

Toxic substances such as chloroform cannot be introduced under any circumstances.

– Oxidizing substances

A typical example of a peroxide having an “oxygen-oxygen” bond in the molecule is a bleach which is often used in our daily life. If you want to take laundry you know well with you when you travel, check the ingredient scoring.

– Cutlery

If you pack the knife well, you can put it in your checked baggage. Please note that you cannot carry it on board. However, eyebrow trimmers, nail clippers and T-shaped razors can be taken on board.

– Arms

It is best to pack “potential weapons” such as ice picks, drills, and nunchakus in your checked baggage.

All hazardous, detonating and deflagrating materials and substances (firecrackers, fireworks, detonators, etc.), as well as flammable materials such as gasoline, paints, dangerous chemicals, gas and self-defense equipment projecting irritating gases or tear gas.

The famous ultra-light bags, often in red and brown colors and commonly referred to as “Tati bags”, are prohibited at check-in.

Other dangerous items

Extra battery for charging, lithium battery for cell phone, e-cigarette, lighter: cannot be put in checked baggage.

Electric wheels (electric board, electric board for swimming, segway, hoverboard, etc.) with lithium battery, due to the risk of battery fire, cannot be carried as hand baggage / checked baggage.

Lithium Battery Transportation Regulations

Additional batteries for charging, lithium battery for mobile phone, e-cigarette, lighter, etc. cannot be put in the luggage transported on board Qatar Airways planes, just like the electric wheels (electrical panel, electrical panel for swimming, segway, hoverboard, etc.) with lithium battery, due to the risk of battery fire, cannot be carried as hand baggage / checked baggage.

On the other hand, there is an exception for the transport of lithium batteries for medical purposes: Dry battery / Liquid cell (Battery capacity: unlimited).

Battery disconnection check required

If disconnection of the battery is possible, carry it in checked baggage after disconnection; if the battery cannot be disconnected, carried in checked baggage after short-circuit protection.

Transport of lithium battery

Battery capacity

– At start-up 1 unit, less than 300 Wh

– At start-up 2 units, less than 160 Wh per unit

Additional battery capacity

– Less than 300 Wh – 1 unit authorized

– Less than 160 Wh – 2 units authorized

Battery disconnection check required

Whether the battery can be disconnected: after disconnecting the battery, carry the battery in hand baggage / wheelchair compartment in checked baggage.

If it is not possible to disconnect the battery: before checking your baggage, make sure that the battery is switched off; the terminals are isolated to prevent short circuits.

Other miscellaneous unusual items to be carried on Qatar Airways planes

–          A birthday cake?

Yes, it is possible but only as hand baggage and will have to conform to the size of this hand baggage. The cake should be stored in the compartment above your head or under the seat in front of you. The crew is unable to store cakes

–          A wedding dress?

Yes as hand baggage, provided it does not exceed the standard size limits for it; The dress will then be considered as carry-on baggage of maximum size.

–          A camping stove?

Yes, but in the hold only and on condition that before the flight, the receptacle has been completely emptied of its flammable contents for at least one hour and that the fuel tank or container has been left open for at least six hours to allow the evaporation of residual fuel. The fuel tank or container should be tightly stoppered, wrapped in an absorbent material such as paper towels, and then placed in a poly bag. The top of the bag should then be closed with elastic or string.

–           Funeral ashes?

Yes in hand baggage, provided you present a copy of the death and cremation certificate, and that the ashes are placed in an appropriate container and perfectly packed. You will be required to inform the ground staff of the nature of what you are carrying, at the time of check-in.

–             Dry ice?

Yes, in hand luggage and up to a maximum weight (2 or 3 kilos), provided it is only used to store perishable products that are not considered dangerous.

–             Cookies?

Yes, in the hold or in the cabin, but we recommend that you keep them in their original sealed packaging.

–             A plastic duck?

Yes, provided that its size does not exceed the authorized weight of standard hand luggage. If it contains batteries, it is best to remove them to avoid any vibration that could compromise the navigation system of the device.

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  1. Aliya

    Can i take my makeup like lipsticks, liquid blush ons, foundations, pressed powder or loose powder, liquid lipsticks, mascarra, perfumes (less thn 100ml) makeup brushes, lip pencils, powder blush on, contour powder in my carry on luggage / hand luggage?

  2. Martha Nanyange

    Is it possible for me to carry my UV lamp for curing nail polish. And also will I be allowed to carry ghee and spices from tropical heat spices brand. I will be traveling from Uganda to Frankfurt germany

  3. Mr. Khan

    Can I take a hand-held battery powered grass trimmer in my checked luggage with the spare battery that comes with the item? The item will be packed in manufacturer packaging. Thanks.

  4. Amorganda Duran

    I will be taking the cremains of my live in partner to the Philippines this coming December 1 since we have a house there. Aside from the death certificate and the cremation certificate, are there other documents that I need to take?

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