Qatar Airways flight overbooking: What are the rights of a passenger when there is no seat on the plane?

Overbooking is the overselling of additional seats on the plane for customers, which can lead to a collision, i.e. cancellation of the flight if there are no vacant seats. Airlines like Qatar Airways use this commercial technique to avoid empty seats if not all passengers are on the flight. Selling more seats than there actually is helps airlines keep fares attractive and also ensures stable income. Unfortunately, for passengers, such an operation often ends in a collision, preventing them from reaching their destination on time.

Airlines including Qatar Airways who have resorted to overbooking, which has led some passengers not to board the plane, are required to offer them an alternative flight as soon as possible or to reimburse the costs if they wish to cancel the flight. trip. In addition, for passengers who have agreed to board another flight to their destination, airlines must provide: drinks, accommodation and transfer from the airport to the hotel and back (it all depends on the weather). waiting for the next flight).

Passenger rights in the event of denied boarding due to overbooking

Customers of airline operators purchasing a ticket sign an agreement which obliges both parties to comply with the rules set out therein. This type of contract contains clauses which govern the rights of a passenger in the event of cancellation of boarding due to insufficient seats due to overbooking.

According to Regulation (EC) No 261/2004 of the European Parliament and of the Council of February 11, 2004, the carrier is mainly looking for volunteers who have already boarded the plane to give it up in exchange for compensation. If there are not enough volunteers and there is still an excess of tickets on the flight, the carrier will select the passengers who will not be able to use that flight. In such a situation, the transport company offers passengers seats on another plane.

Flights overbooked by Qatar Airways: your eligibility for compensation and retention of your seat

The amount of compensation depends on the distance traveled by passengers and is:

250 euros for flights up to 1,500 kilometers;

400 euros for flights over 1,500 kilometers, but not less than 3,500 kilometers;

600 euros for flights over 3,500 kilometers.

In addition, airlines should allow passengers to make two phone calls and send two emails, provide accommodation and airport transfers, if required, and provide food and drink based on the weather. waiting for their next flight.

Whatever the reason, if you are asked to get off a flight, you can politely explain why you really need that flight. Good reasons include weddings, funerals, or if you have an important job that you need, like an operation or a court case – but if your appeal is denied, you should deny that theft.

If you refuse to disembark, the captain has the right to request assistance from airport security and forcibly remove you from the plane.

Compensation must be paid by Qatar Airways to repair the damage
Surprisingly, yes. It may be immoral for airlines to sell more tickets than there are seats on the plane, but it is perfectly legal.

Airlines say overbooking is beneficial for everyone, as on average 5% of passengers do not arrive on any flight.

By selling more tickets than seats, the airline makes more money and passengers can book flights, which can technically be full and planes are more likely to fly completely, allowing airlines to keep fares low.

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    I have to travel from Ahmedabad, India to Edmonton, Alberta on 19th March 2023. I have emailed to Qatar airways email given to me at Ahmedabad airport and as per website more than 6 times regarding denied boarding and giving me flight after 24 hours due to overbooking and bumped me without announcement for volunteer. I have not received compensation or reply for compensation from Qatar Airways,
    all the time they are saying they are investigating but no proper response. I have asked for USD 2400 as a Compensation.
    Unbelievable to me as I was thinking Qatar is best of best airlines. But When it comes to compansations as per rules they are like just like worst airlines. Just big name


    Hii there, how do I request for the reimbursement ? ,because of overbooking. There for I had stay in Qatar for day with my family.
    flight : Qatar to Montreal QR 763
    date: Aug 02,2023

    • Prasanth

      Send a mail to
      Provide your booking number or e-ticket number in the mail. You must have received a letter from the Qatar Airways customer care in the airport as well. Attach the letter along with the mail.

      I was also denied traveling in Qatar airways due to over booking.

    • Gertruida Swanepoel

      Send emails, phone calls no answers, nobody take the responsibility for your lost.
      Cant believe there is no service from there side at all.

  3. Mohamad kibrit

    My flight is over booking on 7 july
    My flight is QR 416
    Date 7 july 2022
    Waiting more than 10 hours

  4. Adele Scuderi

    Good morning,

    I’m still waiting for an answer from your customer service, relating to request of the reimbursement of the ticket because of the unexpected and undesired downgrading suffered on the 14/02/22 for the flight QR 1423 from Doha to Accra.

    Please find below the details:
    Booking ref: N2YRE7
    Passenger: Adele Andrea Scuderi
    Flight: QR 1423 (Doha – Accra)
    Date: 14/02/2022
    Waiting for a prompt reply

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