Google Pay: Pay online in no time with this quick and easy payment method

The Qatar Airways airline application (Android) now allows payment for airline tickets to be paid with Google Pay.

The addition by the Qatari national carrier of the Google Pay functionality to its application makes it easier to reserve a seat or purchase additional baggage, with just one click. Qatar Airways emphasizes that the ability to save its boarding pass in Google Pay makes it one of the first airlines in Asia to offer this functionality; the boarding pass automatically appears on the phone “a few hours before the flight”.

The Asian carrier’s app now includes payments via Google Pay, allowing customers to enjoy even more ways to book and pay at the lowest fares on the Qatar Airways app. Customers of this airline with a Google Pay account now enjoy an “easy, secure and private” payment method, making reservations even faster.

Google Pay is at the forefront of mobile payment technology, easy to set up and makes booking Qatar Airways flights even faster. As Asia’s leading airline, it is excited to offer its customers this new payment option that is transforming mobile payments, providing even more ways for customers to book the lowest fares on the Qatar Airways app.

How do you add a screenshot of a ticket to Google Pay?

First, save the ticket on your smartphone that you want to add to Google Pay. If it is a PDF document or a pkpass file, it will appear in the Downloads section. Otherwise, just take a screenshot of the ticket.

After you’ve saved your ticket, launch Google Pay and make sure it’s in place. Then when you need to use it, you will need to reopen the Google Pay app, find the desired ticket, and show it to the controller.

Adding tickets to Google Pay may seem unnecessarily difficult to some, but this method may be justified if there are several tickets at the same time. This can happen, for example, if your journey with Qatar Airways involves multiple transfers. And thanks to the synchronization function, all your tickets will be available on all your devices where Google Pay is installed.

Add your boarding pass to Google Pay

Not just booking Qatar Airways plane tickets, Google Pay lets you save your flights on your phone and access them by pressing the power button on your device. In just two steps:

– Display the QR code of the ticket on the screen. If you received your boarding pass by email, please open that email and then open the QR code. Otherwise, you can find your boarding pass on the site where you booked it.

– Make sure the full QR code is displayed on the screen. You may need to click on the QR code to open it and complete the screen.

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