Buying Qpoints: A practical solution to buy a cheaper Qatar Airways plane ticket

Qatar Airways offers its customers a loyalty program with which they can use their accumulated points to redeem rewards, often in the form of airline tickets by transferring those points directly to their frequent flyer accounts.

It’s great when you earn enough points to redeem free trips, but you don’t necessarily have to wait for your points to accumulate before reaping the rewards of your rewards.

You can immediately purchase airline miles to top up your frequent flyer miles and get any deal you want on that airline ticket. Qatar Airways allows you to purchase airline miles at a steep discount and without placing limits on the amount you can purchase.

Indeed, this concerns Qmiles, but Qatar Airways also allows you to buy Qpoints, which you can use to maintain your status in the loyalty program, or to achieve a higher status: Go from Burgundy status to Silver, from Silver to Gold, or from Gold to Platinum.

To climb the status hierarchy, a Privilege Club member must accumulate a significant number of Qpoints in three years.

Is there a maximum limit to the number of mile points you can purchase? No, you can buy as many miles as you want. Each Qpoint costs $ 35.

You get it, the Qmiles allow you to treat yourself to almost free plane tickets; but do not allow you to change status.

The Qpoints allow you to do this

For each qualifying flight, ie which qualifies for miles, you accumulate Qpoints proportional to your destination and the cabin booked.

You have twelve months to reach your level. If you don’t succeed, you fall back to lower status. If you do, you have 36 months from the date of your upgrade to accumulate the miles needed to change Status.

40 Qpoints accumulated, you move to Silver status

You have up to three years to accumulate 40 Qpoints to maintain this status. If you don’t succeed, you lose your status and become Burgundy again.

To upgrade to Gold status, you will need to accumulate 80 Qpoints. And to unlock the Platinum level, you need to have 150 Qpoints in your account.

Here is the scale applied by Qatar Airways so as not to lose your membership status in the Privilege Club program:

– Burgundy: /

– Silver: 40

– Gold: 80

– Platinum: 150

For the new member of the loyalty program of the airline company Qatar Airways, a qualification period of 36 months begins as soon as a first Qpoint is registered on his Burgundy card. If he reaches the required number of points within the time limit, he immediately accesses Silver status and the Qpoints necessary for his level change are debited from his account. If he is not successful, his points counter is reset to zero at the end of the period.

Qatar Airways advises its customers that they are entitled to purchase Qpoints only once within 36 months. This is why it will be necessary to verify the number of Qpoints they need to reach or maintain their current statuses before proceeding with the purchase operation.

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  1. Sai Bhargava Rami Reddy

    I have 96 QPoints but still my tier is in Burgundy. according to Qatar Airways website, it says if you have 80 QPoints you will be in Gold status.

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