When and how to cancel a flight ticket issued by Qatar Airways?

Booking a plane ticket means pre-assigning a seat to a passenger on an airplane following a specific flight for a specific date. Reservations are made at different rates. One of the important conditions for a particular tariff is the information on the moment of the reservation: the time intervals vary from one year to several days. Please note: the earlier you book your ticket, the less expensive it will be.

Until the moment of payment of the ticket, the reservation is considered preliminary. If, after the expiry of the period provided for by the chosen tariff, the redemption is not made, the reservation will be canceled unilaterally. It is imperative to cancel your reservation or to withdraw places. In some cases, a Qatar Airways airline employee contacts the passenger to confirm the reservation; in turn, the passenger himself can contact the company on the issue of extending the payment period. As a rule, 24 hours are allowed for the exchange of tickets. It should also be remembered that not all bookings can be canceled, especially when it comes to special reduced rates. Cancellation of such a reservation will have to pay a penalty equal to the cost of the ticket.

So, by booking a ticket, you agree to certain conditions and rules, with which you should familiarize yourself in advance. As for tickets already paid for, most of them, especially those purchased at a lower rate, are neither exchangeable nor refundable.

You should also know the rule that applies to tickets in both directions, or on an indirect route: if a passenger does not appear on one of the flights, the ticket is invalid and, therefore, it is impossible to fly over the remaining sections. It all depends on airline policy. In the case of Qatar Airways, QA will reimburse the amount of the charge if, for any reason, you have not used the airline ticket, but you will not be able to return payment for the service for the services. Also, remember that while a certain amount is realistically refunded, as a rule, it decreases as the scheduled departure date approaches.

Qatar Airways may reimburse a significant part, or even the entire price of the ticket in the event of reimbursement of the ticket for serious reasons, such as the death of a loved one, illness, injury, … Of course, when we refer to such or such circumstance which prevented the theft, documentary confirmation is required.

To cancel a flight reservation with Qatar Airways, it is essential to go through an agent of the airline, or the office where the transaction was made for the purchase of the plane ticket.

However, if the reservation was made online on the qatarairways.com website, the traveler is entitled to request a cancellation of his ticket, claiming

A refund, either from a travel agency, or on this page, in the event that the flight has been booked on the official website of the line.

cancellation of an award ticket

In order to be able to claim a refund for an award ticket booked online on qmiles.com, you must follow the following instructions:

– Log in to the member’s account.

– Select “My services” from the dashboard menu.

– Select “Cancel Reward Reservation” from the left navigation menu.

Thus, refunds will be credited to the original credit or debit card used for payment of the ticket.

However, for the reimbursement of miles, it will be necessary to go to any office of the airline operator Qatar Airways, in order to pay the applicable cancellation fees.

The conditions applied for reimbursement

The reimbursement of flight tickets of the airline Qatar Airways, is only authorized under certain conditions, which are:

Refund valid for Qatar Airways tickets purchased directly from the airline or travel agencies. Where there, it is imperative to go through these agencies, where the reservation was made to obtain a refund.

However, Qatar Airways reserves the right to modify its policy of renewed engagement with immediate effect and without notice.

The traveler has up to three hours (3h) before the departure of his flight, to request the cancellation of his trip. Otherwise, the latter will lose his right to a refund of his flight ticket, and will even have to pay additional penalties.

In the event that the cancellation of the ticket is granted, the amount to be refunded will be re-credited according to the original method of payment used for the purchase of the ticket.

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