Check-in at the Counter at Doha-Hamad Airport: How is it?

Summer, vacation, travel, … You have already chosen accommodation, bought a plane ticket and you are lost. Not only does the first flight always cause some shaking, but experienced travelers of all stripes are talking about some sort of check-in for the flight.

At the airport, there is a sound and visual informing passengers of the departure of the flight. The departure and arrival halls are equipped with illuminated information panels. Above the check-in counters are also dashboards indicating:

– Airline name with logo

– Flight number

– Destination airport

– Check-in counter numbers

Announcements of the start of ticket check-in and baggage handling of departing passengers begin:

– On domestic flights: Between one and a half and two hours before the departure time of the plane indicated on the ticket. Flight check-in may be announced earlier or later than the above time, depending on the aircraft type;

– On international flights: at the latest 3 hours before the departure time of the plane indicated on the ticket;

– Check-in for domestic and international flights closes 40 minutes before the departure time indicated on the ticket.

Types of security screening

On domestic flights, after check-in, passengers undergo passport control and special security checks.

On international flights, passengers undergo check-in, then pre-flight inspection, customs (if necessary, veterinary and phytosanitary control), then pass border control.

How do you check-in for a flight departing from Hamad International Airport?

First, we will briefly discuss the possible registration modalities. This is a mandatory procedure and you are unlikely to be able to do without it. In addition, you must understand exactly that the previously purchased plane ticket, although it has been paid for, does not constitute a basis for admission on board.

Check-in for a flight consists of a few simple procedures that will allow a passenger to receive a boarding pass. It is this document (coupon) which constitutes the “pass” for the aircraft.

Other terms commonly used for registration are registration, registration and the jargon derived from “registration” is often used.


Self-service check-in process Self-check-in methods are gaining more and more popularity. We are talking about the use of special mobile applications, special sections of airline websites and terminals at airports.

At the check-in desk at the airport

This is the usual classic check-in mode, well known in movies and books. All other material will be dedicated to it.

In general, the check-in process is very simple: arrive at the airport, find your counter, go through the necessary activities, get a boarding pass, get into the cabin.

However, at each of these stages, you may be faced with small annoyances which, without the necessary knowledge, can turn into big problems.

What time does registration start and end?

Indeed, this parameter is not constant. It depends on the specific flight, airline and airport. Therefore, we’ll talk about generalized data, how it works in most cases, but your flight specific data should be viewed on the carrier’s website.

As a rule, the start of registration:

– On an international flight: three hours before departure.

Domestic flight: two hours before departure

For a charter flight: this type does not affect the check-in start time. Charter flights are subject to the two previous rules.

Remember that online check-in opens much earlier: 24-36 hours and ends 2 hours before boarding. Access to registration via the terminal can be opened in 12 hours.

What is the correct way to check-in for a flight at Doha Hamad International Airport?

Thus, the start of check-in at the counter in most cases begins 2-3 hours before departure. For about the same time and it’s worth staying at the airport. The rest will be presented as step-by-step instructions.

– Search for the check-in desk on the instrument panel by flight number

Large central planks or small additional ones, it does not matter. They all display the same information. Your goal is to find your flight, see if check-in has started and find out the counter number.

Information most often visible on the dashboard:

– The airline is a transport airline.

– Flight: flight number (this is the main identifier!).

– The departure is your destination (where you fly).

– Departure time (unfortunately this parameter can often be changed).

– Counters: the number of the registration office (here it is the required parameter).

– Door: exit number. It is often called the “door” of Americanism – in any case, it is the door number.

Status: the status of your flight at the moment (This parameter is very important). Typically, it is highlighted on the dashboard in color. It is the status which allows knowing if the check-in has already started, if the passenger is late. They can be designated by different terms:

Check-in options

Possible cases


Open check-in

Check-in have started and are continuing.

Go to the counter indicated on the (Counters) table.

The status field is empty or the registration start time is indicated: “Open NN: NN” or “Registration in NN: NN”, the options are “On time” or “On schedule”

Check-in has not yet started. When the time is (NN: NN), the racks will start operating at the specified time.

It is best to find your meter if its number is already listed. When check-in begins, you won’t have to waste time searching.


Not the nicest status – it means your flight is delayed. It is often stated until what time: “Delayed until NN: NN”. This is a new departure time – check-in will start earlier.

Find a counter and wait. There is no particular choice. The passenger cannot influence the delay; however, you need to know the rights when the flight is delayed. And in some cases, you can get compensation for the delay.

Canceled or postponed

Yes, that happens too – your flight is canceled

Immediately find an airline representative to clarify further. You may be offered an alternative flight or other means to rectify the situation and compensate for the inconvenience caused.

Boarding, Check-in closed

Theft is good. You have problems – you are late! If boarding has started, check-in may no longer be possible.

Immediately find the representatives of the shipping company. Maybe they can find options.

Door closed: Disembarkation finished

The plane has closed its doors and is about to leave. Check-in ended a long time ago, and now boarding is already over.

Go home, or to the ticket office for a new ticket.

– Passenger check-in procedure

Do not listen to those who will talk about the need to run to the agent at the airline check-in counter, and hand over documents. In most cases, you have to queue up to that same ticket office first.

The more popular the destination, the longer the queue will be. This is another reason to arrive early at Hamad International Airport. But sooner or later your turn will come:

– Passport and ticket are presented at the counter (in some cases, if you have an electronic ticket, you can only do this with a passport, but it is still better to have a printout).

– Registration is in progress; incl. additional services are purchased or ordered, for example: accompanying a child on the plane if he is traveling without his parents.

– Then the baggage is checked in and dropped off.

– The boarding pass will be provided to you by the passenger

           – Baggage, customs, border guards

Let’s go from the simple to the complex. If you have no baggage or carry-on baggage, go to the next step. Not everything described in this step applies to you.

If you only have carry-on baggage, something you can take with you to the salon, you can do the same. However, if you are an inexperienced traveler so far, make sure you know what carry-on is, what its maximum weight and size is, and what is prohibited on board. Without this knowledge, you may find yourself in an unpleasant situation or not be allowed to board the plane at all.

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