When flights delayed by Qatar Airways give access to compensation?

Flight delays: What passengers can claim from Qatar Airways if their plane does not take off on time
A lot of us use air travel, some do it for tourism, and some do it for business, …. And flights are often delayed. The reasons for the delay can be: bad weather conditions, technical problems on the plane, heavy traffic in the airport airspace, internal airline problems, and much more.

What if your flight served by Qatar Airways is delayed?

In the event of a flight delay exceeding two hours, knowing that its departure is scheduled from an airport in the European Union:

– If the flight is delayed by 2 hours or more, you are entitled to two phone calls or e-mail messages. In addition, the airline must provide all passengers with non-alcoholic beverages;

– If the flight is delayed for more than 4 hours, the carrier is required to provide each with hot meals. The airline must provide meals every six hours during the day and every eight hours at night. Typically, passengers receive coupons for meals at one of the airport’s restaurants or cafes;

– If the Qatar Airways plane is delayed by 8 hours or more during the day (6 hours or more at night), the airline must accommodate its passengers at the hotel. Also, the Qatari carrier is obliged to organize a transfer from the airport to the hotel and back and a luggage storage in the luggage room.
Sequence of actions for delayed flights:

– Find an airline representative. It can be at the counter where check-in took place, as well as at the airline ticket office at the airport. If you’ve already gone through pre-flight security, the employee can be found at the boarding gate, where the plane was supposed to take off according to plan.

– From the airline representative, you must get a note about the flight delay, as well as coupons for food (or drinks or a hotel), depending on the length of the flight delay.

– If you have not found a Qatar Airways representative, you can contact the information desk at the airport for all the information you need.

Flight delays are often associated with additional material costs. In this case, material compensation is provided. It will only be paid to you if the delay is due to the fault of the airline. The amount of compensation is 25% of the minimum wage for each hour of delay, but not more than 50% of the ticket price.

If the plane did not take off on time due to weather conditions, a technical malfunction of the plane or any other circumstance beyond the control of the Qatar Airways airline, then you will not be entitled compensation.

Compensation for delayed passengers

If the Qatar Airways flight with a long delay (of three hours or more) were to take off from a destination in the EU, in this case, the Qatari company must pay them compensation in the following amounts:

–           250 € (1030 QR) for flights with a distance of up to 1,500 kilometers;
–           400 € (QR 1,650) for flights with a journey of 1,500 to 3,500 kilometers;
–           600 € (2470 QR) for flights over 3500 kilometers.

When determining the distance, the last point is taken as a basis, in which the refusal of transport or the non-performance of the flight has been previously planned and for which at least one seat has been reserved, will create a delay in the arrival of passengers at the scheduled time:

– For two hours – for flights with a range of up to 1,500 kilometers;

– For three hours – for flights with a range of 1,500 to 3,500 kilometers;

– For four hours – for flights not specified in paragraphs two and three of this part.
Other rights to be claimed at the airport

In addition to the payment of remuneration, the air carrier is required to offer the passenger the choice between:

Reimbursement within seven days, which must be paid in cash, by electronic bank transfer, money orders or bank checks, or with the written consent of the passenger, in the form of traveller’s checks, the full price of the ticket at price at which it was purchased, for the unused part of the ticket and for the used part (s) of the ticket, if the flight no longer meets the passenger’s needs, as well as, where applicable, ensuring the return flight to the original point of departure as soon as possible;

Modification of the itinerary, which is carried out under appropriate transport conditions: to the final destination, as soon as possible or subsequently at the request of the passenger and subject to availability.

Transport of a passenger from the airport where transport was refused, to the airport from which the alternative route proposed by the carrier begins, and from the alternative landing airport to the airport where the passenger is to arrive on the flight to which he was refused transport, the carrier’s account is executed.

If the passengers who have expressed the desire to refuse to travel on this flight are not found or their number is not sufficient, the carrier has the right to refuse the carriage of the passenger against his liberty.

15 Replies to “When flights delayed by Qatar Airways give access to compensation?”

  1. Anupama Pokharel

    I hereby claim for the compensation of delay of flight dated 30th January from Tunis to Doha Via quatar airlines. I also had the reconnecting flight to Kathmandu from Doha on the same day (from same airlines)after 3 hrs transit at Doha which was also missed due the delay. The flight is still not fixed and it has been the mid of the next day are are still not sure of the flight.

    I would like to be compensated for the delay. Let me know the process to proceed for compensation of the delay.

  2. Himaz

    Hi. My flight was from colombo to Maseru. When I arrived from colombo to Doha everything was fine and my connecting flight from Doha to Johannesburg delayed by 2 hours therefore I couldn’t catch my next flight which is from Johannesburg to Maseru. I had to pay for a new ticket. Am I eligible for a refund of the ticket I purchased?

  3. Jacqueline Begum

    Hi my flight was from Heathrow to doha Airport was ok,but when we arrived in doha Airport ,we where supposed to catch a flight to Dhaka,but it was delayed,we had to sit in the airport for 18 hours,can you tell me how I can claim the compensation

  4. Seyed Majid Emami

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I hereby claim compensation for the delay of my flight on 18th JAN 2023, for which I had the reservation TCCY2P.
    The flight was due to depart from Tehran Airport (IKA)at 5:00 and arrive at Tunis (Carthage) at 13:35, but it was delayed at arrival by 24 hours.

    This delay was not caused by extraordinary circumstances.
    The delay was caused by Qatar airline ground staff who denied and preventing me to embark on to the airplane, believing that I needed valid visa for travelling to Tunis, even though I was travelling on SERVICE PASSPORT and do not need visa. This incident meant that I miss my immediate flight and had to prove that I was entitle to travel to my destination without a visa, which then your ground staff accepted that this was true and they were in wrong, by doing so, they rescheduled a flight which meant 24 hours delay for me and I had to rearrange and reschedule official appointments and hotel arrangements.
    Therefore, due to your “flight delay compensation rule” I am entitled to €600 in compensation and look forward to receiving this amount within the next 14 days.

    In the absence of any response within 14 days, I will have no choice but to seek immediate legal assistance.

    Yours sincerely,
    Seyed Majid Emami

  5. Sarah Weber

    I have just received an e-mail that my flight schedule has changed. My journey from Brisbane to Kigali on january 20th 2023 will be now 40 hours instead of 23 hours. I have made an official complaint and contacted the airline but so far no reply. I would like to know what kind of compensation besides a hotel in Doha I receive as I arrive one day later than expected. How can I claim this compensation? There was a reason why I booked that specific connection (which is a very good and fast one) instead of another one that was much cheaper.
    Thank you for your help

    • Melpomeni Tryfonos

      I’m writing to ask for the compensation we are entitled to due to our flight delay on 11 July 2023

      Our flight QR 0976 from Doha to Hanoi (booking reference J780X5) had a three hour delay, thus instead of 2:20 am we departed at 5:20 am.

      I would appreciate it if you could inform me for any further procedure in order for me to receive the compensation.

      Thanks in advance
      Melpomeni Tryfonos

  6. Sewanta Purja Pun

    my flight was delayed for more than 5 hrs at the destination. It was 3hrs delayed at the origin (London Heathrow). I sent a complaint but still no one has replied to me. The date of flight was 02 September 2022.

  7. Preet Bains

    I am writing to complain about my delayed flight from LHR to DOHA which in turn resulted in missing our connection to Columbo.

    I would like to be compensated for the 9 hour delay and considerable inconvenience. Please can you let me know how you intend to do this?

  8. elizabeth anne lamond

    Why do all previous comments seem exactly like my situation? I too wonder how they won the Best Airline My flight from London to Doha delayed which resulted in me missing my connection to Erbil, Iraq and having 17hrs where stroppy rude and ill informed staff just couldn’t be bothered to help. It’s shockingly bad
    I’m dreading the return journey now

  9. Hartina binti Mustaffa

    16/09/2022 my flight was delayed Kuala Lumpur International Airport to Hamad International Airport (QR845). Ive missed my connecting flight to Istanbul (QR245). Next flight to istanbul was on 17/9/2022 @7.30am. 17++hours stranded in Hamad airport.

    Kindly assist to issue a letter of confirmation delayed flight for the purpose of claiming my insurance.

    Hope for your kind assistance for the above matter.

    Thank you

  10. Jenny Binti Dodi

    19/09/2022 my flight was delayed London Heathrow Airport T4 to Hamad International Airport (QR010)

    19/09/2022 delayed from Hamad International Airport to Kuala Lumpur International Airport (QR844)

    Kindly assist to issue a letter of confirmation delayed flight for the purpose of claiming my insurance.

    Hope for your kind assistance for the above matter.

    Thank you

  11. Lucy Elliott

    I am writing to complain about the 17 hour delay and appalling customer service of my Doha to Sydney flight on August 8th (delayed until August 9th).

    After our flight had to return to Doha (about three and a half hours after taking off from Doha), it was clear that the ground staff had no idea what was going on. No announcements were made on the PA system to notify customers of the situation and plan, access to water was limited and ground staff showed little empathy to the exhaustion and confusion to the customers.

    Information wasn’t relayed to the group of passengers as a whole, it was only when I queued up and requested specifically if it was possible to get a drink, that I was told we could get refreshments by showing our boarding pass. Any customer who hadn’t queued up and asked this specific question, wouldn’t have been informed of this, and would have been left hungry and thirsty for 18 hours.

    The ground staff were badly organised, ill informed on the situation and had not been trained on how to rectify it efficiently. Mothers with young children were not prioritised or looked after. Vouchers for showers were not offered out, and those few passengers who were able to get hotel accommodation weren’t accommodated in the hotels by the airport but made to wait for buses in the city.

    The situation as a whole showed a total lack of training, empathy and professionalism by Qatar. It made me wonder how equipped staff would be to manage an emergency situation and has made me question how Qatar could possibly win airline of the year.

    I would like to be compensated for the 18 hour delay and considerable inconvenience. Please can you let me know how you intend to do this? I have already been waiting for a reply to my email to your customer service centre for two weeks.

  12. nathan miller

    i was on a Qatar flight that was late getting to DOH and missed flight to Greece
    was put on a flight to OTP and had a 4-hour layover before we got to Athans
    When luggage came out mine was missing
    Don’t know if Qatar transferred luggage
    suitcase never received

  13. Rafis Abazov

    Dear Madam/Sir,

    My flight from Almaty Doha – JFK was delayed for more than 6 hours due to the cancelation of connecting flight.
    How can I claim compensation? RA

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