File a claim for any delay or loss of baggage at the airport

An airplane is a fast, comfortable and safe form of transport. Air travel is becoming more and more popular every year. However, first-time travelers often struggle to complete many formalities. Receiving luggage at the airport is one such problem.

How does the baggage arrive on the desired flight?

In the picking department, all the bags are sorted for the desired flights. This is also done in automated mode by scanning the baggage tags.

The luggage was not on the belt: what to do?

According to global statistics, around 70,000 pieces of luggage are lost every day. In addition, 97% of the bags are in the first week after their loss. If you are traveling with Qatar Airways, the airline is responsible for lost baggage, although such situations usually occur due to the fault of airport staff.

Delayed baggage: What procedure should you follow to resolve the problem?

In the event that a passenger of the airline Qatar Airways arrives at his destination without his checked baggage, the carrier assures him to do his best to find it for him.

In fact, delayed baggage is generally located within 24 hours of the flight, and can be delivered as quickly as possible, if local customs regulations allow it.

Qatar Airways notably ensures the reimbursement of the costs generated by this situation (subject to conditions: within reason).

On the other hand, if the baggage is ultimately lost, the airline company will pay its passenger compensation, in accordance with the Montreal Convention, in the States which have ratified it.

What if the luggage is lost or damaged?

Passengers’ checked baggage must be able to withstand the rigors of air travel. Therefore, each piece of luggage must be well packed, to be strong enough.

In certain situations, it sometimes happens that upon arrival, the passenger discovers that their luggage is damaged. In this case, the traveler should inform the Qatar Airways baggage services counter before leaving the arrival terminal. Otherwise, the latter will no longer be able to use the “My luggage” option to file a written complaint.

Note that this case of litigation cannot be the subject of a complaint beyond seven days after the date of receipt of the baggage concerned.

Lost objects

In the event that baggage is not found on arrival, the airline company undertakes to compensate its passenger for the dispute encountered.

However, if upon arrival at their destination, the passenger realizes that they have left or misplaced a personal item on board their Qatar Airways flight, in the departure hall or in the airline lounge, they should immediately notify the Qatar Airways baggage service counter at the airport, which will assist in locating it.

Note that Qatar Airways declines all responsibility for items lost in this situation.

Contact Qatar Airways Customer Service immediately by calling their customer service phone number or online to report lost or damaged baggage.

Qatar Airways has implemented a search option, which can be used by passengers. This makes it possible to find all the objects left in the cabin of the aircraft or on the premises of the airport.

However, be aware that lost passports and identity documents can be handed over to local airport authorities.

Goods not claimed by passengers are generally retained for 30 days. Beyond this limit, these items will be disposed of or donated. This may be subject to change in accordance with each applicable regulation.

100 Replies to “File a claim for any delay or loss of baggage at the airport”

  1. rano

    I travelled through qatar airways. I lost my luggage and i ask many times but they do not help me. my health condition was very bad so my husband taken me to the hospital directly from the airport and we leave our luggage on the airport they do not giving our luggage back. its very disappointing for us. we will never ever travel through qatar airways. there service is so bad.

  2. Ahmed AL-rikabi

    Hello this is AL RIKABI AHMED HAYDER writing. So I flow from Toronto to Montreal then to Doha Qatar then to Iraq, we flow on July 3 and arrived on July 4 we are a family of 6 and we had 14 luggage bags with us but in Iraq we got only one in the airport of Iraq and all of the other bags where not found until today we found all of them but 3 left and the airport of Iraq is saying to try and contact the Qatar airlines and try to get help from you, so please if you see this message I am requesting your help and the TAG NUMBER for the bags that have not arrived yet are. First tag number 0014330141 or AC330141) second tag number 0014330142 or AC330142) third tag number AC330497)
    Please help me find my luggage please.

  3. Douglas John Wardle

    My name is Douglas John Wardle. My wife Ruth Wardle and I flew from Manchester to Doha on 03June 2023, flight locator NBNUYV on the business class section.
    We checke d in at departure desk an Electric Mobility Scooter, the baggage ticket is
    SEQ NR 196, 1/19, QR 22 03 JUN. Bar Code 0 157 493647.
    Attached to the Scooter was a Canvas Zip Bag containing, The Scooter Battery Charger with Mains Cable, Two Scooter Arm Rests, Three pairs of Ladies Shoes and Hair Spray.
    On the Outside of the bag is the word , “ABLEWORLD”.
    When the flight landed at DOHA the Scooter was unloaded by the airport staff and placed
    R.eady for collection by myself but the canvas bag was missing it had been taken off the Scooter. The meet and greet staff went back to the unloading area to look for the bag but there was no sign of it.
    Wesubsequently had to purchase replacement items in DOHA.
    We were attending the International Travel and Tourism Conference held at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in Lusaill. Would you please try to locate this missing bag and also compensate me for the items that we had to purchase?
    My details are below.
    Thank you Douglas John Wardle
    Wardle Travel UK.

  4. Swaraj Ashtaputre

    I was travelling to NEW YORK from pune via delhi i had been book with qatar airlines my luggage was with vistara airline when i boarded my first flight from pune to Delhi and they said ill receive my luggage directly at John F Kennedy airport but when I reached there was nothing I tried lots of mails phone call from here but you guys never showed up . What do i have to do now? Help me
    This was 6months ago and literally nobody showed up i was working on ship & had limited internet access so couldn’t be in touch with you ! I want to claim my items.

  5. EC

    I flew from London Heathrow to Aukland via Doha on 20/01/23. My baggage did not arrive in Aukland. I registered the missing bag and was told I would be contacted by the baggage handler when it arrived. After several days (during which it was impossible to contact the baggage handler or the airline -nobody responded to calls / emails) I was finally told by your messaging service that the bag was in Aukland but still I could not contact the baggage handler to establish whether it was through customs and could be delivered to me. Eventually I drove (from elsewhere in New Zealand) to the airport to collect it, thus wasting a day of my holiday.
    On collecting the bag, half the contents were wet. The suitcase was damaged.
    I need to make a claim for:
    1. the significant delay to my receipt of the baggage (Thursday 2nd February when my flight had arrived on 24th January).
    2. the damage to the content and to the case itself
    3. the replacement clothes I had to buy given the lack of my own luggage for 9 days
    4. the massive inconvenience and travel costs associated with having to collect the bag
    It is impossible still to contact anyone at the airline to facilitate this. Please contact me urgently to arrange.

  6. navina senaratne

    Writing on an issue I have been dealing with Qatar airways baggage services for the last 3 months.

    I was on Air Canada flight AC058 from Toronto to Doha on 23rd December and Doha to Colombo on Qatar airways flight QR658 24th December. However; the AC058 departed late from Toronto missed the connection to Colombo and was on next flight QR664 to Colombo Sri lanka on 25th December. When I landed in Sri Lanka on Christmas day 25th December I didn’t receive my luggage and baggage services said it should be delivered next day. However; the luggage was misplaced for 15 days and was delivered to my temporary address just 2 days before I left Sri Lanka back to Toronto Canada.

    AS PER PASSENGER PROTECTION RIGHTS – I need to contact the last air line to claim about the luggage delay as Air Canada says it’s the responsibility of Qatar airways. Luggage was delivered on 8th January and I was out of town that time..
    My issue is I have already written to Qatar airways customer service about this delay in January, and I only heard from thee Colombo office 8th April, offering 372 dollars as payment. I hope you understand this is not the way to deal with an issue after 3 months. the agony I had to go through emailing back and forth asking for information. It was a full fare ticket I paid one way to Colombo to Sri Lanka as I had the return on Etihad and I had no issues with the luggage on my return flight

    This is not the way to deal with a delayed luggage of 15 days. flight landed in Colombo on Christmas day 25th December and it was delivered on Sunday 8th January.

    Do you think it is fair to be treated like this to a passenger who is on holiday. Just compensating with USD 372 for the expenses that’s the worst way to treat a customer.

    Looking forward for a favorable reply.

    Thank you in advance.

    Have a lovely day.

  7. Khalil

    First they lost my bag then they found it next day and asked me to drive to the airport (1 full hr) to pick it up. it was damaged !! they asked me to fill-up a form and i did. then no answer. it has been 2 weeks now.

  8. Antony howarth

    My name is Tony, My baggage was delayed by 8 days – i had to purchase some essentials which obviously cost me money. I have submitted a claim but I’m still waiting for a response. During the delayed baggage debacle they wouldn’t take responsibility or help me to locate it and now they are avoiding compensation. They are the worlds worst airline by a miles

    • Arbhinder singh

      Very bad qatar airways I lost also my 2 baggage was flight delayed when I came here delhi I didn’t get my baggage and reported already but shame for them there didn’t answer the call please if qatar airways staff see my msg please contact me I got many important staff in my baggage all is brand

  9. Michael Craig Fyall

    2 Apple computers were stolen out of my bag, whilst my bag was in the custody of Qatar Airlines when I flew from Doha to Johannesburg on 18 December 2022.

    After waiting over 2 months for “feedback” that never came, this issue is still not resolved and Qatar Airlines have (today) referred the case to their LOST & FOUND department, even though the laptops wee STOLEN, not LOST.

    I am VERY disappointed in the non existent service, incompetence and lack of care displayed by the world’s “Best” Airline!

    I sent this email (below) to Qatar Airlines on 24 January 2023:

    Qatar Airways Complaint
    Please receive this email as a formal customer service complaint. The e-mail thread (below) is self- explanatory:

    2 Apple laptops were stolen out of one of my carry-on bags. Photos of the bag have already been provided, as requested. From comparing the weight of my bag before and after the incident, it is clear that the laptops were removed from my bag. Both Apple chargers were still in my bag/ but no Apple laptops. No zip ties were removed from any of the other bags; only the bag (with the laptops) that had been specially taken off me by a Qatar Airways staff member in Doha. The Durban airport security staff (and the report filed) attests to these facts.
    In Doha, in the boarding lounge, just before leaving for Durban via Johannesburg, a Qatar Airways staff member took the bag (with the two laptops) from me into her custody, saying that there was not enough space in the overhead lockers and that the bag had to go into the hold of the airplane. Between Doha and receiving my bag on the turnstile in Durban, the two laptops were stolen from my bag. In Durban, I immediately noticed that my bag had been violated. The double zip-ties that I used to lock the bag were missing. I had the inconvenience of immediately having to file a report concerning this theft.
    It has been around 40 days since the incident and even with regular follow up from me, and from the staff in Durban, I have still not heard from Qatar Airways.
    I met with Qatar Airways staff in Durban:
    Just before catching my Qatar Airways flight to return to Brazil, I asked the Qatar Airways Durban staff (once again) why there was no progress on this case. I spoke to Simphiwe, Trenesha Naidoo (Qatar Airways Duty Officer) and also Lavendra (Trenesha’s Supervisor). They told me that Qatar Airways has not responded and that they were still waiting on Qatar Airways to get back to them; and that I should send an email to you, which I am now doing.
    I met with Qatar Airways staff in Doha:
    Today in Doha, in the transfer area, I met with Faith and also Imran Khan (Qatar Airways Customer Service Duty Supervisor and supervisor to Faith).
    Faith gave me the impression that she could do nothing. She said that this case concerned a different division. Her position was that I should follow up with emails. My position was that I had been following up with emails for around 40 days and nothing has happened. I requested to see her supervisor.
    Her supervisor, Mr. Khan seemed to give me the impression that he was sure that the theft probably happened in Durban, outside of his control. My position was that the bag left my custody in Doha; and how can anyone know for sure where the theft took place. I am sure that both the evidence of the two computers (I had to take them out for bag scanning) and also the evidence of them being stolen is likely captured on Qatar Airways video footage. Mr. Khan asked me how long I had been in South Africa since the theft, and I said around 40 days. His position was that I had a lot of time to follow up with the Durban management. However, it’s clear from the e-mail string below that the Durban management were waiting on a Qatar Airways response, and so was I. I was following up on a regular basis. I also received a phone call regarding the theft, so I believed (for some time – but I no longer) believe this) that progress was being made by Qatar Airways behind the scenes.
    For some reason Qatar Airways has still not given me a proper response. Mr Khan confirmed that I should send you an email, as per the advice I received yesterday from South Africa. I asked Mr Khan for his e-mail address so that he could be copied into this email, but he declined to give it to me saying (unlike the South African management) that his email was for internal use only.
    I had removed the label from the bag from which the two Apple laptops were stolen. Mr. Khan photographed the label and said that he would be corresponding with you independently. He did not ask me for my name or for my email address, implying that he had all the info he needed from the label.
    These two Apple laptops had vital/ valuable/ irreplaceable information on them. And I spent hours inconveniently having to change passwords (for bank access etc.) on my initial arrival in South Africa to further protect my data. Both laptops are used for business purposes, greatly inconveniencing me – because part of my time in Durban involved me doing business.
    What makes me especially angry is that the computers were taken off me by a Qatar staff member in the boarding lounge – I had no choice but to give custody over to Qatar Airlines (whom I trusted – at the time). Normally I would keep computers in my hand for this very reason. After my bag was taken from me, I noticed that others on the same flight were allowed to take their bags on the plane with them!
    I am very frustrated/ angry with Qatar Airways to say the least. Qatar Airways prides itself with being the number one airline. I paid a premium to fly with Qatar expecting the very best service and security.
    I lived in the Middle East for 7 years and. I have used; I know all of the airlines in the Middle East quite well, or so I thought.
    The very poor Qatar Airways customer service I have received to date has been very surprising to me. The Durban Qatar Airways management said to me that I should get a response from you within 7 days. I look forward to your urgent response, and in particular I look forward to your action regarding this matter.
    Thanking you in advance,




    • Vinn

      I trusted them to reimburse my damaged luggage, but it’s close to a year now. I’m preparing to take to court and expose them in Media too

  11. Nawaf Hazzazi

    Im a scholarship student I study in london I traveled from doha to london today and my baggage was missed in doha and it’s cold here I don’t have enough money to by clothes as I said I’m here on a scholarship and they said it will take 3 days

  12. Carlos

    My Suitcase was lost on my flight from Doha to Sydney. Menzies baggage service in Sydney filled a Mishandled baggage report and promised they would call in 24 hours. 8 days later they have not called, they do not ask my calls, their voicemail is full, and they do not reply to my emails. Where are the customer rights? How can a so incompetent company be hired for these services? What options are we left? Stop travelling? Really annoying

    • Karan

      Same thing happened to me . I took qatar from doha to Philippines, and my luggage got missing, unable to track where it is. They told me they will give me an update in 1-2days latest. It’s been 5days so far. No one has called me. I have called/emailed them so many time. No response..
      & I need my insurance claim report asap. No one is helping. Even at the airport they don’t want to help.

      Really horrible service.

      • Karan

        Worst thing was I was stranded with no clothes no change of socks nothing for 5days. I had to use my own money to buy new clothes just to survive . And continuously pay laundry

    • Kalsoom Khan

      We had lost 15 bags. Recieved our 14 bags damaged after a month tried to contact for help because of damaged and missing items and our 1 last bag. Looking forward with a honest and helpful reply

  13. Zubiya Nazish

    I booked Qatar airways for my travel from India to Switzerland because I am traveling with my 2 years daughter. When I reach to Zurich, I did not receive the stroller of my daughter.
    When I ask to Qatar airways at beginning they told me they will search for the missing stroller and send to my house.
    After waiting more than 2 weeks I did not hear anything when I write an email to ( they just send an automatic reply but did not hear anything about my missing stroller.
    Unfortunately, we are facing lots of problems without the stroller. we are taking our daughter in our hands to daycare and unfortunately, nowadays it is raining which makes it more difficult to take our daughter outside without a stroller.
    Worst service ever I received when something is missing. ( I will not fly via Qatar)…

  14. Nasim

    It has Been 1 weeks without my bag this is really painful for me. I dont have my clothes and personal staffs especially my books and some valuable souvenirs from my grandpapa. I have arrived 4 p.m. 13th October from Iran (IKA) to Frankfort. When arriving filled the claiming baggage form in Frankfort Airport and after my tracing both in Iran and Germany there is no clear answer until now.
    Qatar Airways baggage service has done nothing yet.

    • M Shenton

      I flew with Qatar on 27th dec 2022 with Christmas presents for gift in checked luggage. On arriving at my sons home I discovered every gift in my luggage had been opened and the main children’s gift had been stolen. Reported to Qatar who completely ignore my emails. At a loss now on how to proceed.


    I flew Qatar airways from Doha to Washington DC on 29 Sep 2022 and arrived without my checked in baggage. I filled a form and was assured it would arrive within 24 hours and delivered to my address. On 1 Oct l saw in the tracing link that it has been found. But uptil today 5 Oct it has not yet been delivered to me. I tried to contact the Baggage Servises Agent Nahla Ahsan and his/ her Team by phone, no one is picking the calls…just automated response. I sent several emails ..same response!

    • Jean

      What’s the need of filing this reply if you are not going to respond! Why again are you rated the Best Airline when baggage is lost and you don’t bother to respond! My bag from Washington DC to Nairobi Kenya is lost. No response till now & lines go straight to voicemail. The pain you’re causing is unfathomable! I don’t have the energy to fight with you any more. God wil see us through!

  16. rakhi

    Hi I flew from Atlanta to Johannesburg on 29 of September checked inn 1 bag but bag did not arrive
    today is 2 of October and I have no clothes or any other to use I have been calling job airport and Qatar airways they keep saying its under tracking it is so frustating I am in another country and dont know what to do Qatar staff is very careless I remember on checking counter she was processing very slow and I was waiting almost 30 minutus I this she forget to put my tag on the luggage because on the system it showing no baffled was checked in.

  17. Denise Burley

    I flew from Doha to Brisbane with 2 pieces of luggage arriving the 7th September. Arrived in Brisbane and only 1 piece of luggage arrived. We filed a report which took ages and because of this missed our connecting flight to Mackay. Have tried numerous times to contact the help desk via phone, email etc but all the website says “under tracing”. We have noticed they have entered the wrong tracking number on the report but there is no where to edit the form. I have had to do emergency shopping for a change of clothes. This is supposed to be a first class airline, but I would never use them again and I am dreading the return flight back to Doha and then UK.

    Shocking service

  18. Aditya Chawla

    I am a seafarer and i work in merchant ships , i travelled from Mumbai to Doha to Copenhagen to Aalborg to join my ship on 7 July 2022. I was told in Copenhagen that my baggage will come directly to Aalborg. After I landed in Aalborg i didn’t recieve my baggage and i filed a PIR FILE REF: AALDX11054. They said as soon as they recieve any news regarding my baggage they’ll notify my agent. I joined my ship and it’s been two months I am trying to find my luggage. I have contacted Danish airlines numerous times and they have no news regarding my luggage yet. I have very important documents in my baggage and i urgently need them. I’m trying to contact Qatar Airways everyday but there’s has been zero response from them.
    I have contacted Indigo airlines and they confirmed that the baggage was delivered to Qatar Airways and Danish airlines have not received any baggage matching my details yet. It must have got lost in Doha during handling. Please i request via this platform to all concerned authorities to help me find my baggage. I’m on ship And i am facing difficulties everyday, there were very important documents in my luggage which I need urgently. I request you to help me.

    • Patience Ndebele

      Its Been 3 weeks without my bag this is really painfull i dont have cloth to wear and my child we had to buy new ones to change ,I have arrived 10am 8th September from Dublin to Johannesburg when arriving was told my beg is missing due to shot time of transfer will arrived with next flight was waited until 8pm even i m calling and go to the office i was told me my bag didn’t arrived .
      so our Destination holiday was Botswana were we booked our hotel so now we have to book hotels to sleep for 3. weeks in South Africa and buy cloth for me and my child as we dont have cloths.
      We mis the Wedding were we were going to ,my return flight is the next 10 days Qatar Airways baggage service done nothing

  19. Amna batool

    I traveled from Dubai to Doha through FlyDubai flight # FZ001 on 1/8/22, then from Doha to Lahore Pakistan through Qatar airways flight#QR628 on 12/8/22, but I didn’t receive my luggage at Lahore Pakistan airport.
    I have been trying to report since 12th August but the website is showing my data invalid on every attempt. I told the representative about my problem on the call but no help was given. Had a very bad experience with Qatar Airways. I just want my luggage(a large blue suitcase) back.

    • Mike

      they have hirable costumer service when comes to last luggage. I cannot get response with there email or by calling there costumer service, they are useless

  20. Liz

    Use to be the best airline until recently. My family and i travelled on the 5th of August from DFW to Harare Zimbabwe. My sons suitcase was not found. Came back on the 26th August still no trace of suitcase. Sucks, all his insulin meds and personal belongings were in that suitcase. In their system it shows still under trace and was not checked in Doha, we connected out flight in Doha. Came back to usa DFW tried to find it, boy the customer service is rotten. They will tell you someone will call you but no-one will bother to call you. If you call customer service it is never answered. I am still waiting for an answer..Qatar please improve your services..


    I had flight from Doha to SFO on 24th Aug 2022, out of all luggage i have not received one of my Bag and they said it will be delivered to your house in 24 hours, Now today is 5th day but still i have not received any update. I tried to connect with Qatar Airways but i did not get proper response. Can someone please guide me what steps I have to do next.

    • Chukwu

      Qatar airways damaged my new bag worth 600$ and there was no staff on ground to get my claim because their office was closed by the time I arrived Abuja from Esenboğa through 8 hours transit in Doha. I contacted customer service,they are telling me nonsense. Qatar Airways is also owing me 200$ for the hotel they never checked me in some few years back.They claimed that my nationality is not allowed to have transit visa,so why accept money? I reached out to the office that I bought that and asked for refund,but I never received refund.Qatar Airways tickets agents are criminals and they have horrible ground air service

  22. Nicolas Alison

    I have been waiting for 2 weeks now for my luggage and can get no response from Qatar Airways despite numerous emails to various addresses, half of which have blocked a reply.
    I will be contacting my lawyer if I do not get a reply soon.

  23. Ashraf Alsadat Hosseini Mozari

    I had a flight from Houston to Tehran (IKA) at 5th of July 2022. In IKA airport at 11pm I did not receive two of my 4-suitcases. I reported the missed luggage at same time to Airport luggage office (Saman Air Services) with file no. IKA2628071
    After so many tele-contacts, I received one suitcase after one week. But I had so many contacts to same office , walk-in to their office in airport (2 hours way from our house) and checking the suitcases by myself, giving the specification of missed suitcase to their staff, walk-in to Qatar office located in Airport and re-report the case , walk-in to Qatar Main office in Tehran and claim the case again and sending E-mail and message to Qatar office but despite of all above actions , I did not receive any reply from Qatar office (positive , negative or location of my suitcase) .
    Finally I had to come back home in Houston after one month without any reply from Qatar Airline.
    I had booked a flight to Doha in 4th of August 23:45 but they canceled the flight and made it earlier at 6:10 AM in 4th of August . this flight had more than one hour delay in IKA with an un-known reason and therefore I missed connection flight to Houston at 8:10 AM in Dohah.
    After about 5 hours standing and waiting in customer service section (with two tired 9 years old twin girls) I have been informed that there is only a flight at same time (8:10 AM) the day after and the worst thing was that they did not have any accommodation facilities (hotel of lounge area to rest) during this time.
    Therefore I preferred to select the other option even a difficult one, which was a flight to New York 4 hours later (totally 9 hours waiting in Dohah airport) and after another 9 hours layover in New York the last flight to Houston .
    But there was another problem: they did not inform me that I have to deliver my 6 suitcase in New York airport (terminal 8) and re-deliver them to another Airline (Jet Blue) in terminal 3 (160 USD rend a car) and move and re-locate them by myself which caused a very bad back pain for me .

  24. Mithun K

    Flew on Aug 7th. My baggage is missing; no news about it from the services team, and I am not able to contact the airways in any way. Horrible service, I would not recommend qatar airways.

    • Asif Malik

      I am consistently asking for my baggage.

      Hi i didn’t receive my baggage it’s been three weeks now. Your dedicated baggage team never responds. Didn’t get any update on my missed baggage. Daily trying to speak with your customer care no response please help me.
      Me and my family badly disturbed due to this and it cost us huge in terms of budget for vacations. I am also seeking legal support for this mishandling. Please support me and pay the damages for this negligence.
      We are back from vacations and still after 26 days I didn’t receive any email, contact from your side. What are these services.

      • Asif Malik

        Thanks for didn’t reply for my any agony. I just need to inform that today I again visit lahore airport and finally found my baggage.
        Further I just contact to lodge my complaint for compensation. If possible please send me email or contact address.

  25. Mark

    Left Manchester on the 21st July with Qatar Airways and its now 5th August and we still have no bags.
    Tried phoning and emailing but the customer service from Qatar is terrible
    Never fly with this airline

  26. Francisco Fernandes

    Very bad service by Qatar Airline was travelling Mumbai to Seattle on 7th June 2022 my bag dnt arrived at Seattle today its 27th July 2022 no reply from Qatar Airways team very bad service No more Qatar Airline in Future

  27. Mohammed Hussain

    Qatar baggage issues are painful and disgusting. Travelling back from Sydney to the UK and they have lost my baggage and the experience is as bad as everyone states in this thread. No number to call and then getting passed from pillar to post. Shambolic and literally left with thousands in electrics and clothing “under tracing”

    Does anyone know who we can go to outside of Qatar Airlines who clearly have bad systems and processes in place (or the lack off) to deal with such things. Answers on a postcard.

    ps. I have kept this rather tame versus how I actually feel right now.

    • Chris

      Hi. Contact Dnata on 02087456159. Call between 9:00am and 10:00pm. Best time in my experience is between 4:00pm and 7:00pm because they are less likely to answer at other times. Be persistent as you may need to call several times before they answer. Unfortunately there is no guarantee that you will get your bag immediately. I am still waiting to get any news on my bag which went missing on 04/07/2022. I hope they find it before the World Cup because Qatar Airways will definitely lose a few thousand bags during that time. As others are saying, I will never ever fly Qatar Airways again!

  28. Naeem asghar

    Hi I lost my baggage on 28 June on qatarairway and today is 18 of July . I try ever possible way to contectthem but no response. Very bad experience with this airline .

    • Rosy

      I arrived in Kathmandu on 21 July and one of my luggage hasn’t arrived. It was showing as delayed on line but not anymore. No one picks up phone in Kathmandu office, worst service ever !!!
      If you charge £££ take responsibility of your actions !!!

  29. Julia Kapunkt

    One of the worst services I ever had.
    Flew over from Auckland to Sydney on 6th July but the flight was delayed twice. So in Sydney they changed my flight for myself but not for my checked-in luggages. From Sydney to Doha to Munich. There I immediately made a “Lost report”. They told me within a week they should find my luggages.

    It’s over a week, I’ve been calling, mailing, trying to reach someone via WhatsApp, Facebook,… noone responsed. No costume care. No service. Bad one! Never again with Qatar Airlines.

  30. Trilochan Oli

    Dear sir
    My luggage sent Heathrow to Kathmandu without tag number and I didn’t get my luggage in destination. I reported to PIR but 12 days gone no reply. To claim also I don’t have tag number please sort out

  31. Toyin Olatunji

    Qatar Airways rating by whatever agency must be a fraud because the compact between a passenger and any airline is beyond the cabin, it must include all-around welfare and baggage delivery. On the latter, the airline is a total disaster. I flew into Manchester from Lagos on the 21st of June, 2022 but could not find my bags. I was aghast and immediately filed a report. By the next day, I got an email that one of my bags has been found and was on its way to my place in Sheffield, it arrived. Since then nothing has been known of my other bag. All communication channels was explored, none was helpful. It is either there would be no response or a reference back to a useless web address that is claiming that baggage is under tracing. Out of frustration, I returned to Manchester Airport twice without any headway. The phone numbers I was given would not be picked up. The customer service gave me some email addresses, no responses, ditto the WhatsApp channel. So disgusting, I had to send my daughter and her husband to the airline office in Nigeria, its same reference back. No feedback up till now, 22 days after arrival. I am fed up, I want to make claims. The PIR given to me at baggage on arrival cannot be delivered to the airport office, yet the online channels are not connecting to the form.
    Qatar Airways by my assessment is practically the worst I’d ever flown. The return journey seems scary now because of baggage safety. This is horrible. I will do whatever I can to discourage anyone from flying on this airline with a fraudulent image and appalling service. Can someone guide me to the means for my claim?

    • Mike Disney


      Did you have any luck getting all your baggage?

      I arrived Heathrow on the 2nd August and my suitcase didn’t turn up.

      If you were successful I would appreciate any suggestions – I too live in Sheffield.

      Thanks for reading

  32. Tran Man Nghi

    My name is Nghi, booking no. KVAXCD, I transit to Qatar and Manchester to Isle of Man on Sunday 2 July. on 2 July around 2pm England time i arrived Manchester T2 and go to T3 standby flight to Isle of Man at 17:15, but unfortunately my flight cancel and i need claim back my baggage at T3 Manchester, and I cant find my baggage, I try to report to my last flight counter and airport people, they said can’t find my baggage and I need back to Ile of Man and report to Isle of man. After that I arrived to IOM on 3 July and report to counter, and few days later I try to inform Qatarair on facebook and live chat, but no people help me. On facebaook just ask me try to track baggage on website, I told them website cant track, it display as error, and live chat only: Hi, can I help you? ….. and done.

    • Dag Hartley

      This is becoming a scandal – I think Skytrax the Airline Rating Company should be informed as Qatar Airways was given their ‘best in the world’ award last year – but clearly they have underspent on customer service for baggage tracing – Skytrax need to be aware of this – I would advise people email – so they are aware. Qatar Airways is a great airline when things go right, but when they do wrong, they make it very difficult for people to report, track and claim rightful compensation. Skytrax needs to know

    • Muhammad Jameel

      Hy.i travel from Lahore to Doha to Basrah lageege are missing I don’t know where miss in Doha or Lahore but I bording in Lahore Qatar airways counter.
      Many time I call to Basrah airport for my lageege but still no any answer.i have very important document and some of my tolls Wich is the related oil and gas field.inwas loving Qatar airways but now impossible.

  33. Garry Gleeson

    Garry Gleeson 11th July 2022 at 9.00pm

    My partner travelled from Manchester to Perth via Doha on the 6th and 7th of July 2022. The problems started when the plane was delayed for 2 hours at Manchester airport. (which is a sorry story in itself!)
    On arrival at Doha, passengers were rushed onto the connecting flight to Perth, and their luggage was not.
    When it became apparent that her luggage was not on the plane, on arrival at Perth, my partner sought out a (Menzies) employee and reported the situation. That employee took a report (but failed to give a receipt with the necessary information) and informed my partner that the luggage would be on the next flight to Perth from Doha, in 24 hours time. It would then be sent by courier or taxi to her home. 5 days later, she is still waiting. Every attempt to lodge an on-line report, or obtain an up-date has been met with a dead end. Menzies were contacted this afternoon, and were of no help whatsoever. I have been amazed at the similarity of her lack of success and the experiences of other complainants in this forum. She plans to travel to the U.K. next year, but it certainly will not be with Qatar!!!!!!!! In despiration she is going to Perth international terminal tomorrow to attempt to resolve the situation. After reading of the experiences of the other contributors , I hold out very little hope that she will have any success.

  34. Chris O

    Doha seems to be the point at which baggage goes missing and this leads me to the conclusion that baggage handlers at the Hamad International Airport who work for Qatar Airways are stealing luggage knowing perfectly well that Qatar Airways will do nothing about it. I am a victim too. They don’t steal from other airlines which pass through Doha because they know that there will be a proper investigation. Qatar Airways are so noncommittal and will not investigate. I am in the UK and will be bringing this to the attention of my local MP who will mention it in parliament. So Qatar Airways will need to act unless they want this to be publicised more than it already has.

    • kamran khan

      3rd class airline of the world is qatar airlines
      they donot reply to whats app nor live chat nor baggage claom is picking up the phone.
      my luggage is lost on 24 june 2022.
      no one is replying.
      worst airline service in the world

  35. Juzer Vasi

    We arrived from London to Singapore on 29th Jun and reported 1 missing baggage out of 4, it’s more than 7 days now and there is no status update from Qatar airways nor from SATS, their 24/7 support lines are busy all the time it seems and even if you are willing to wait on line they disconnect you after sometime on the other hand if we use the Whatsapp service for tracking that is even worse, this is directly from QA, till date I have not recvd any response to my emails, phone calls and chat. Terrible !

    QA is no one in not resolving customers dispute as well.

  36. David Jarreta

    I landed in Singapore from Doha on 04 July 2022 and did not find my checked in suitcase. I immediately filed a Property Irregularity Report with the Lost & Found SATS service at Singapore Changi airport and I am since 04 July 2022 sending emails, calling and trying all possible means of communication with both SATS and QATAR but neither replied and the hotlines would leave me waiting for hours before dropping the line. There is no response!! There is no customer care!! This is unacceptable!!!!
    Both Qatar Airways and Singapore Changi Sats are being irresponsible and failing to provide the service they are supposed to provide.
    It is to be expected from Qatar Airways, the most unreliable airline I have ever experienced. But from Sats I expected at least a professional approach. It is my last time flying Qatar for sure.
    Qatar & SATS, please reply!! Be professional!! Take on responsibility of the business you sold!!

    • kamran khan

      worst airline is qatar airways
      lost my luggage on 24 june from newyork to islamabad.
      flight was delayed for 16 baggae was lost.
      no whatsapp reply no chat reply no one is answering the phone.
      please donot recommend qatar airways .
      worst ever airline

  37. Clark Bannister

    Flew from Damman to London via Doha on the 30th June arriving into Heathrow on the 1st July. Original flight from Damman (QR1155) was delayed so we missed our connecting flight (BA122). I was surprised to be told in Doha that my bag had automatically been transferred to my next flight when it had already departed and i hadn’t been booked onto another flight yet? However i was assured at check in that my bag was on the flight (QR00003) with me but low and behold, when i arrived at Heathrow my luggage was nowhere to be seen and baggage services had no record of my bag (157339022) on the system.

    6 days later and my luggage is ‘Baggage under tracing’. Scandalous service and communication from a major airline.

    • kamran khan

      my flight was from newyork to islamabad.
      my baggage doest arrive. i filed a claim for lost baggage
      qatar airways is not picking up the phone.
      no reply on live chat. or whatsapp chat.
      no body bothers
      23 days past . status is not updating. no one is answering.
      call centre picks the phone up and says call baggage claim.
      baggage claim is not pickong up phone
      worst airline in the world is qatar airline

  38. Ann DCruz

    My sister and I arrived Barcelona from Doha on 1st June. She got her luggage but I didn’t and we checked in at the same time. It is 4th June and I have still not received any response from Qatar regarding my lost luggage (Tag No. Bag MH619355). Many of us on the flight QR0137 from Doha lost our luggage. Sent a message through the WhatsApp link given to me and the message I received that they have sent me an sms which is untrue.
    Looks like this is a common occurrence with Qatar

    • Stephen Neighbour

      Flight QR024 late out of Manchester 2 hours, baggage file #MNL2601842 bag tag QR840833.
      This has to be the worst customer/baggage service ever in my 40 years of travel.
      Trying to sort my wife’s baggage out for her because even the Philippines customer service not answering, it like they know they have a problem but won’t admit it.
      All the comments are the same, the communication is broken but in fact I have a feeling that they don’t care.
      Fun thing is all stems in Doha so Doha is the problem, how the dickens does an airline fail so badly in their own base??????
      Last time I will fly Qatar and im gold in the privileges, looks like Emirates will be pick up my vote and business in future. I will be cancelling my membership when wife returns, totally ruined her holiday and Qatar took no responsibility, any one feel like a class action?

      • Paula Gifford

        My Daughter arrived in Athens the 3rd July 2022 via Doha and now has no luggage I have also tried
        every number, email and what’s App and no reply also has so far ruined her holiday
        She has gone back to the airport twice and just showed to a room full of cases and told to see if any of them are hers ( Unfortunately not) Not to mention She said she could have taken any bag and no one would have checked I cannot even see how you can claim compensation for lost luggage
        Definately up for a class action

        • O Thehabey

          I am having the same problem. I lost one bag on Qatar Airways on July 3rd, 2022. I tried all listed ways of communication with Qatar Airways with NO RESPONSE whatsoever. I will never ever fly Qatar Airways again. Qatar Airways has proven to be the worst airline. Never get tempted to their prices; that will be at the expense of baggage handling.

    • Ann Mauritia MCP DCruz

      My luggage finally arrived on the 7th and it was badly damaged in different parts of the bag – like someone had hit it with something hard. Even the handle was broken off and left lying on the street in front of the house it was delivered. I tried filing a complaint on the link but it says on contact the local Qatar office (in Barcelona). Why have this link when it does not work???? NO ONE IS ANSWERING THE PHONE!!!! I have sent an email a few days ago with photos of the damaged luggage and no one has responded!!!!. I am from the logistics industry and I can recognize when a package is damaged on purpose!!! And my bag was!!!

    • kamran khan

      doha is the world worst air line.
      10 passangers lost our luggage on 24 june.
      my luggage was lost.
      no reply to whatsapp or live chat. mo one is picking up phone in baggae claim.
      worst airlime of the world
      will never recommend to any one.
      will make utube videos about qatar air lines to not fly with amd will post im every forum on social media.
      3rd class airlin

  39. Len Korobkin

    Qatar Airline baggage handling service and their partner in Suvarnabumi Airport is terrible. We arrived 24 June on QR830 from London via Doha. We arrived on time, but our luggage did not make it. We filed the missing luggage with BFS and given their phone numbers to contact. However, no one ever aswers the phones. I sent them emails with no replys. It’s now 10 days since we arrived in Bangkok with way to contact either Qatar Airlines offices or BFS (Bangkok Flight Services) who handle their baggage. We’ve received no answers regarding compensation for the missing baggage. I don’t want compensation, l want our baggage, it has all our clothes.
    Flight no. QR830
    Flight Date – 23 June, 2022
    Ref. No. – 3HEFW9
    BAGGAGE NO. AC821662

    I certainly hope to receive some kind of reply.!!!!

    I have no idea when i will be contacted to at lease get some kind of answers as to where is the missing baggage and when we can expect to receive it.


    It’s almost been days since Qatar airways misplaced my baggage. I landed in Karachi from Toronto on the 29th of June – midnight.
    I wasted 5 hours (till 5am) at the airport to file a complaint. My parents and everyone who had come to pick me had no idea what was happening since I was stuck inside the airport trying to file a complaint.

    I have had zero contact from Qatar airways. They never emailed or messaged me to update me, when I check online it keeps saying “baggage under tracing” – how long does it take to trace a baggage whose route the airline very well knows ?
    What about the expenses I’m incurring because I literally have no day-to-day clothes or basic necessities here. I’ve had to buy everything from scratch to wear.

    • Bazgha Qutab

      I am on the same boat. I have no response for 6 days now, landed in Islamabad from london via Doha. any luck with your stuff?

  41. Dr. Padmini Rajendran

    I travelled from Johannesburg to Doha and then to DC on June 17th. On arrival at DC, I was told one of my bags was in Doha and that I would receive it the next day – It has been 12 days and no bag yet – what is worse is that you cannot reach anyone at their baggage dept – I have left numerous messages but have not received any call back yet – all my cardiac medicines are in the lost suitcase – their website is useless – after 12 days they still do not know where my bag is.
    Mr. Akbar Al Baker – you run a lousy airline sir – if you are not aware of these appalling standards regarding customer service, try calling your lost baggage dept and you will get an idea as to what your customers are dealing with. Reports say that your airline is one of the best – I do not know who did this review but nothing is further from the truth. Your airline is the absolute worst that I have had the misfortune of using and guaranteed, I will never use this crappy airline again.

  42. Kristine Fitch

    The service of Qatar Airways is very disappointing and actually somewhat maddening. My daughter’s baggage has been missing for 10 days. She is studying abroad for the summer and while she is very capable of shopping and getting clothes and supplies to get her through this has been a very stressful situation for a young lady in a foreign country by herself. So now I would like to file a claim for the lost bag and the necessary items she has had to buy. But a claim for reimbursement is nowhere to be found. I have tried chatting on WhatsApp but nobody responds. I have tried calling but that is just ticketing. I have tried going through the baggage at the airport in Kazakhstan but they are not getting any answers. Either find her bag or reimburse her so she can purchase the remainder of what she needs.

    • Fanny


      I am in the same situation. Could you tell me if you found the missing baggage at the end ? (and if you did how long did it take ?)

      It will be really helpful !
      Thank you

      • Shelley Denman

        I have just read all the comments on this page and totally agree with everyone!! Qatar Airways Customer Service is NON EXISTENT!! My luggage was lost in Doha while transitting from Johannesburg to Dubai! I too landed with nothing but the clothes I was wearing amongst about 40 other passengers! We landed in Dubai at 9pm and only left the airport after 1am after completing PIR forms. This was on the 4th of July and I have received no feedback since, even after submitting a claim for expenses incurred in having to buy essentials and toiletries. They send you an automated Reference Number, but it means nothing if you cannot get feedback on that reference number! They are very quick to send you a survey of your in-flight experience, but they truly need to concentrate on their customer service as well!! No telephones are answered – just auotmated recordings of no use to anyone, whatsapp chats do not work, emails do not work – in short NO ONE IN QATAR AIRWAYS so called CUSTOMER CARE cares!! All we as passengers want is feedback on our missing baggage and claims!! This whole incident totally ruined my time with family in Dubai. I was nervous to travel back home with Qatar Airways in case my luggage was lost again and I do not think I will ever fly with them again or promote them to others. Customer Service is a hugely important part of any business and Qatar is severely lacking in it!! Very sad and disappointing!!

  43. A

    Worst airline ever seriously, from buying the ticket to their call center to baggage lost and found . I have lost 3 baggages for 10 days now and they have not called and they don’t answer any phone calls, i found a number online and when i call them finally someone answered and he told me they are not the place to call for lost baggage, I asked him can you transfer me or give me the number he said i dont know the number google it and he hangs up right away. I will not fly qatar airways and i will recommend all my friend and family not to fly with qatar airways.

  44. Mike bennett

    Appalling airline, appalling service
    I would strongly advise against using Qatar airways, and their baggage handling agents Menzies. This is based upon their appalling customer service on our current trip, June 2022. It is not so much that my bag is missing, these things happen, but their complete failure nearly a week later, to let me know if I will ever get it back. It is now five highly disrupted days since we landed and I still do not have any idea whether I should simply start now to replace everything I need to cover the full trip, or continue buying clothes and/or washing what I can day by day, which is clearly very disruptive.
    I am writing this on Thursday 23rd June 2022 after we arrived in Sydney, from london via Doha on Saturday 17th June. We were proactively called from the baggage conveyor to be told that one of our bags had missed the connection, so they made a good start at handling a mishap. A pain, but these things happen. They told us the bag would be in Australia Sunday and with us Monday. However that was the end of their customer service, and the last we have heard of the missing bag.
    Neither Qatar nor Menzies their handling agent, will accept or respond to any request for information (phone, chat, email, WhatsApp etc.) never mind deliver the missing bag, it is impossible to speak to anyone. The only thing that they will give access to is a web site, which after 5 days still only shows “Bag Status:Bag 1: Baggage under tracing.”. So it seems that rather than being delayed as they initially said they do not actually know where it is, not a good sign.
    The lack of clothes etc. is exacerbated as we have no idea what is happening, or if/when we will ever see the again. They will not respond to any requests for furthering information, through any of the channels that they provide;
    1. Menzies Sydney airport phone number is not answered, but a voice mail offers to call back within 24 hours. No call back 4 days later
    2. Menzies voice mail is now fall, and gives an email address, promising a response within 24hours, but again there is no response to the emails submitted
    3. Qatar customer services call centre refuses to do anything for lost bagage. So their only role is to take your money and new bookings.. They simply refer me to the same unhelpful web site which says the bag is still being traced
    4. Qatar customer complaints have not responded to my formal customer complaint email
    So net result, I landed Saturday, and it is now Thursday. I have no clothes, contact lenses or toiletries and no idea if I will ever see them again. Both Qatar and Menzies make it impossible to communicate with them or get any useful information. Furthermore all media predictions are that it will only get worse next week, when Australian schools are on holiday.

  45. DM

    My bag is missing since june 18th, complaint number is IADQR14176. Qatar customer service is not help, in trying to figure out where the bag is . How can such a big internatinal airlines not be able to trace customers bags.
    Can someone pls help?

    • Mike bennett

      Appalling airline, appalling service


      I would strongly advise against using Qatar airways, and their baggage handling agents Menzies. This is based upon their appalling customer service on our current trip, June 2022. It is not so much that my bag is missing, these things happen, but their complete failure nearly a week later, to let me know if I will ever get it back. It is now five highly disrupted days since we landed and I still do not have any idea whether I should simply start now to replace everything I need to cover the full trip, or continue buying clothes and/or washing what I can day by day, which is clearly very disruptive.

      I am writing this on Thursday 23rd June 2022 after we arrived in Sydney, from london via Doha on Saturday 17th June. We were proactively called from the baggage conveyor to be told that one of our bags had missed the connection, so they made a good start at handling a mishap. A pain, but these things happen. They told us the bag would be in Australia Sunday and with us Monday. However that was the end of their customer service, and the last we have heard of the missing bag.

      Neither Qatar nor Menzies their handling agent, will accept or respond to any request for information (phone, chat, email, WhatsApp etc.) never mind deliver the missing bag, it is impossible to speak to anyone. The only thing that they will give access to is a web site, which after 5 days still only shows “Bag Status:Bag 1: Baggage under tracing.”. So it seems that rather than being delayed as they initially said they do not actually know where it is, not a good sign.

      The lack of clothes etc. is exacerbated as we have no idea what is happening, or if/when we will ever see the again. They will not respond to any requests for furthering information, through any of the channels that they provide;
      1. Menzies Sydney airport phone number is not answered, but a voice mail offers to call back within 24 hours. No call back 4 days later
      2. Menzies voice mail is now fall, and gives an email address, promising a response within 24hours, but again there is no response to the emails submitted
      3. Qatar customer services call centre refuses to do anything for lost bagage. So their only role is to take your money and new bookings.. They simply refer me to the same unhelpful web site which says the bag is still being traced
      4. Qatar customer complaints have not responded to my formal customer complaint email

      So net result, I landed Saturday, and it is now Thursday. I have no clothes, contact lenses or toiletries and no idea if I will ever see them again. Both Qatar and Menzies make it impossible to communicate with them or get any useful information. Furthermore all media predictions are that it will only get worse next week, when Australian schools are on holiday.

      • Rob Nelson

        Rob Nelson here, Mike … my story is almost identical to yours except for the fact that ours began on June 28 in Perth … I filed a claim through Menzies at the airport before I left and have heard nothing since, even though I’ve tried various phone numbers etc … my worry is the indication that I need to submit a WRITTEN CLAIM within 7 days as well … when I look at the MY BAGGAGE section of the website it only seems to mention the initial report (PIR) generated via Menzies at the time of arrival and no link is apparent for any other type of written claim and since they say it must be done within 7 days, I must get this resolved ASAP … any clues ??? …
        this is the info I’m bouncing off: …

        “you should report upon arrival before leaving the arrival terminal at the dedicated baggage desk within the baggage claims area. A Property Irregularity Report (also known as PIR) will be issued. You will also need to submit a written claim through ‘My Baggage’ within seven days, once you have left the airport.”

      • Gholamabbas

        I Conquer!

        I had asked for a Wheelchair service for my mother. She was found lost, roaming the hallways by a good citizen, and her luggage was not found.

        We have filed reports; claims, complaints and NO ANSWER from anyone!

        It’s more like a fraudulent business, than a 5-star airline!

      • Patrea

        My story is identical to many of these
        Going to buy new clothes to take on cruise today as I cannot wait any longer
        Very disappointing Qatar airways

  46. Alexandra Hofner

    I am still waiting for my lost bag to come to Colombo. So far, Qatar airline has been absolutely no help! I cannot even get ahold of anyone! This is disturbing. File Reference CMBQR23397 I will not be choosing this airline ever again if my things aren’t located. What a horrible experience.

  47. Paul Geddes

    Hi my bags went missing 6 days ago
    no update no information
    file reference given doesnt work
    spent hours on phone to Qatar customer service
    a complete joke
    no one has capability to simply look in their system to see where the bags were last scanned in or loaded.
    asked me to fill in another Qatar online report.
    you need to scan in all document (how can you do this if you are travelling!)
    also need to print off the questionnaire and again scan it in, its not editable.
    its a complete shambles.
    No phone number given in the file ref document provided.
    i tracked down Dalcross handling the company i reported to at the airport. and the phone number just rings out 6 days I’ve been calling it. got their head office in Inverness and they refused to help!!
    said only Aberdeen office can trace and they wont answer the phone!
    Im sure they are lying. the must also be able to track a bag from any location.
    Qatar wouldn’t even tell me how much i can spend.!!
    this is the worst customer service I have ever experienced from an airline.

    • Erum

      File number JEDQR22241 – Luggage lost – request compensation for driver’s charges; our purchase of clothes and other necessities; for our inconvenience, poor service, stress, emotional distress and making our trip unhappy.

      Dear Sir/Madam: Claim Number or File Number: JEDQR22241. Qatar Airways: QR1188 May 25th DOH to JED. We had the worst experience ever. This was the first time we took Qatar and it was recommend by our travel agent. It was a nightmare when we reached Jeddah and our luggage was lost in Doha somewhere. The directions were not properly given to us that who to reach out to where to go. SGS told us that Qatar airways should help they can only process the claim. We had nothing to wear. We spent all night figuring out at the airport. We had to buy clothes to wear th enext day because we had to visit Masjid e Nabwi. We reached Jeddah on May 25th night and drove to Madinna. Our driver waited over time for us. On June 26th we shopped for clothes and all necessities and did ziyarats at Madina. On June 26th we kept calling to Qatar airways and SGS – NO RESPONSE. We requested to ship luggage to our hotel and it was bluntly refused. On June 27th we called and followed up multiple times and finally someone said that luggage is at medina airport and you can pick it up after 3:00 PM. We went to pick up luggage paid 200 rayals to driver and we spent substantive amount to buy clothes and necessities. At the airport the person at SGS was rude and told us to wait if we have luggage delivered and rudely asked us to leave and not wait come back after 30 minutes. when we returned after 30 minutes he said our luggage is not there and left the window and walk away and asked us to talk to security. security was busy on the phone. another person came and asked us to wait until he gets the luggage. he finally found our luggage and we waster 4 hours waiting at madina airport. We left on June 27th for Mecca. This was all very stressful. we request you to compensate for our inconvenience, poor service, stress, emotional distress and making our trip unhappy. We were expecting a good experience but our first experience with QATAR is the worst. We had two peices of luggage. One for me and one for my husband. Looking forward to hearing at your earliest.

  48. Williams Victoria Damilola

    My name is WILLIAMS VICTORIA DAMILOLA, I flown Qatar Airways QR1408 Lagos to Doha and QR1018 Doha to Dubai on 21st April 2022. And one of my bags could not be fund. after my initial report to DNATA Baggage service at the airport. with PIR Number : DXBQR12227. and Qatar Baggage Lost Acknowledgement Receipt: DXB2499964. after 41days Baggage lost is yet to be received.

    Ticket n0:157-6982547425
    Booking Ref: RUUR96
    Baggage tag n0: QR644795.

    Contact : 0581389275 – Dubai
    +2348138766962 – lagos.

  49. Sushma

    My aunty was travelling Amritsar to Doha & Doha to chicago she was on wheelchair what she told on chicago airport that we could not find your baggage she spent three hours at airport just fir baggage but got nothing she is 68 years old no wheelchair . Airport staff told ok you should go online and claim your baggage we said ok we submit our cliam on a same day called customer care by hoping that we ll receive our stuff , my aunty is without her medication clothes so many important things.we called again on customer care after few days they said we ll send you your baggage to direct your home . Nothing happened i got to know from so many people who travelled from qatar from past few months saying a same thing that there baggage are lost they never find it , i think there is some scam going on , but qatar airways definately loosing their customers i dont know who will read this but please pay close attension there are so many who are waiting for their bags,so are we,
    Sushma rani

  50. iftakhar ahmad

    hello sir my uncle is traveling from pakistan to spain qatar airline but he lost baggage at madrid airport..they clain there lost baggage services they tell us your baggage is by mistakely put in another flight we will send your baggage but we cant receive..we want to claim at number they give us but nothing ..11-05-2022 flight number boeing 777-300er.. booking ref… vcaux3 ticket number 0157461718 passenger name iftakhar ahmed 01-01-1959…pasport number 3420133040419

  51. Ahmer Choudhary

    My name is Ahmer Choudhary, I boarded Qatar airways from Lahore to Basra and had a stop in Doha.
    When reached Basra airport i cannot found my baggage, I report to airport but still that no progress baggage still under tracking.
    Flight Number: QR 448 on May 10,2022.
    My reference no is BSR2507225.
    Kindly assist

  52. Haroon Shaikhmiri

    on the 30 of March I had a flight with Qatar from Delhi to Doha and then to Montreal, one of my carry baggage is lost and the concerned team said it will be found soon it been almost a month no news and the number is also not working we did all from our side to reach the right person to take an update regarding our baggage but nothing yet if any higher-level considering this feedback kindly check and update me.

    • Haroon Shaikhmiri

      now it’s been almost 4 months my lost baggage is not found, here is the details;

      Flight number: QR0579
      Taq number: QR802953
      Ticket number: 1572383965131

      the whatsapp number is not answering
      we sent above 15 emails to the YUL and Qatar a single reply didn’t come back to just make us happy such a class of customer service, I do not know why is Qatar air line is the best air lines since can not find a missing bag or not giving update or at least not paying for the costs so customer would buy another cloths.

  53. Tomiwa Dada

    My name is Tomiwa Fagbamila, I boarded Qatar airways from Lagos Nigeria and had a stop in Doha enroute Manchester Airport in uk. On getting to Manchester Airport, Myself and someone picked each other’s luggages and need to get mine and return the other person’s bag to her..
    Flight Number: QR 1406 on April 7,2022.

    Luggage is a grey sack that contains food items, clothes.
    Kindly assist

  54. Edmond Doroci

    My trip to makkah was without my baggs, VEFJT5 Hel -Doha-JEDDAH the flight from helsinki to Doha 23.3.2022 was late so we missed the flight Doha- Jeddah

    Qatar employer when we landed on doha came to us and gived us tickets to Doha-Riad-Jeddah and said hurry hurry to catch the plane, never said that we shuld collect the baggs

    So the baggs did not came to jeddah
    8 days in makkah without my clothes without my medication and now i am back to Finland without my baggs, in those baggs are my cars and home keys wich are very expensive and my other stuf
    I called so many numbers Doha Riad Jeddah chatet online chated on whatsup wrote e-mails and i still have not get my baggs

    E ticket 157-2351537713
    Erlier made by qatar employer JED2453889


    Checked in Melbourne 30Mar QR905/QR027 baggage was checked in to Aberdeen
    ON arrival at Aberdeen 31st Mar,LM026 baggage was missing.when I reported to handling agent was informed case was still in Manchester but would be forwarded next day 01Apr.
    It is now 05Apr and after numerous attempts and a statement that if would in Aberdeen 04 APR, STILL NO BAG.

  56. Farzaneh Sedighi Dehkordi

    Address 114 Queens Crescent Aberdeen, AB15 4BE, UK.
    Mobile number: +44 (0) 7896561808
    Qatar Airways Membership Number: 572118116

    Subject: Delay in arriving Luggage/s (one bag 1 day & another bag 2 days) – Booking Ref: TP8UGB

    My name is Farzaneh Sedighi Dehkordi, I travelled by Qatar Airways on 23rd March 2022 on flight from Tehran to UK (with Booking Reference TP8UGB). For mor information on my flight I provide a copy of my e-ticket at end of message).
    I landed in Aberdeen (UK) at 9:45am, 24th March 2022, but my luggage’s (2 suitcases) did not come with me. I immediately reported the missing luggage’s at Aberdeen airport, to DALCROSS HANDLING LTD counter to track and deliver luggage’s.
    There are two things that I am complaining:
    1. Dalcross Handling receptionist/administrator said that my bags will be not delivered to my home address, and I must collect them from airport tomorrow after I received a call from them. I am complaining about misinformation provided in this respect (by airline or counter or etc.).
    2. Also, the next day that I went to Aberdeen airport (25th March 2022) to collect my luggage/s, I found that only one of my suitcases has been transferred/ delivered. Dalcross Handling administrator said that my second suitcases will come at night or next day, and I must collect them from airport again, after I received a call from them.
    It was extremely annoying that the baggage’s were not delivered on arrival and then after to my home address. Therefore, I have got to go to airport two times and reschedule all my plans for two days in order to collect and have my bags. I had to collect one of my bags after 24 hours and the second bags after about 48 hours. I also had medicines and important personal items that I needed urgently and needed to provide them all over again.
    I would like the Qatar airline to provide appropriate compensation for the inconvenient situations that I did encounter. I am looking forward to hearing from you as soon as possible.
    Farzaneh Sedighi Dehkordi

    Booking reference (PNR) – TP8UGB (bought online from Qatar Airway Website)
    Journy Flights: from Tehran (Iran) to Aberdeen (UK) – Last leg: LOGANAIR: Manchester to Aberdeen
    Flight/Date: QR21/24Mar/LM22/24Mar/
    Luggage Tag numbers: QR376406 & QR376407
    Delay baggage file reference: ABZLM103444/24Mar22/1001GMT – (issued @ Aberdeen airport by DALCROSS HANDLING LTD)

    • CHAN Chee Foong

      I travelled from London to Doha, then Doha to Kuala Lumpur on 29/6/22, upon arrival, one bag missing. Filed a report immediately at the Qatar Office in the airport, was told that there will be another flight arriving tomorrow and my bag will be sent in the next day. In addition, I was told that I didn’t need to do anything and they will send the bag to my house. Today is already 7 July, more than one week of waiting and numerous attempts to contact the office via phone and WhatsApp but failed, what a terrible experience with a so called six awards winning airline. So irresponsible

  57. Nnamdi Maduka

    My name is Nnamdi Maduka and my son Master Kelechukwu Maduka, we both travelled by Qatar Airways QR0004 on Sunday 2nd January through Heathrow @07:10pm ticket numbers 1576020118707 and 1576020118708 respectively.
    We both landed at Lagos on Monday morning but was told that our four bags did not come with us. We left for Mbaise via Owerri with 12;00 flight .We were told that our bags will be delivered to us.
    We waited for our bags to no avail, our return flight was on Saturday the 8th of January, so without seeing the bags we left Mbaise on Thursday to Lagos only for the bags to be delivered to my people on Friday the 7th of January. Please zoom in the picture attached to see the level of damages done on the bags.

    The most annoying thing is that the last bag was wrapped completely at the airport but on delivery all the wraps were removed and forced open with many valuables removed from the bag such as football boot, perfumes etc.

    Could you kindly look into this case, this is so sad. thank you. I wanted to attached the level of damages to the bags but it wont let me.

    Nnamdi Maduka

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