Reinstate Qmiles after their expirations in the Privilege Club program

When booking a flight or purchasing any service provided by Qatar Airways, did you realize that you forgot to take steps to prevent the expiration of miles? In fact, with Qatar Airways, your miles are systematically revalidated when you spend with Qatar Airways for three additional years (36 months).

For passengers with expired miles during the last thirty six months, they can reactivate and revalidate them for later use and exploitation.

Are your QMiles expiring?

If you never or don’t spend anything for three years your miles expire, you can get them back and revalidate them by paying a fee.

In fact, the Privilege Club loyalty program has a three-year expiration policy. This means that the miles you have accumulated during that year will cease on December 31 of the third year from the current year, and any new point will do the same once it has expired. In short, if you don’t want your treasure to turn to dust, now is the time to part with it, even if the perfect long-awaited reward is missing.

Check how many miles are really expiring

Qatar Airways may send you an email which will indicate the number of points that will disappear from your account at the end of the year. Once logged into your Privilege Club account, you can request your expiration statement.

Spend to save your miles

It is possible to save points by spending with Qatar Airways or its partners, to do this. Participants who spend any amount will be able to revalidate their miles and be able to use them for the next 36 months.

For passengers who have achieved Platinum status, they never see their miles expire as long as they maintain their status (having the required number of miles at the end of December of each year).

Qatar Airways makes its loyalty program more and more attractive

The national airline of Qatar, which already relies heavily on the experience offered to its customers on the ground and on board, is now focused on making the Privilege Club a program responsive to their needs.

Like other loyalty programs, miles for Qatar Airways Privilege Club members expired approximately every 36 months (with expiration dates scheduled semi-annually). While some transport players have nevertheless taken the gamble of limiting the expiry of the miles of their loyal customers as much as possible (either by imposing a minimum activity from time to time), the Doha-based airline had not yet spent this cap.

Of course, the miles of Qatar Airways Privilege Club members will not expire provided that even minimal activity is recorded in the latter’s account every thirty-six months.

No obligation to travel, it can simply mean using miles, purchasing additional miles, transferring miles or even traveling with a partner airline. They will thus be extended again for an additional period of 3 years from the date of the said action. Ultimately, provided that this necessary three-year action is respected, Qatar Airways Privilege Club miles will no longer expire.

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