Online check-in on a Qatar Airways flight: A convenient service to save time at the airport

Pre-flight check-in is sometimes a source of anxiety for travelers who are already overwhelmed with preparations. Today, the ability to check-in online makes it easier, especially on low-cost flights. Check-in at the counter provides advice. Which approach to choose?

Check-in online: A simple process and many advantages

Online check-in is a process that is carried out on the Internet prior to travel. Generally within 24 to 48 hours, all you have to do is confirm your presence on the flight and then, on D-day, drop your baggage in the hold at the counter. If you do not have checked baggage, checking in online is doubly advantageous, since you will have all the documents in hand – the ticket can even be sent to you on a smartphone – and you can therefore just show up. at the boarding gate, with your only hand luggage.

Online check-in therefore has the advantage of saving time and alleviating the constraints associated with airport procedures. Today, this operation is also supposed to offer maximum flexibility: some airlines allow you to choose or change your seat shortly before the flight.

The process may seem more complex for the return flight: not always having an internet connection abroad, passengers are forced to check in at the airport. Remember that there are kiosks on site that can allow you to check-in more quickly.

Qatar Airways offers online check-in on all of its domestic flights and the majority of its international flights.

This service is not restricted to business travelers. All passengers can benefit from it whether they are in economy, business or first class.

How do you check-in for a Qatar Airways flight online?

Visit this page, then:
– Enter your last name and indicate your PNR number or electronic ticket number. Then click on the ‘Check-in’ button.
– You can then confirm your information, select the seats and print your boarding pass.

Final check-in time

Passengers must check in from 36 hours before the flight and no later than 2 hours before the flight departure time. This saves time which should be particularly appreciated by business travelers.

Travelers can choose to have their boarding pass printed or receive a barcode on their mobile phone. Terminals at the airport will allow these bar codes to be read.

For baggage check-in on long-haul flights, travelers can leave their bags at specific baggage drop-off counters or at any standard Qatar Airways counter. They now have the option of editing their boarding pass at any time, either by printing it or receiving it directly on their mobile phone. This will allow passengers to spend less time in the formalities at the airport and enjoy their free time even more before their flight.

Airport check-in

You can of course register your reservation by going directly to an airport. To do this, you must bring the following documents: the passport, the ticket, the boarding pass as well as the files relating to your flight. It should be noted that the confirmation is open 3 hours before take-off and closed 1 hour before. Don’t forget to put a tag on your luggage. You are welcome to contact customer service if there is a problem. The company requires a reminder for the return flight which must be made 72 hours before departure and takes place in the country of destination. You can reconfirm by calling the company or by going directly to their office.

Check-in at the airport: more possibilities for the traveler

With low cost carriers such as Vueling, Hop or Transavia, checking in at the airport is not necessarily the most convenient process. But when it comes to longer flights, check-in at the counter has several advantages. As long as you are on time and wait a bit in case of crowds, you will be able to make arrangements with the employee at the counter to deal with more specific flight conditions: for example have a free seat near you if you are traveling with a child or be near the emergency exits to have more ease in the legs.

Checking in at the airport also helps to remove the guesswork out of baggage weight, which sometimes needs to be rebalanced, and to get more advice on how the flight is going and how to get to the gates, if the one is not familiar with air travel.

Prepare well in all cases

In general, online or airport check-in should be minimally prepared to have all the necessary documents on hand. With your bulky luggage, passport, and boarding pass, you might get cluttered and a bit lost if you don’t fly frequently.

With companies like Flybe or Easyjet, check-in at the airport goes more smoothly:

Use the terminals provided for this purpose to check-in.
Take advantage of the illustrated indications near the counters: they will help you see more clearly.

If you’re about to take a return flight from a foreign country and you’re worried about completing the paperwork in English, check-in online to feel lighter on the day of departure.

In addition, depending on the country visited, make sure you have all the required documents with you. For all the details on the procedures prior to your flight, you can consult the GIVT information pages.

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  1. Yme Molenaar

    On April 22 we travel from Schiphol Airport to Jakarta with 1 stop in Doha. Do we have to take our bagage from the belt in Doha ourselves and put it on the flight from Doha to Jakarta or is this automatically done by Qatar Airways?

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    Dear sir qatar goverment sent me for india chennai. My id number 28235656793. Pleaswhich day for my flight send message for my mai id

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    I am trying to check into a flight to Perth on Sunday from Edinburgh and online I can’t get to enter passenger details

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    flying on sunday from manchester to doh==then on to perth estern australia will my baggage be transfared on to the perth flight automaticaly

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