Buy Qmiles: A practical solution to get an award ticket

One of the ways to get the long-awaited free ticket is to purchase miles. Sometimes you are very close to your goal, but you are missing a few miles and you have to buy them to be redeemed. This is one of the times when it is advisable to do this, as there is no other option to redeem if we do not have all the miles.

There are alternatives and these are when the airline Qatar Airways launches promotions for the sale of miles with a percentage of discount or when they triple the miles purchased, … There are other cases in which one wishes to buy to save miles.

But we already know that in general, buying at normal prices is not a good deal, say almost never, with a few exceptions.

While there are many creative ways to store miles on air travel with Qatar Airways, you can earn them in two popular ways: buying airline tickets and signing up for reward credit cards. But one of the best alternative ways to add miles to your Privilege Club account is to purchase Qmiles.

For many people, buying loyalty miles is something they never think about. Why pay for something you can get for free?

Usually, passengers save enough miles for a free flight, but wait too long to collect them for a well-deserved vacation. So for a quick and easy fix, you can purchase additional miles.

You can use airline miles to purchase airline tickets, upgrade your class of service, or order additional services. This convenient service is indeed available at Qatar Airways.

At Qatar Airways, airline miles, or qmiles are usually earned by using a flight or paying by card to shop, but did you know you can buy them with cash? This system is useful when you want to have little more miles for award tickets.

Buy Qmiles, why do it? This is an option consisting of booking award tickets with the miles purchased, or else purchasing ground services such as booking overnight stays or car rental, …

The advantage of buying miles is that you can add them when you say you are a little short of miles to redeem your rewards.

Qatar Airways has a system for purchasing miles

A useful way to earn miles to reach the number required to unlock access to a free plane ticket. Otherwise you can use them to rent a hotel room in hotels, partners of the Qatari company, rent a car, …

The exchange rate for miles at Qatar Airways is “1000 Qmiles = 35USD”. Each Asian airline passenger is allowed to purchase up to 250,000 miles each year knowing that Qmiles purchased cannot be refunded if the passenger cancels their flight reservation for any reason (unless they are canceled by the airline).

Keep in mind that it is not included in the number of miles required to qualify as a Platinum member who is a senior member of Qatar Airways.

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