Privilege Club: Bring joy to your loved ones by offering them Qmiles

If many of us go out of their way to earn Qmiles by using rental car vouchers, or by renting hotel rooms, or simply by purchasing airline tickets provided by Qatar Airways,… this may not this is the case, and you would prefer to gift someone miles to enable them to order their next award ticket.

Traveling makes a person happy. Provide vivid emotions to your friends and family by sending them Qmiles. It will be a useful and pleasant gift. Miles can be spent to purchase products and services from the airline, its OneWorld alliance airline partners, or its ground partners.

For passengers who do not have enough miles to offer award tickets to nearby bos? Buy Qmiles online and credit them to your own account, or directly to someone’s account?

Qatar Airways allows you to purchase miles online or through its customer service to donate miles to the recipient of your choice and allow them to obtain a ticket to travel for free on a Qatari airline.

Qatar Airways offers you the possibility to surprise your loved ones by offering them Qmiles. For that, you just have to go to, the reference platform for the exchange and purchase of miles or loyalty points from various airlines and hotels.

Once logged into your member’s area, all you have to do is follow the instructions to gift the miles to the person you want.

How much should a Qmile cost?

In fact, Qatar Airways only allows the sending of miles in blocks of 1000 Qmiles. Each block shipment costs $ 35, and can drop to $ 30 by sending multiple blocks of miles.

Gifting miles to family and friends is easy. All you need to do is provide the e-mail address of the beneficiary of your choice.

If the beneficiary is not a member of the Privilege Club program, it will suffice for him to register to receive the miles offered. You are permitted to gift up to 250,000 miles in a calendar year at the rate of thirty-five US dollars per thousand miles.

For individuals receiving Qmiles from a member of the Qatar Airways Loyalty Program, they must complete the following steps to complete the Qmiles receipt process:

– They must join the Privilege Club program if they are not already members

– Connect and then identify themselves to their member area

– Confirm receipt of miles by entering a code sent by the airline online

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