Use your Privilege Club Qmiles to purchase baggage supplements

Flights are the fastest way to get to the city or country you want. But they are very limited in the amount of luggage available for transport. For any excess weight or dimensions you will have to pay extra. But is it possible to pay for luggage with bonus miles?

Qatar Airways sells and markets additional paid services for miles including excess baggage. Now, members of its Privilege Club loyalty program can use Qmiles to choose a regular or comfortable seat as well as purchase additional luggage.

Is additional baggage paid in miles at Qatar Airways

Anything over the allowable limits is paid for separately at the check-in counter when boarding the flight. In addition, regardless of the excess, even if it is only 3-5 kg, you will have to pay for a full seat.

Baggage dimensions cannot exceed those authorized by the air carrier. It is recommended to send oversized or heavy cargo separately on cargo flights. But it is possible to agree on a small surplus, and at the Qatari carrier you can settle it using Qmiles or Qcredits.

Exchange miles for excess baggage? This is possible with the Qatar Airways Privilegee Club program. Benefit from up to 10 kg of cumulative excess baggage during your flights with the airline of Qatar.

Paying for luggage with Qmiles is quite easy. You can purchase a coin for additional cargo when booking tickets. To do this, during a flight, press the button in the additional services section “Pay with Qmiles / Qcredits.”

If a ticket has already been purchased, but there is more baggage than expected, then you can spend miles for an additional seat via the “My Reservations” section, during online check-in for the flight or at airport check-in counter.

Conditions for granting the additional baggage allowance

The request can be made through a Qatar Airways agency and can be made from another channel. As a customer and passenger belonging to the Privilege Club reward program, you can request and purchase baggage supplements online from your member area:

– The award is only valid per flight route, i.e. 1 one-way flight;

– The premium is transferable to another person;

– The award cannot be combined with an award ticket;

No reimbursement of miles is permitted after issuance of the voucher and upon expiration of the validity period.

It is much cheaper to pay for luggage space with miles or upgrade class of service with them than to pay extra money. When there are not enough bonuses, you can buy them. This procedure is approved in the regulations of the Privilege Club loyalty program. You can transfer or receive Qmiles through the loyalty program member account and use them to purchase excess baggage.

It is important to understand that Qmiles can only be used on Qatar Airways flights. You can validate rewards for family members or use them as part of the Family Plan.

Excess baggage rewards are valid for one year from the date of purchase. This implies that for any change of date, the passenger will be required to contact his airline to make the necessary changes to the baggage allowance (to add excess baggage purchased with miles to the new airline ticket reservation).

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