Earning Qmiles in the Privilege Club: different ways and methods to accumulate them

Qatar Airways is always looking to strengthen and grow the airline’s Privilege Club, providing more value and opportunities for Privilege Club members to earn and spend Qmiles. By traveling with this airline, the experience of earning and spending Qmiles is simple and convenient.

Qmiles are valid for a minimum period of three years. They will expire at the end of the semester (January to June, or July to December) during which they were earned. For example, Qmiles earned between January and June of this year will expire on June 30 of the current year and Qmiles earned between July and December will expire on December 31 of the current year.

To find out the expiration date of your Qmiles, log into your Privilege Club member account to access the “Qmiles Expiration” feature on your dashboard.

Platinum members enjoy a special privilege, as their Qmiles will not expire as long as they maintain their Platinum membership status.

How to earn Qpoints?

Qpoints are awarded to enable you to unlock a higher status or renew your Privilege Club membership status.

Qpoints are awarded for all flights flown on Qatar Airways or with a oneworld alliance member airline.

Qpoints earned over a 12-month period determine your eligibility to level up. Qpoints are calculated daily, and members who meet the required Qpoint threshold go straight to the next level. This means that you are likely to level up at any time of the year. The more Qpoints you earn, the more your Privilege Club membership status will increase.

Earn Qmiles on Qatar Airways

– By staying in hotels or renting cars

Qatar Airways Privilege Club announced new options for its members to earn and use Qmiles to book and stay at over 350,000 hotels, or rent a car at 20,000 car rental locations around the world, and reported that members can earn Qmiles for each travel cash booking.

Provides hotel and car rewards to Privilege Club members; The possibility of reserving five-star hotels such as the Orient Resort & Spa in Doha, the InterContinental London Park Hotel in London and Le Royal Monceau in Paris, using all or part of the Qmiles, in addition to the possibility of renting a car from all over the world from international rental companies such as Avis and Budget and Sixt.

Hotel and Car Rewards give loyal club members more convenient and easier options to use Qmiles for hotel stays and car rentals, in addition to allowing them to redeem Qmiles for cash. the same time. Hotel and Car Rewards is another example of the Privilege Club’s commitment to redefining and improving the experience of its loyal members.

Qmiles Earning Table


Price Booking Class

Cumulative Qmiles

First Class

First Class Flexi

F 300%
First Class Value P

200 %

First Class Saver/Promo

A 200 %
Business Class Business Class Flexi

J, C

200 %

Business Class Value


175 %

Business Class Saver

I 125 %
Business Class Promo R

125 %


Economy Flexi

Y, B, H 100 %
Economy Value K, M, L, V

75 %

Economy Saver

S, N, Q 50 %

Economy Promo

T, O, W

25 %

Group or Circuit G

25 %

The number of Qmiles credited depends on:

– The number of Qmiles earned when you take the flight (Qmiles base) = [distance] x [% of Qmiles accumulated (may change depending on the fare and the travel class)

– Level bonus = [distance] x [% level bonus];

– Qmiles awarded to family members = [Qmiles base] x [% family accumulation depending on the level and status of the main member in the Privilege Club program].

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