How many Qmiles do you earn by booking a plane ticket with Qatar Airways? Find out using an online mileage calculator


The miles allocated by the airline company Qatar Airways to its passengers are accumulated in various situations such as purchases and reservations of plane tickets, baggage supplements, …

The Qatari air carrier provides a Qcalculator which allows you to know the minimum number of miles required for a one-way trip between two airports. For a trip with a stopover, do not add each flight but indicate the first airport of departure then the airport of final destination.

This tool is useful for locating the rate in miles that will be offered during the reservation process: close to the floor price indicated by the calculator, or rather far.

In addition to the amount to be paid in miles, there are various taxes and surcharges that must be paid in hard currency. These supplements vary according to the routes taken.

Thus, to know the final price of an award ticket, it is necessary to simulate a reservation. For example, a one-way Doha / Paris with the direct Qatar Airways flight in Ecocomfort class can cost 3088 Qmiles and 25 Qpoints, or 1544 Qmiles and 16 Qpoints in classic Eco class.

How to use Qatar Airways Qmiles Calculator?

– Enter the “Airport code” (three-letter (alphanumeric) airport code defined by IATA) at the departure and arrival airports. When you press “Set as departure” or “Set as arrival”, the airport code will be entered automatically.

–  Tap / click on Calculate miles

The actual distance between airports is displayed in miles. With support for over 8,500 airports around the world, you can measure distances between almost any airport.

The measured miles are recorded for each section when you press “Save”, and the number of miles for each recorded section can be totaled. Please use this for calculating miles on connecting flights.

Miles are calculated based on base sector miles and accrual rate.

The accumulation rate is determined by fare class

The accrual rate to be multiplied by the base sector mileage is determined by the “fare class” depending on the fare used and the booking class. The tariff used is a type of tariff such as a regular tariff or a reduced tariff. At Qatar Airways, those with a high discount rate, such as cheap airline tickets, have a low accrual rate, and those with a low discount rate, such as regular fares, have a high accumulation rate. Reservation classes are also called “reservation classes” and are characterized by being represented by a single letter of the alphabet.

By the way, the booking class is not a seat class like First Class or Economy Class. It is determined by many factors such as fare, ease of booking, and availability of changes, and there are multiple booking classes within the same economy class.

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